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Chapter 1

"Connor! Come on! We're gonna be feckin' late!" Murphy exclaimed as he stood in the almost entirely shattered doorway of their 'apartment'. The place looked like a condemned building would, the walls were literally falling apart, the apartment consisted of two rooms, one long one with the 'beds' at one end and the shower at the other end. The other room was the kitchen and a small area with a couch and a coffee table for eating. It was a good thing the boys were as close as they were otherwise their living situations would have gotten extremely problematic, extremely fast.

"Calm ya feckin' ass down," Connor shouted back, pulling his jacket on as he wandered around the corner from the boys bedroom, though the two mattresses on the floor could barely be considered 'beds'.

"C'mon then!" Connor smirked as he walked passed his brother, playfully slapping him across the back of the head as he skipped passed.

"Ya f..." Murphy rubbed the back of his head before charging out the door after his brother, slamming the front door to their apartment as he bolted down the stairs, following Connor's mischievous laugh all the way to the bottom of the stairs.

"Put me down!" screeched the young girl as a broad, drunk man carried her over his shoulder, out into the back alley of the pub they had just been in.

"Now, now, da'lin, ain't no need t'be gettin' all exci'ed jus' yet," he cackled, his voice was laced with the slurred babble of a drunkard.

"Let me go you fowl mouthed, disgusting, pig!" she screamed again, thrashing around with all of her force. She kicked her legs back and forth angrily, one finally connecting with the man's nether region causing him to growl loudly in pain as he stumbled forwards.

"Y'little bitch!" he spat as he grabbed her around the waist and threw her as hard as he could against the sullied, brick wall with a sickening crack.

"You fucking asshole," she grumbled as she fell to the floor, her back and head aching as she staggered to find her footing.

"You're a nasty little fuckin' slag and y'should be treated like one!" the man roared, his breath vile with the smell of cigarettes and beer.

"I ain't no fucking slag, you two bit piece of scum!" she hissed back at him as she leaned against the wall painfully, her brain pounding against her skull as she tried to focus.

"Y'fuckin' are! Look at the way y'dressed an everythin', y'ain't any better than a fuckin' whore!" he growled throwing his fist straight towards her petite face, connecting with it instantly and causing her to squeal in pain as she brought her hands to the throbbing spot on her eye. She hadn't thought she was dressed like a hooker, with the dark blue jeans, biker boots, white tank top that showed off her tattoos and a long red leather jacket, she had thought she looked nothing like a street worker.

The drunk man staggered backwards a little, his black shirt sodden with beer, vomit and god only knew what else. His eyes were blazing red from the alcohol that his body was rapidly trying to deal with, he stepped to the side, vomiting disgusting green liquid into the alley way as she turned away on disgust trying to choke back the sharp metallic taste of blood in her throat.

"C'mon love, I'll be quick," he stumbled towards her, reaching for her with his black stains fingers.

"Don't fucking touch me," she spat, slapping his hand away easily as she wiped a bit of blood from her lip with her free hand.

"That's it," he charged forwards, his fist connecting with the side of her head again, the exact same spot as last time. She let out a screech as she felt her cheek bone split underneath the force of his fist.

"Ya little fucking slut, y'gonna get it," he lunged forwards again, his boot connecting with her knee this time, forcing her down onto the concrete with a horrible thud. She groaned in agony as another fierce kick smashed into her chest, forcing her backwards against the bricks.

"Ready gal? I promise I won't hurt ya," he coughed, a sickening smile spreading across his lips as he fumbled with the zipper on his pants.

"I wouldn't be doing that if I were you old man," Murphy's heavy Irish accent cut through the silence, forcing the drunk to stop what he was doing and turn around to face the man behind him.

"Get out o'here ya dirty fuckin' mick," the man spat angrily as he faced Murphy, swaying slightly where he stood.

"Now, now, that isn't very nice is it?" Connor appeared next to his brother, the click of his gun stopping the man from making any more comments.

"We'll be takin' the lass with us," Connor said sternly, his eyes never once leaving the hazy, bloodshot ones in front of him.

"Y'wont get much ou' of 'er. Little slut wouldn' even give it t'me," the man spat. Connor and Murphy exchanged a look.

