Chapter 10: The Non-chapter

First of all, there are soooo many of you that have read and commented, and came back for the finish when I finally got past the writer's block. Oh it was horrible! But you came back, and that's what meant the most. To name you all would take a very long time, and if I left someone out by accident I'd feel terrible about it for the rest of my life. But you know who you are. You read and commented. You came back. I won't forget it, ever.

Second of all, I did so much research to be as accurate as possible, even if I did get carried away sometimes. I am, by no means, someone to tell anyone how to write historical fanfic, but if you are the kind of writer who wants every friggin' detail to be as accurate as possible, then I can and will recommend some resources that will help you out tremendously, if you don't know about them already! (If I can save someone else from research-burnout, then I feel obliged to do so!) Without these books and websites, I'd be nothing but cheese:

1. ALL of the Felicity American Girl books. This goes without saying, but I'm saying it anyway! :P

2. Any colonial-period romance novel you can get your hands on. I mean it.

3. the book: 'Colonial Williamsburg Official Guidebook: containing a brief history of the city...' published in 1970. Old but immensely useful!

4. any Colonial Williamsburg websites! Unless livejournal has changed the policy on posting web addresses in entries, just Google the aforementioned and you should get good results. If you have any Colonial Williamsburg magazines, that would be even better! I can make scans of mine if anyone wants to know more.

5. the book 'Woman's Life In Colonial Days,' by Carl Holliday

6. the book 'The Eighteenth Century Woman' by Olivier Bernier

7. the book 'Writer's Guide to Everyday Life in Colonial America: From 1607-1783' by Dale Taylor. I tell you, this book was a REAL LIFESAVER!

8. the book 'Epidemics In Colonial America' by John Duffy. Sooo helpful!

9. the book 'The Doctor in Colonial America' by Zachary Friedenburg.

For my warring needs, I mostly relied on:

1. the book 'Uniforms of the world: a compendium of Army, Navy, and Air force uniorms, 1700-1937' by Richard Knotel, Herbert Knotel, Jr, and Herbert Siegture.

2. the book 'The Revolutionary Soldier' by C. Keith Wilbur. VERY helpful!

3. the book 'Forgotten Patriots: the untold story of American Prisoners during the Revolutionary War' by Edwin G. Burrows

For my sea-faring needs, I relied on:

1. the book 'Sick at Sea? Cure It Or Cut It Off!' by Anna Claybourne

2. just Google 18th century sailing ships and you will get a decent amount to solve your ship-info needs! Type in 'Boy's Manual Of Seamanship And Gunnery' and you will get LOTS of info there! Ship-description and terms are not that difficult. I believe I know enough now to be a cabin-girl!

3. ANY of the sea-faring books by Frederick Marryat! ESPECIALLY 'Mr. Midshipman Easy'! God, I love that book! Jack Easy is the original heroic smart-ass of literature! Someone please make this into a movie! Its also the inspiration for my story's dialogue, along with Marryat's other sea-based books 'Peter Simple' and 'Jacob Faithful.' The man is wittier than a Gilmore Girl!

***I also did a lot of reading about life at sea in the North Atlantic in the 18th century. But I relaize not everyone's stories will take them to the tip of Greenland and Cape Farewell, ha ha, so I omitted those references.***

And for other worthy informational sources, I had help from these novels, too. Some of them I imagined to be Felicity/Ben stories: it wasn't hard to do! Read these for info and for if you want damn good reads of that particular time period:

1. the above-mentioned Marryat novels. You will NOT be sorry! They don't necessarily take place during the Revolutionary War, but the Napoleonic Wars right after. They were great sources of sailing ship info and I'm so glad my researching brought me to them!

2. the book 'The Tory Lover,' by Sarah Orne Jewett. The heroine even goes to Bristol, England to save her Patriotic lover! **sappy sigh!**

3. the book 'Dawn's Early Light,' by Elswyth Thane. Soooo easy for me to imagine Felicity and Ben in the main characters' roles! "Dawn's" is the first in Thane's Williamsburg novels, and best. A young man named Julian comes over from England, having lost his father at sea while on the way there, and he rescues 9 year old Tabitha 'Tibby' Mawes and her twin brother from their evil stepfather. Tibby is immediately enamored of Julian. Without giving too much away, the ending should please the reader. The second book is Yankee Stranger, taking place during the Civil War, but Tibby isn't in it much. Oh hell, find out for yourselves. I love Tibby and Julian. They inspired a lot of my Felicity/Ben stuff.

4. the book 'Time Enough For Drums,' by Ann Rinaldi. A dear friend of mine from Wordpress brought this one to my attention, and now its one of my all-time favorites.

I won't be writing stories for a while since I just spent, like, 5 years on this one. There will be stories for the future, you can bet your sweet bippies on that!In the mean time there will be art. Oh boy, there will be art! Of the erotic and not-so erotic kind. And I will be trying new things with my 'Scans and Screencaps by Felicityphoenix' website. I just posted scans of all the Felicity American Girl non-movie cards, fronts and backs, and refreshed screencaps of the Ben from the AG Premiere PC game.

There are screencaps of Shailene Woodley as Evie from CSI: New York in case anyone wants to use them for Felicity/Ben photo manips. Use your imaginations, I know without having seen any of your faces that are quite a few good ones out there!

Future Felicity/Ben projects include customizing a Ken and Barbie doll into Ben and Felicity. I've got the dolls, the material for clothing, I just need to figure out how to put it all together! So if any of you guys have insight on doll customization, let me know!

Wow, this is really it. After five years it just doesnt seem real. My bunny, Boo, is thrilled to death because now I can spend more time with him: meaning, time to pet his wittle head and fill him full of noms. I had stopped posting chapters on my livejournal site because it became easier just to hammer out a few sentences, upload it here and then finish them here.

That, and the fact that my computer has a malware root-kit embedded in it and the war I've been waging against it has made certin things unreliable.**drawn out sigh**

Again, I love you guys. You're the best readers, and I've been damn lucky to have you all. Its been a hell of a ride! Again, there will be more stories to come, but I need a break, and now I have opportunities to bring you Felicity and Ben in different ways. I can't wait to get started on the dolls and even more so on the art!

Happy reading and happy writing to all of you! I hope you continue making the Felicity/Ben stories on grow. The more you contribute, the better chance we have of getting AG's attention. And don't be strangers: drop by the website and holler at me sometime!