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"We will miss you!" the Cahill cousins shouted as Audrey's taxi sped off into the disance. It was a shame really, turns out Alistair needed her back in Seoul.

Then Amy's phone buzzed.

Amy, you have 1 new text message

Oh, well it could be Audrey! Amy smiled, the kid already missed them!

From: Uncle Alistair
To: you

Amy, has Audrey come to your residence? I told her to call me when she got to the manor.

Amy replied;

From: You
To: Uncle Alistair

Uncle Alistair, Audrey already came, in fact she just left because you called to tell her that she had to come back.

Alistair's P.O.V

Alistair gasped, he looked beside him. There was Audrey, she hadn't even left Seoul. He had to have his hip replaced so she decided to stay.

All had been well till Audrey had reported to him that she was checking the Cahill net when she saw a picture of an American boy sanding next to a girl with short brown hair and grey eyes, taken two days ago.

The discription below the picture was even more desturbing. Dan Cahill, 13 and Audrey Eddison-Cahill, 13.

I looked at Audrey with disbelief. Not only was she right next to me, right now and for the past two weeks, but also the fact she had not been thirteen for three years now.

Audrey's P.O.V

So it had been a few years since Bae had seen the real Audrey Eddison. He had sent, I Teodora Korminoff, to stand in for her, get into the Cahill's inner circle.

To get the rest of the clues.

I looked pitifully at the taxi drivers mirror. This Audrey child's face was so unconfortable. I began to rip the fake olive skin off my face to reveal my flawless peach skin. I shook off the short brown wig to reveal my golden blond hair, then I finally popped out the grey contacts to reveal my green eyes. The taxi drivers eyes widened.

"What are you looking at?"I snapped

He shrugged.

At the airport...

Now I had to think. The clues, were where they? I checked my pockets for the scrap of paper with the remaining clues.
"Smart, I must say, smart, Audrey, or should I say Teodora, loving cousin ," a silky voice spat.

I turned to see the Kabra brat, Natalie.
"You seriously didn't think I thought you were that Audrey girl," she said snidely
"No clue what your talking about mate," I said in my best Austrailian accent.
"I'm on to you," she said walking away, the coward.

But, suprisingly, for the first time in my life, the hair on the back of my neck stood up. The feeling didn't last long. Not only was she on to me, but I was on to her. And I was winning.

Cahills watch out, yes you too Bae, yes, you, are reading this. A Cahill is defecting.

And this little Cahills got the clues. All thirty-nine.

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