Chapter 1 : The first day

The clock went 'Ring ring!' and the rooster went 'Cock-a-doodle-doo!' but 15-year-old Calvin was still in bed. It was his first day of high school but his hatred towards school still hasn't change.

"Come on Calvin, get up already! We don't have to go through this again... you're in high school! " Calvin's mom said as she shook him.

" Oh, just shut up. If you got a problem with it, leave me alone. I really hate, HATE school. I don't find any point why I should. " Calvin thought.

" It's your first day of high school! You don't want to be late! "

" Oh boo-hoo! I rather arrive there late than early in this freezing weather. " he thought more, clutching the blanket thighter.

Then his mom pulled the blanket away from him. " Mom! It's freezing out there! " he shouted.

" You could at least be a bit more helpful," she said, then caught sight of Hobbes. " Honestly ! You still sleep with this old stuffed tiger ? "

" In case you have forgotten , his name is Hobbes ! " Calvin snapped .

His mom shook her head and went out of the room .

Calvin groaned and got off the bed " Does she really have to let in cold air? " Hobbes yawned.

" Count your luck! You don't have to go to school! " Calvin exclaimed.

" Mmf. " Hobbes said, drifting to sleep. , " Whatever, pass the blanket and say 'hi' to Susie for me will you? "

Calvin picked up the blanket from the floor and threw it to Hobbes in the face. " You wish, I wouldn't want to be seen sitting near that weasel! "

Hobbes stood up straight, wide awake. " I can't believe it! You were actually friends in middle school but look! What had happen to you guys? "

" Why do you need to know? "

Hobbes looked at Calvin and wondered if a teen could actually had an attitude of a stupid child.

" Well, since you've woken me up, I guess I could accompany you while you wait at the bus stop."

" Thanks " Calvin said. He went into the bathroom, took a bath, wore his favourite red shirt with black stripes and black trainers, ran down the stairs, ate his breakfast, brush his teeth and fix his lunch. Hobbes, who was wearing his red and white scarf, was eating a tuna sandwich.

" Good to see you dependable for once. " Calvin's mom joked.

" Don't say anything anymore unless you want it to get jinxed. " Calvin warned.

His mom rolled her eyes, wondering when will her son ever change his attitude and be a little bit more polite while talking to people.

" Let me guess, you're bringing Hobbes to school too? "

" No, he is just going to wait with me in that FREEZING weather out there. "

" And you expect me to bring him back in? "

" Mom, stop letting him get advantages. He can go back to the house by himself. "

His mom rolled her eyes again. " Oh well, have fun at high school. "

Calvin put on his jacket and hat ( which he really hate because it gave him hat hair) and they both went out and wait at the sidewalk.

" You know, it's okay for her to give me advantages... "

" Oh shut up you big sissy, I'm starting to doubt about allowing you to accompany me. " he said. " The bus is here. Well I'll see you later buddy. "

" Yeah, sure. "

Calvin boarded the bus and went to the way back of the bus. He hate to socialize with kids.

" Hey Calvin! Where's your girly tiger doll? And where's your girlfriend? " a kid from both elementary and middle school said. Then he and the other kids laughed along.

"His name is Hobbes and he won't be to happy to hear you call him that. " Calvin retorted. " And I don't have any girlfriends! "

" Ooh, I'm shaking! " he said, sarcastically and laughed again.

Calvin just ignore him and flop himself to the backseat. What he didn't realize is a girl was there reading a book silently. She noticed him and tried to greeted him , " Um, hi? "

Calvin was so shocked he hit the window. " Ow ! " he said, rubbing his head.

" Oops, sorry! Didn't mean to scare you. " the girl said.

" I wasn't scared, just surprised.. " he said, then he look at the girl. She had long hazel nut coloured hair with brown eyes. She was wearing a purple t-shirt with pink skirt. To Calvin, she looked fairly familiar.

She giggled. Calvin said, annoyed " Look, I don't want to disturb anyone or talk to anyone. Just leave me alone. "

The girl rolled her eyes. " You sound like a kid I've met in elemantary school. Stubborn, angry. But you don't look like him... "

" You look fairly familiar to me. Hmmph. "

" Oh come on, can we be friends? I am really lonely cause many people think I'm a freak. " she held out her hand.

" Join the club... Oh fine. Not like I have anything to do... " he said. He looked at her hand and push it away.

She smiled anyways. " You made me a very happy girl "

For some reason, he blushed. Then the bus stop. " See you during recess! " she said, running out the bus.

" See you too, " he thought.