Chapter ONE~

Lester Dawson was out on one of his convention things and it was a really stormy night. Ally was alone in Sonic Boom. She liked to watch movies in the song room when her dad was away. Every now and then there would be thunder and lightning which would make Ally jump. Suddenly she heard a crash from downstairs. She went down to investigate and found a display of cymbals on the floor.

"Sorry." a familiar blonde haired boy shrugged.

"Austin, what are you doing here?" Ally asked, "And how did you get in?"

"I picked the lock." Austin replied, "I knew you'd be here by yourself, so I decided to keep you company."

Ally smiled and accepted it. The two went upstairs to watch movies all night. Every time there was thunder, Ally would jump a bit. Then a sudden loud thunder erupted and Ally jumped into Austin's arms.

"It's just thunder!" Austin smiled at her.

"We're watching a horror movie." Ally frowned, "I get scared easily."

"Why are you watching horror movies?" Austin asked, "I thought you hated them."

"I wanted to give them another shot." the song writer shrugged. After two more movies passed, Ally fell asleep leaning on Austin. He thought she looked cute when she slept. He moved slightly to face her and leaned forward until their lips barely brushed against each other. Ally woke up and met his lips. Austin caressed her face and deepened the kiss while Ally was torn between fighting it or accepting it. Eventually she pulled the boy on top of her and leaned back onto the couch and wrapped her arms around his neck. Austin moved down to her neck and Ally let out a small moan. He moved one of his hands to her leg and she moaned a bit more. His hand found it's way to the hem of Ally's shirt and he played with a bit of her skin before moving his hand completely underneath her clothing. Ally pulled him closer so that there was no room between them. She pulled off his shirt then resumed kissing him.

"Ally..." Austin moaned her name into her mouth and ran his fingers through her hair. Ally reached for his belt but Austin stopped her.

"What are we doing?" he asked while panting for breath. Ally didn't reply. She just grabbed him and started kissing him again. She undid his belt and removed his pants. Ally tried her best not to laugh at his ducky boxers.

"I can feel you laughing." Austin said while kissing her neck. He took her shirt and shorts off them proceeded to kiss her stomach. He slowly removed her panties while making sure Ally wanted to go that far. His tongue played with the flesh inside of her and Ally moaned in pleasure. Soon he resumed kissing her neck and she removed his boxers. Austin was already hard from the heavy make-out session they were having. Without hesitation, Austin went inside of her and they both moaned together though they were drowned out by the sound of thunder. He thrusted harder and harder until he was about to cum and Ally was soaking went.

"Ally!" He moaned and went inside of her. Ally was evidently pleased with that. The two resumed making out and eventually fell asleep on top of each other.

Austin woke up with Ally laying on top of him. He smiled to himself then came to a realization and sat up suddenly causing Ally to crash to the floor.

"OW!" Ally hit him in the arm, "What is your problem?"

"We didn't use protection!" Austin shook her shoulders. Ally looked at him for a second then started to laugh.

"Why are you laughing?" he asked her, "This isn't funny!"

"I'm on birth control." Ally smiled at him, "Ever since that Sex Ed class last year, I started taking the pill in case anything... unexpected happened."

She got up and started to get dressed. Austin did the same then wrapped his arms around her and smelled her hair.

"Last night was awesome." he said while nuzzling her neck. Ally turned around and gently pushed him away.

"Last night was a mistake." she told him, "We're partners. We shouldn't change our relationship by doing... that."

"You were totally into it though!" Austin looked hurt, "At least, you seemed like were."

"Let's just agree to never mention this again and pretend it never happened." Ally replied and went to open the store. Austin sat back on the couch and frowned.

"Maybe it was a mistake..."

My spelling has gone so far down the drain... I uploaded this and saw like a million red underline things. Anyways, I hope you liked this. This is in no way related to my other A&A story. I'm going to continue this story also the other one since it's almost ending. R&R :)