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Korra POV

I sat on my still made bed with the full moon shining through my window like a giant silver eye. The full moon gave me energy, and I needed to get it out of my system so I could get sufficent rest to actually arrive on time for practice and not get chewed out by Mako. He was annoying, overbearing, a workaholic and also incredibly cute. Gah! That's it. I needed to distract myself from this train of thought. So I threw on my baggy blue pants, tank top, and boots and headed toward Republic City.

The city was beautiful at night. Lights twinkled all through the neighborhoods, and the noise was just a quiet hum in the backround. There were even crickets chirping in the park. I decided that's where I would hang out until the effects of the full moon wore off.

In the middle of the park there was a small river flowing gently under a bridge. I walked slowly to the middle of the bridge and rested my elbows on the railing. It felt soothing to be so near my native element, and soon I pulled some water into my hands and began bending it into different shapes. My mind was still free to wander, though. I soon found my thoughts dwelling on a particular firebender. As I thought of all the different faces he showed, like angry Mako when I was late for practice ( which, unfortunatly was quite often.), focused Mako, or caring Mako whenever he was around Bolin, I suddenly realized one thing: I did have a crush on my teammate, and a rather large crush at that. This revelation caused me to drop the water I was playing with.

My next thought was how I was going to handle my new feelings, but my weak side dragged my thoughts back to a certain Pro-Bender. I resumed playing with the water and gave into my wishful thinking.

Mako POV

That night I was feeling restless, which was totally unusual for me. Normally I crashed and the woke up early to do some meditations. I decided that continuing to lay in bed was useless, so I got up and walked to the window. As I sat on the windowsill lookin out at Air Temple Island, I couldn't help but think of... her.

Korra, the brash, overconfident, stubborn Avatar who had just crashed into my life a couple weeks ago. She was annoying, was late for practice more often than not, but she was a good friend. She and Bolin had hit it off immedieatley, and became partners in crime. When he dissapeared, she was there for me and wasted no time in offering to help find him. That night in the park, when she had fallen asleep on my shoulder while waiting for the Equalist protester, my first reaction was to shove her off. Then I looked at her sleeping face and couldn't bring myself to do it.

Instead, ignoring the little rational voice in my mind, I laid my head on top of hers and tried to go to sleep, but ended up breathing in her scent. She smelled like the ocean breeze, Naga, and something strangely floral. It reminded me vaugely of my mother.

The next morning, when she woke up and saw our predicament, I pretended to be surprised with her, but I was secretly glad. Could I be developing feelings for the Avatar? I decided I needed some fresh air to clear my head. So I threw on my coat, scarf, and shoes and headed to the park. It really wasn't a conscious decision, my feet just followed my mind.

It came as a shock, though, to see the object of my sleeplessness to be standing on the bridge.

Korra POV

I was starting to feel sleepy. The waterbending had helped a lot with the effects of the full moon, and I was about to stand up and go back to Air Temple Island when I heard a familiar voice close by.

"Korra, is that you?"

I stood up and turned to face the owner of the voice.

"Hey, Mako. What are you doing up at this hour?" I said, gesturing to the full moon that was starting its decent in the sky. "I could say the same to you," he deadpanned, raising an eyebrow. " I shrugged my shoulders. "The full moon affects waterbenders. It strengthens our powers and gives us an extra shot of energy. Too bad it doesn't happen during the day." I said. "You still haven't explained why you're up and about, at least I have an excuse," I added, flashing a smirk. Surprisingly, he looked flustered and shoved his hands in the pockets of his coat. "I couldn't sleep." He muttered, the tips of his ears flushing pink.

I grinned and was trying to come up with a suitably sarcastic remark when he suddenly blurted out, "Korra, you're a girl, right?" I was stunned speechless for a few moments,then replied, "Yeah, I'm pretty confident that I'm female, thanks." His ears deepened in color and the blush spread to his cheebones. "S-s-sorry, stupid question," he stammered. Then he recovered some of his cool and rubbed the back of his neck. I crossed my arms and raised an eyebrow, waiting for him to continue. It didn't take him long. "So I have this friend, and he has a kinda-sorta crush on this girl, but doesn't know how to handle it. Do you have any advice for him?" I saw right through him, and I also saw the perfect opportunity to make him squirm some more. " What's your freind's name?" I asked, trying to appear innocent. "Uh, Kuzon?" he offered. "Well tell your friend that he should just tell the girl how he feels." I said. "Okay, I'll make sure to tell Lee." Mako said, still looking uncomfortable. "But you just said his name was Kuzon," I said, not even trying to hide my grin anymore. "Umm, his name is is Lee Kuzon, but everyone calls him Kuzon." He said awkwardly. I laughed than said, "Nice recovery, Cool Guy." Then I pulled him down by his scarf and whispered in his ear, "I like you too, Mako."

Mako POV

I was stunned after Korra's revelation, so I stood stock still as she began to walk away. It was when she got to a couple feet past the base of the bridge that I saw the glowing green eyes of chi blockers. "Korra, watch out!" I yelled, starting to run toward her. I wasn't fast enough, though. A chi blocker ignited an electified kali stick and shoved it into the small of her back. She screamed as the electricity ripped through her body before fallling, twitching, to the ground.

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