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Seirin's gymnasium was eerily quiet - besides the squeaking of shoes in protest on the gym floor and the thudding of a basketball. The air was tense, as Seirin practiced intensely for the Inter High preliminaries. Suddenly, the shrill of a whistle pierced through the air. All heads turned toward the bench in which their coach was sitting in. Their eyes were met with a tall and lean, dark skinned teenager, with short and slightly tousled hair, standing next to their coach. The air was silent as they waited for their coach to speak.

"Let me introduce you to Aomine Daiki of Touou High. A student from our next opponent, and as you know one of the members of the Generation of Miracles."
. . . . . . . . . .

"EHHHHH!" Seirin yelled, all except the pale boy with light blue hair, that was standing quietly in the corner with recognizing eyes.

All eyes were on the tan boy, as he opened his mouth to speak.

"Yo, Tetsu."

Seirin all looked toward the person in which those words were directed to. The light blue haired boy - Kuroko Tetsuya - bowed slightly, as he gave his response.

"Hello, Aomine-kun." the pale boy said calmly.

The air was suddenly tense beyond belief, as Aomine and Kuroko stared at each other, as if they were communicating telepathically. The coach - Aida Riko - could not take the pressuring tension between the two former players of the Generation of Miracles anymore, and so broke the silence.

"S-So Aomine-kun, what brings you here to Seirin today?"

Aomine looked at the slightly irritated coach, and decided for the better of the two to give a response.

"I came to take Tetsu back after the poor display of play from Tetsu's new light", and as he said this; he walked over to the pale boy, and grabbed his hand and proceeded to drag him away.

Seirin was shocked, but soon they regained their composure.

Their captain - Junpei Hyuga - was the first one to snap at such selfishness, as he went into clutch mode.

"You brat, who said we'll let you take Kuroko you dumbass, I'll kill you."

The tan boy decided to ignore the vulgar words coming out of Seirin's captain, and continued to drag Kuroko away.

"Aomine-kun... Please stop." The dead panned boy suddenly spoke.

"Tch. Why Tetsu?" What do you see in that pitiful, weak light?

"Please let go of my hand, Aomine-kun. You are disturbing our practice."

"Tetsu... Don't forget you'll always be mine... my shadow." Aomine let got of Kuroko, and slowly turned around and pointed at Kagami. "You! I challenge you to a game of basketball! Whoever wins gets to be Kuroko's light."

Kagami who was sitting on the stage earlier - watching everybody practice - was now standing next to their coach.

"Haaah! Bring it o-"

Before Kagami could finish his sentence, the brunette next to him smacked him in the face, efficiently shutting him up.

"Ano ne!~ Aomine-kun! Even if you fought with Bakagami, it wouldn't be a fair match because Bakagami's leg is still injured, and even if Bakagami's leg wasn't injured, we'd still wouldn't give you Kuroko! Tee hee!~" Aida Riko smiled sickly sweet, but no one was fooled. She was clearly pissed.

Suddenly Kagami spoke - though his voice was muffled by the brunette's hand. "Coach! let me play him!... Please."

Aida looked at Kagami's intense eyes, and sighed.

"Fine... But! I won't let you play him until your leg is healed." She then turned to look at Aomine.

"Kagami won't play with you untill his leg is healed, so you're going to have to wait until then."

Aomine looked at the brunette, and shrugged.

"Fine with me, as long as I get to play him", and with that he walked out of Seirin's gymnasium, leaving a storm behind him.


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