"Good thing we ain't lookin' for anythin' then aye?" Connor replied with a smirk as he exchanged a slight nod with Murphy before swiftly jamming the end of his gun into the side of the mans head, dropping him to the floor immediately.

"Sleep tight," Murph said with a smirk as he stepped over the man in front of him and walked over to the girls sitting with her back against the brick wall, cradling a bleeding head wound sourly.

"Hey Miss, y'okay?" Murph asked as he knelt down in front of the girl, Connor coming to stand behind him a few feet away.

"Thank you guys, so much," she said softly, her eyes darting back and forth between the two boys slowly.

"What's y'name lass?" Connor asked politely, his gun now safely tucked away in the inside pocket of his black, knee length jacket.

"I'm Lexi," she said with a forced smile, regretting it almost instantly as she felt the fracture in her cheek begin to throb.

"I'm Connor, this little one here is me brother Murphy," Connor nodded in the direction of his brother and smiled at her.

"I can't thank you both enough, truly," she repeated, smiling at both of the boys as she slowly pushed herself up into a standing position, her back still leaning against the wall for support.

"Have y'got some place to go, get y'self looked at?" Murphy asked, his hand extended out to grab her elbow as she staggered a little. Lexi took a second to really look at the two in front of her. Murphy was your stereotypical tall, dark and handsome, his piercing, ocean blue eyes looked like he could see into the depths of your very soul but at the same time, hide everything from his own past flawlessly. Connor was almost the exact opposite, with sandy brown hair, it was easy to see he was fit, his body lithe and muscular even underneath the layers of clothing. Lexi found herself getting a little caught in his hazy, emerald green eyes, there was a mysteriousness there that she couldn't seem to get passed, it was intriguing and oddly sexy all at the same time. These two Irish boys had definitely been blessed, just in more ways than she had originally thought.

"I haven't been in town long, I've been staying at a hotel up the road, I'll be fine, it's just a black eye after all," she said with a tender smile as she straightened up and tried to forget the dull throbbing ache that was beginning to absorb the entire side of her face.

There was something about Lexi, Connor found himself oddly interested with her, and he knew his brother was feeling the same way. Maybe it was the messy, curly, fire engine red, hair that hung around her waist, maybe it was the way her golden brown eyes seemed to glimmer in the street lights, or maybe it was just the fact that she was fit and looked incredibly sexy in the long red leather jacket and white tank top that showed off the perfect curves of her body. Whatever it was, Connor did not want her to walk away from them right now.

"D'ya want to come up to our appartment? We have some bandages and some cleaning stuff, we can make sure that this guy hasn't done any serious damage?" as soon as Connor had said it, he immediately regretted it, knowing that it must have sounded completely wrong.

"I don't, I don't mean it to sound like it's some sort of creepy fuckin' killin' thing or something. I mean, we aint gonna kill ya or anything, and ah feck! I'm sorry, I don't, uh, I don't," Murphy watched as his brother got more and more flustered as he spoke. He narrowed his eyebrows and suppressed a laugh, he hadn't seen his brother this awkward since his first girlfriend.

"What me dear brother is trying to say, and failing badly at," Murphy gave Lexi a smile, which she returned with a light laugh, "is that we can look after you if you'd like, or at very least, we can walk you to y'hotel room, make sure no one else tries anythin'."

"I'm pretty sure my cheekbone is fractured, and..." Lexi looked from one of the boys to the other, "I'd really, really appreciate it if you could maybe help me out, stop some of this bleeding," she touched her fingertip gingerly to the trickle of blood sliding down her face.

"Sure, c'mon, we're just up the road," Murphy smiled at the girl in front of him, offering her his arm as she straightened herself up. Lexi took a step forwards and almost instantly felt her knee buckle underneath her, a searing pain shooting up her leg as she fell forwards.

"Woah, woah, y're okay," Connor instantly jumped forwards grabbing Lexi's other arm as Murphy held onto her other arm stopping her from falling.

"Let's get y'looked at," the boys exchanged a look behind her back and nodded to each other.

"We're gonna take y'to a friend of ours, his name is Doc, he ain't much t'look at but he's a good man, he can help y'out," Murphy said ducking his head a little to look at Lexi. She nodded slightly and, letting the boys hold her up, began walking slowly down the street the boys leading her gently as she hobbled along.