A/N: Been awhile since I worked on this one huh? I finally ended up stopping because it seemed interest was low. However, that seems to have changed. My time is very limited atm so I'm on hiatus for a bit, but when I get enough time to write stories again I may start this one up once more.

Some of you have messaged me telling me that having the entire story split up into three different fics(Desperate Decisions, Primal Madness and then this one.) was confusing and I apologize for that. If I decide to get back to this one, my first act will be to combine all three stories into one, with some slight alterations in the story for fun. I can't give an accurate timetable of when I'll be able to return, but hopefully in a month or two.

I will be checking my messages and of course any future reviews my stories receive, so feel free to let me know what you would like me to work on.