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Things I'm not allowed to do at Cahill command by Dan Cahill

There are apparently several things I'm not allowed to do at C.C.

Even though the hostages are back, I am not permitted to do lots of stuff, so I am making a list.

It has been a long week at C.C. and to top it all of there is going to be some Ekat kid coming over to hang with us, dang. I think I'm gonna play hide and seek with Ned and Ted. I know it sounds babyish, but it's so fun!

"We will hide, you will find," Announced the brothers to me. "Alright thing one and two," I muttered. "1…2….3…4…5…6…7….8….9….10! Ready or not here I come!" I screamed.

While I was walking down the hallway I heard something quite odd a voice that sounded a lot like, Sinead? "No one will find us in here," the voice said in a whisper. Ned and Ted are trying to sound like Sinead again! I thought. That had tricked me last time now I was ready. I was going to scare the flippin' Telsa out of them. I tip toed to the Chemistry lab and was shocked at the sight I saw; Sinead and Hamilton were freaking KISSING!

I am scared for life and found thing numero Uno!


I let out the shriek and the two of them looked at me, their faces turned red, and they both charged at me!

"I will kill you Dan!" Sinead cried

"Yeah, she will!" Haliton agreed

I ran as fast as I could to the living room. Ned and Ted had been sitting on the couch watching Adventure Time!


"Uhhhh, what's your problem?"

"Ham and Sinead are going to kill me!"

"Suure and we're the queens of England!"

That's when Sinead and Hamilton came crashing down the stairs.

"Whoa, dude run!"

The two brothers ran with me, like two really weak body guards.

We ran laps around the mansion till the two gave up. The boys and I plopped on the couch and watched Adventure time till the doorbell rang. Amy strode down the stairs and said: "I bet a million bucks it's the new kid, hey, why is no one here?"

"No one cares," I said.

"Okay, they want to play dirty eh? Fine, PIZZA!"

Every one made a mad dash for the door. When Reagan opened the door her face fell.

"Oh it's just some kid," she sighed.

"Reagan! Hello, it's the new kid," Amy said

"Hello, please come in," gestured Sinead to the kid.

2. Don't make fun of the new kids' name.

It was Ian's mistake.

When I got to the door I saw a terrified girl with short, spiky brown hair and grey eyes.

"Whats going on here," she said


"Oh, then I must be at the wrong house. Do you know where the Cahill residence is?"

"It's right here."

"Darn," she mumbled stepping into the house.

"Alistair said it would be chaotic." she mumbled, while trying to lift up her suitcase.

"Oh, your Alistair's assistant!"

"Yup, in the flesh,"

Alistair said his assistant would live with the teens for a while so he wouldn't "miss" anything.

"What's your name?"

"Audrey Eddison-Cahill."

"Audrey? That's a horrid name!" yelled Ian

Audrey glared at him; she took out some gum and began to chew, after a few seconds she spat at his eyes. Ian staggered back and screamed: "God, it burns!"

"Shaka Zulu used it," she smiled

Dang, I'm going to enjoy Audrey's company.

3. Do not mess with Hamilton's track suit

Audrey pulled up her hair.

"So, what you're saying is that, you are going to distract the brute and I will steal- no "borrow" his track suit?" she asked

"Yeah," Dan smiled

"Okay, let's do this!"

Hamilton fixed his hair when Sinead walked by.


She turned and smiled

"Hello," she quickly pecked him on the cheek and left.

He smiled.

Hamilton made his way to his bedroom when Dan stopped him.

"Sup, Hammer!"

Audrey was swift, she went fast and didn't leave a trace.

Sorry about this, it seems... weird. Also, sorry if Audrey seemed "Mary-Sueish". Please, if you review, no flames. This is my first fan fiction peoples! I also feel like I need to say that I feel like this is like Luckyinluv's 101 things I'm not allowed to do atCahill reunions. Sorry Luckyinluv!