Chapter 2 : Their inner thoughts and feelings

Once Calvin step in the school, he look at all the facilities in awe. There was a doorway to the gym, drama club, glee club, computer room etc. , many lockers ( obviously ) many classroom (when he was in middle school and elementary school they just stay in one classroom ) many kids, jocks, goth, emo, cheerleader, geeks, normal kids and glam girls passing by. He went to the clerk's office, got his locker number and combination and a map of the school. Then he went to locker 45 and opened it and hit a boy in the face.

" Ow man! " said a familiar voice " Wach were you swing that ting! "

" Moe...? "

" You! Sissy boy! You see my face what you've done to it? " Moe shouted.

" Look I'm sorry! Can't believe you still bully people in high school... "

" You messin with me punk? " Moe said as he pick up Calvin. A crowd surrounds them. Moe was just about to land a punch of Calvin when... " Hey! Bully! "

The girl Calvin just met make way from the crowd. " Leave him alone! "

" Oh, and what are you gonna do about it nerd? Lecture me to death? " Moe laughed.

That's when Calvin kick him in the crotch. " Bastard! " Moe exclaimed.

" No one messes with me anymore, unless you wanna lose some teeth! "

" Shut up sissy! I'll get you one day, you see! " he said, running off. Some people praise Calvin as he make way past them.

The girl ran to him, " Wow! You are really brave! " she said.

" I would never done it if it wasn't for you. Thanks by the way. " he replied, giving her a half-smile.

" Don't mention it... remember, meet me in the cafeteria during lunch! " she smiled running off.

The boy from the bus came to him, " Oooh, having a date with the nerd? "

" Shut up. "

The rest of the first half of school was boring. The only upside is during arts. The topic was ' Freestyle ' and Calvin drew him and Hobbes in the snow building a snow dinosaur. The teacher praised him for such imagination. He told her that this actually had happen but she just laugh and say once again that he has good imagination.

" Well, at least it wasn't a mocking laugh." he thought. Then the bell rang. Finally, time for lunch! He grab his paper bag and ran to the canteen. It was huge! And for once, he smell something good.

" Man, I should have brought lunch money! " he thought. Then he spotted the girl. " Hey! " she said, smiling. " I saved you a seat. "

" Thanks, don't you think it's huge? " he said as he sat down.

" Grand. And they have better food than I ever tasted! " she exclaimed.

" I got stuck to peanut butter and squid jam. But I guess it's okay enough. "

The girl looked at him a bit weirdly. " You seriously remind me of someone I use to know for a long time. Only, funnier and... better. "

" Hmm, " he munched up his sandwich. " You are very familiar too. I use to like this girl. I thought her heart was golden and her mouth was clean. She was smart and kind. Than one day, she turned on me. You could have say I was terribly angry at myself I almost killed myself. That's when I vow never to like girls again, before I met you I meant. "

" Huh, I too use to like a boy who could be mean but has a soft side. I never met him for a very long time as I said. I kinda miss him too. " she said. " You're pretty nice to hang out with you know. " she smiled.

He smiled too. Then he asked, " Say, you never told me your name. What is it? "

" Oh! I forgot. Guess I was too much happy . " she laughed. Then it hit Calvin. She IS fairly familiar. He got second thoughts as she started to open her mouth. He got the feeling on what she's going to say might change their friendly relationship forever.

" My name is... "

This chapter is waaaaaaaay boring, I know. But after this, the whole thing will be revealed. And if you got ideas, comment me!