(January 1 2013) (12:00am)

Eleanor and Theodore were yelling happy new year. Theodore said happy new year mom. Eleanor saw Alvin and Brittany kissing in the corner . Vinny said "son when will we return to my home" . Theodore said "we will leave in seven days me and Alvin are getting the rest of the food together we will stay for three months there cause Eleanor will have the twins in two months and I want Eleanor to rest for one month after the twins are born". Vinny said "it sounds like you have planned this out" . Theodore said "yes mom and Eleanor will like this getting back to nature for the birth of the twins". Seven days later Alvin and Theodore packing Theodore's and Eleanor's new mini van it was gift from Dave and miss miller. Eleanor stepped out of the front door she said "are you two done yet" . Theodore said "almost Eleanor and you look great". Eleanor said "then why do I feel like I am going to explode" . Theodore said "do not worry you will feel a lot better in two months when the twins are born" . Eleanor said "yes that's true" . Alvin said "that's the last of it and now I will get mom and Brittany so we can get going". Five minutes later Alvin and Brittany came walking out the door with Vinny behind them. Brittany said "Theodore Alvin said you done packing" . Theodore said yes Brittany so get in the van . Vinny sat behind Theodore and Eleanor got in the front seat . Theodore hopped in the driver seat . Vinny said "Theodore Dave told me the freeways to take to get back home" . Eleanor pulled the Thomas guide out of the glove box . Vinny said "Eleanor we take the 605 first then the 210 and straight up to clear creek junction to Angles forest highway . Two hours later Vinny said there it's . Theodore said "it has been a while since me and Alvin have been here". Eleanor looked at Vinny's home she said "wow this is going to be home for the next four months" . Vinny said "Alvin I will show you the nursery so you can fix it up since it had not been used since you two and Simon were babies" . Alvin said "Theodore we have lot's of work to do and Eleanor can you cook us up some food" . Eleanor said "OK I will at Least have Brittany to help me". Alvin said "Brittany take some notes on Eleanor's cooking". Brittany said "sis let's get your room ready" . Eleanor said "OK and Theodore you will need to some fire wood for the fireplace" . Theodore said "OK Eleanor" . Eleanor said "be careful" . Theodore walked out the front door he walked to the back of the house . A voice said "hi Theodore" . Theodore said "who are you" . The voice "my name is Allie I house sit for your mom when she goes to visit you and your brothers" . Theodore said "Ally do you know where I can find some good firewood"? Allie said "just look around you there is wood is everywhere and how will you chop the tree down with out a Ax" . Theodore said "like this he lifted his" hands up then the tree was pluck of the ground by a large tornado . Alvin said "Theodore did you pull that tree out of the ground". Theodore said "yes Alvin I made a tornado to pull it out of the ground" . Alvin said "that tree is big and Eleanor told me to give you this emerald Ax she made" . Ally said "wow that's a pretty Ax Theodore" . Alvin who is this? Allie said "my name is Allie I house sit for your mom". Alvin said "OK so Theodore get chopping" . Alvin said "Theodore I will need to check on Brittany" . 1 hour later Eleanor said "Theodore how was the Ax I made for you" ? Theodore said "it was great" . Eleanor said "ouch" . Theodore said "what wrong Eleanor" . Eleanor said "it was the baby she kicked me Theodore", Eleanor took Theodore's hand and placed it on her belly. Theodore felt the baby kick. That's are little girls kicking. Brittany walked through the living room she said "Eleanor are the girls kicking again" ? Eleanor said "yes they are sis" . Brittany said "is it one or both" ? Eleanor said "only one" . Brittany said "have you two come up with some baby names yet" ? Eleanor said "no not yet but we are down to the top ten" . Brittany said "Alvin and I have coming up with names for our baby when we are as lucky as you two and Simon and Jeanette". Brittany said "Eleanor Alvin at least promised no juniors" . Alvin said "Brittany what are doing here I have been waiting for you to come back to our room with the drinks . Eleanor said "sorry Alvin if kept her from anything" . Alvin said "what are you three talking about" ? Theodore said "baby names" . Alvin said "have you two come up with a names for the twins yet"? Eleanor said "no Alvin not yet but we are down to ten names" . Alvin said "Brittany let's go to bed" . Brittany said "OK Alvin" . Alvin and Brittany went back to their room . Eleanor said "Theodore get me some tea". Theodore said "OK" as he walked to the kitchen he opened the fridge he poured a cup Eleanor's special tea that Vinny had made for Eleanor he gave the cup to Eleanor . Eleanor said "thanks Theodore" . Theodore said "drink that and let's get some sleep" . Eleanor drank the rest of the tea then she said "good night Theodore" . Theodore said "good night Eleanor".