E/O Challenge: Ease.

A/N: Part two of "Appletini." I have been thinking of how I am going to bring my OC Amie to life. I wrote "You Scare Me" prematurely, and I was given the suggestion of backstory. I have decided to introduce Amie through drabbles, and bring her into a story after I've established her. I hope you enjoy, and reviews, as always, are welcome and appreciated!

Rated T for mature themes

The motel room door burst open. Dean and Amie tumbled through into the room, practically attached to each other's lips. Dean swung the door closed with his foot, and within seconds had Amie lying on the bed. He removed her clothing with ease and lowered her to the bed. She moaned and squirmed as he worked her over, exploring her body with his mouth. She took control and flipped them, pinning him down and slowly stripping him.

They made love until they screamed each other's names, and collapsed into the sheets, tangled into each other.

When morning came, Amie slept alone.