The motor boat drove away, and Hyde sighed before taking a seat next to Jackie.

"They're plotting something, you know that right?" Jackie said admirably. "They always are."

Hyde sighed. "But for once...I'm not gonna try to stop them."

Jackie and Hyde got into a long discussion on the good old days in the seventies, laughing and reminiscing, and then finally, Hyde opened up about the night in Chicago.

"I had the ring. I knew I had to get down on one knee, and say the words 'Will you marry me?', but that was about it. I intended on giving you a speech on why I loved you and wanted to propose. I didn't know what I was going to say exactly, but I promised that I would pour out every feeling for you. I promised I would tell you everything I loved about you, and about us. I promised I would tell you that you're beautiful, and that every time I look at you I am surprised at how you never cease to still take my breath away. I promised I would say I love you repeatedly, because I didn't say it enough. But then I saw you...and Kelso...and I was stupid and overreacted and ruined everything."

Jackie was crying. "It's not all your fault." She said hoarsely. "I shouldn't have left; I should've given you a chance to think everything through. Hell, I shouldn't have given you an ultimatum at all. But I didn't learn from my mistakes. I left again, all the way to Los Angeles. And I kept Hannah from you all these years. I've messed her up! I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry."

"You know what? It takes two to tango. It's both our faults. No need to play the blame game. What's done is done, we can't change the past. And Hannah turned out just fine. You raised a great young woman. If anything, I would've messed her up." Hyde chuckled easily.

"I want her to stay with you." She said suddenly.


"I want her to stay with you." She said confidently. "You're a good guy, Steven. You know what you're doing. I messed everything up by keeping you from her all these years."

"What? No, Jackie, I couldn't do that. She's your daughter!"

"And she's yours too. I had her for twelve years, and now I would like you to get a chance to get to know her before she grows up, moves away, gets married and starts her own family, and all that endless time we had with her becomes merely memories." Jackie said softly.

"But I can't keep her away from you!" Hyde said.

"I'll visit her. She'll visit me. Airfare might be a bit of a stretch, but I'll figure something out." Hyde was shaking his head, and Jackie grabbed his hand. "Look, Steven, in six years she'll be off to college. Six years seems like a lot, but in actuality, it's only a short time. You have six years to make a bond with your daughter, or else you will most likely lose the chance." She said seriously.

"But, Jackie, I don't know the first thing about being a dad." He confessed.

"Steven, I wouldn't be giving you this opportunity if I didn't think you could do it." Jackie whispered.

Later that night, Jackie and Hyde met up with Eric and the rest of the gang, and they parked their boat and climbed aboard the Ice Princess, celebrating Eric and Donna's tenth anniversary. The boys were in the lower level of the boat, celebrating with a circle.

"Well, this isn't quite as great as the bachelor party, but it'll do." Kelso said, and the guys laughed. "Cheers to Eric and Donna!"

"Hey, guys remember when we-" Fez began, but luckily, Eric cut him off.

"Fez, I thought we agreed what happens in the Dells stays in the Dells."

"Like the Wisconsin Dells? Wait...whatever happened to Vegas?" Kelso asked.

"Remember? We didn't really have the money for that." Fez said sheepishly.

"Yeah, so we agreed when the last one of us gets married, we'll finally get the Vegas trip." Eric said.

"This way, we'll have the money, and it'll be much more of a vacation to get away from home!" Kelso cheered.

"Yeah, so, Hyde, you better get a move on you son of a bitch!" Fez said angrily.

"I've already given up on Hyde getting married; if Eric's having a re-marriage, we might as well just go to Vegas now!" Kelso said.

"Hey! I haven't given up hope on him yet!" Eric said positively.

"Guys, can we not talk about this now?" Hyde said.

"C'mon, man, if there's ever a place to let it out, it's the circle." Eric said fairly.

"Okay, man, what if I wanted to get married?" Hyde said, starting to open up. Had he had not been high, he would have never thought twice about opening up.

"Then we could go to Vegas!" Fez said.

"No, seriously, guys. Like...what if I wanted to marry Jackie?"

"Well, you did wanna marry Jackie, and look how that turned out!" Eric laughed hysterically.

"Hey, Hyde, man," Kelso began. "Wait, I forgot."

"I think I do, man. I think I really love her." Hyde said seriously.

"Look, I know this is the circle, but don't talk crazy." Eric said.

"Do you think she loves me?"

"She dated Fez after you, Hyde. Clearly you made her feel pretty bad about herself." Eric said.

"BURN!" Kelso screamed.

"Hey!" Fez yelled. "Wait...was that burn also directed towards me?"

"I think I still wanna marry Jackie." Hyde said. "I really do."

"Oh I remembered! Hey, remember when you married a stripped?" Kelso laughed hysterically. "Remember that, Hyde? Remember?"

"Get bent!" Hyde said, frogging him.

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