If she had told him, he would have been in shock. Then, he probably would have gotten a little angry. After that, he'd try to calm down, and think it through. He'd leave Sam for her, she knew that. Then he'd pretend to be Zen. He'd pretend he wasn't angry, but wasn't all for the idea either. But over the course of nine months, she knew he would have gotten excited. It was quite a shame. Steven Hyde would have made a good dad.

But Jackie Burkhart was proud. If she was going to ever win Hyde back again, she was going to do it by herself. She wasn't going to use her pregnancy as an excuse for him to feel obligated. She was also scared. Steven had broken her heart once, who was to say he wouldn't do it again? And she didn't want her child falling in the same heartless habits of Hyde. She didn't want her child to be like Hyde. He was a worthless burnout. Who was she kidding; she was just saying that because she loved him, and wished she didn't. She wanted not to want him. So the best thing to do? Move away.

The night before she left, she said her goodbyes. Jackie broke up with Fez. If she really loved Fez, she could've stayed. Fez would have raised the child as his own, and if she played her cards right, she could convince Fez the baby was his! But, Fez was merely a rebound, and she knew that. Jackie became pregnant with Hyde, then they broke up, he got with Sam, and she landed Fez. Fez was content with the breakup; he knew dating Jackie was too good to be true.

A quick goodbye for Kelso, Eric, and Mr. and Mrs. Foreman was in order; and then Donna.

"I don't get it. Why are you leaving?"

"I can't say. I'm too scared, and slightly ashamed. But, Donna, I have to get out of here, I have to leave Point Place." Jackie said quietly, tears rolling down her face.

Donna had never seen her friend look so timid and helpless. "Is it because of Hyde? Jackie, I'll kick his ass across the country to keep you in Point Place." Donna said seriously.

Jackie gave a wet laugh. "It's complicated. Donna, I probably won't return for years, and even that might be a rarity. But I want you to know, I love you, and I will never forget you." Jackie said, giving her best friend one last hug.

"Never forget you? Jackie, you're being crazy. Please think this through before-" But as Donna felt her friend sob into her shoulder, she knew nothing could change her mind, and it would simply be easier to enjoy their last moment together.

Hyde heard Jackie was leaving for good, and raced to the Foreman household. He didn't know why he was so keen on going, why he had to see it to believe it, and why he was postponing plans with Sam just to say goodbye. He wasn't with Jackie anymore, but yet he didn't want her out of his sight. He didn't want anyone to hurt her, which was ironic, because he already had.

As he opened the door to the kitchen, she happened to be walking out.

"Jackie!" He said, relieved that he caught her before she left.

"Steven." She said quietly, surprised; she hadn't planned on saying goodbye to Hyde. She didn't want to see the filthy asshole. She didn't want to see the man who broke her heart. The man who married a stripper. The man who got her pregnant. The man who solely forced her to leave the little homey town of Point Place, Wisconsin to be on her own in the big city of Los Angeles, California.

"I, uh, came to say goodbye." He said, taking off his aviators.

"Yeah, well, I don't really feel the need to." She said walking into the living room, Hyde close on her tail.

"Just tell me." He said seriously, grabbing her wrist, and he felt her turn on the spot. "Is it me? Am I the reason you're leaving." They made eye contact, and Hyde noticed the tear tracks still fresh on her face. He could see the hurt through her eyes, and knew they were both examining their relationship in this moment, trying to figure out where they went wrong.

"It's...complicated." She said.

"So it is me. Because you would tell me if it wasn't." He concluded.

"Either way, whatever it is that has forced me to leave, by leaving Point Place, I free you from any connection or commitments to it."

"What? Jackie, what do you mean? Look, I'll say it again, I'm sorry. Really sorry. But don't leave, please. I can fix this; I will fix this. I can't have you out of my life." He said seriously, pulling her closer.

Tears weld up in Jackie's eyes. Their bodies were inches away, and this was as close as her unborn child would ever be to her father. "Goodbye, Steven." She said, giving him a quick hug. And then, she walked out of the Foreman household, giving one last glace at the house that helped form her into the much more mature, self-less woman she was. She also saw Hyde watching her as she reached her car, the man whose love would indirectly dictate her whole life. Not that he was aware, or anything.