Hi guys!

This is my first fanfiction and I'm really excited

I know is short but is just the prologue and I really want to know if you guys want me to continue or don't so please tell me if is interesting

So this story is beck and jade centric maybe I add some cabbie but I don't know

One last thing I live in Mexico so maybe my spelling is not so good or maybe is not good at all so if you know of some place I can translate my story I really would be grateful

So enjoy and tell me what you think


Jade West was in her locker pulling out some book when a note fallout from her locker that says something that let her really shocked:

"If you want Beck Oliver back, go to the black box theater at the end of school"

Jade stared to the note for a wild, then she look around trying to find to someone who may let the note in her locker but she find no suspect.

Maybe is just a joke

She thought, but something inside of her tell her that go to the black box theater at the end of school will not be a waste of time.