"This is American Idol!" Darcy Lewis said sitting down on the couch as her favorite TV show came on. She had been left alone at the lab for a few weeks now. It was lonely without Jane and Erik but at least now she had full power over the remote control.

Jane and Erik had been taken somewhere super secret and super scientific to do something for S.H.I.E.L.D. Darcy still wasn't entirely sure what the hell that meant but she did know it definitely did not involve her.

"Oh yeah, sing it babe!" she said as her favorite contestant came on the screen.

Just as he was beginning his song, Darcy noticed a bright light out of her peripheral vision. It was outside, not lightning, but much like…

"No way." She said as her mouth gaped open in shock.

She scrambled to turn off the TV and grabbed the keys to the van. She slipped into a pair of flats and hurried to the garage.

"You seriously could not have chosen a worse time to show up." She said to no one as she turned on the ignition.

Darcy followed the light in the sky. It was out in the desert, the same place as the last time Thor had arrived. As she sped closer and closer to the site of the last encounter the greens and blues in the sky became more and more vivid and she fumbled around in her purse with one hand searching for her phone. It rang and rang and rang. She got Jane's voicemail.

"Jane! Jane, hey! Okay so I think Thor might be back. That weird galactic light thing is happening again and I'm in the van driving towards the site. I just thought I should let you know! Call me back soon or I'll call you or something, okay, bye."

She was nearly there, just a few more miles probably. Her eyes shot out in all directions, hoping she could miss hitting him this time.

And then, she saw him. A dark figure attempting to stand a few yards off. She slammed on the brakes and flew the door open.

"Hey! It's Darcy, Darcy Lewis! Remember me? Uh, Jane's not here this time, but I saw the light show and I thought I'd…"

Wait a minute. That didn't look like Thor. Oh no.

"Uh, hi, can you hear me?" she walked slowly now, slightly afraid of this mysterious stranger.

It was definitely a man. He was exceptionally tall with very light skin and obsidian black hair. Whoever he was he seemed to be very weak.

Just as he was nearly on his feet he collapsed again and Darcy let out a small scream.

"Okay, okay, you're going to be fine. Just let me…do something, um" She panicked, not knowing what to do with this stranger who most likely weighed a lot more than she did. She remembered Thor had just simply stood up and started walking around all crazy like, but this guy wasn't. She was suddenly afraid she might actually have to use CPR this time.

She crept towards him.

"Hey, can you hear me? My name's Darcy… are you hurt?" stupid question, of course he is.

There was no answer. This was really really not good. She tried to calm herself down. If only Jane was here she'd know what to do…

Just when she had finally mustered up enough courage to get near to him he let out a small, injured moan.

"Oh, good you're conscious." she let out a sigh of great relief.

"Tell me your name, mortal." Ouch. This guy's not friendly.

"uhm, Darcy, Darcy Lewis…and, you?" she said quietly, trying to hide the shake in her voice. Ugh, why did she have to come here alone!

"Then Darcy Lewis, suppress your fears. I am a God, and I am merciful to those who come to my aid."

"Okay…well that's really good to know." She said kneeling down to be closer to his side.

"Do you need anything? I've got those thick bandages in the van, and I'm pretty sure the first aid kit's still in there."

The god stared blankly at her, confusion written on his pale face, what could this mortal girl possibly do to help a god?

She reached a hand out towards his arm, she didn't know why she did it but she immediately regretted her action.

He hissed and she jumped back at his sudden anger.

"How dare you touch me, you foolish girl!"

"You said you needed help, what the hell dude! You do realize that at this moment in time I am the one with the ability to walk away and let you rot here."

"I asked only for your help, I did not give you permission to prod me!"

Darcy sighed, anger boiling through her veins and making her face feel hot. She sat back and glared at him.

"Now, if you would be so kind, you have my permission to take my hand and help me to stand." He said.

"Seriously? That's what I was getting at before but you had to interrupt me with your lack of anger management. What sort of crazy god are you?"

"I am Loki, God of Mischief. And I have fallen from the Bifrost. I chose to land here, to see for myself what my oaf of a brother grew soft for. Thus far I see nothing greater here than in Jotunheim."

"That's great, you're a walking, talking hallmark card aren't you." Darcy replied sarcastically. It was doomed to be a very long night. "You know that I gave up watching American Idol for this? And it was the second to last episode before the finale."

"I could really care less for your childish babbling, mortal." He said as he took her hand and slowly lifted himself to his feet. He showed a slight pained expression, but quickly resumed his 'I hate earth' face.

"Okay, you're definitely coming back to the lab with me. There is no way I'm letting you run free and burn the town down."

Loki sighed but didn't bother argue again with her. This girl may be a silly mortal, but she wasn't going to let him win very easily. He actually found it amusing, a Midgardian girl telling him what's what. But he would be caught dead to show it.

He had made it the van and she opened the door for him. He crawled inside and neither said a word until they reached the lab.

It was getting pretty late by the time Darcy led him into the wide and spacey living room. He sat down on the couch and showed no signs of moving for quite a while. So much for watching Idol on TiVo she thought.

"So, I guess just don't touch anything that's unfamiliar to you, like Jane's computers and space tech stuff. You can crash on the couch, and the kitchen's over there if you want anything, although I don't recommend you improvise with the oven. I'm going to bed. We'll talk again tomorrow. If you're not here when I wake up I'm calling the cops." She tried her best to treat him as Jane and especially Erik would have.

Loki showed off a wide, beautiful smile at the end of her speech that made her heart skip a beat. She didn't know why but the way he was looking at her made her fingers shake a little bit.

She was only just now getting a clear look at him. Other than his black hair being pretty disheveled, he was actually more handsome to her than Thor. If only he wasn't so awful…oh she really needed to call Jane.

He watched her as she turned away from him and walked towards a door at the end of a hallway. When the door clicked shut, he smirked.

He was amazingly exactly where he needed to be. In Jane Foster's dear little domain. Thor's newest vacation home. And the god of mischief figured he could find some very amusing ways to wreak havoc until she returned. This Darcy Lewis would surely keep him entertained until then.

Okay! So this is my first story for this strangely perfect duo and I'm really enjoying writing it! I'm setting it in between Thor and The Avengers. It's sort of like what happens while Loki's hair grows long haha if you like it please let me know so I can continue writing!