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Alignment: Level One- First Encounter

"Lucy! LUCY! You just missed your bus!" Lucy Evens shot up, her eyes wide. She pawed at her bedside table for her glasses. A low rumble passed the house outside as her ride to school pulled away.

"I what?" She growled loudly, trying to untangle herself from her comforter. She managed to pull free but lost her balance in the process and tumbled off her bed into a pile of dirty clothes.

"What kind of wake up call is that dad?" Lucy grumbled, smelling then tossing her dirty socks aside. She located a clean pair though they didn't match and slipped them on.

'I guess it's a good thing I slept in my jeans...' she thought, cramming her foot into her grungy black hightops. She snatched her bag off her desk and bolted down the stairs. Her little brother flattened himself against the wall to avoid being trampled.

"Better run Lucy!" he snickered. She growled in response, dodging her cat Mika and flinging open the front door. Her dad peeked over the couch.

"Don't forget to-" Lucy slammed the door behind her, making the windows rattle.

"Shut the door..." Mr. Evens finished lamely.

"Damn girl," he sighed to himself.

Lucy checked her phone then cursed. She flipped it shut and stuck it back into her pocket, darting around the corner, her bag beating against her thin frame.

'I'm going to make it...' she thought; the school bus she had missed before was just around the corner, picking up the last load of kids before heading to the high school. She did a power slide around the corner and took off again, her heels kicking up gravel. The other kids watched her, exchanging glances. She ignored them and boarded the bus, pushing her black square cut frames back up her nose.

'Made it...' She was a little sweaty and breathless but it was better than trying to make it all the way to school on foot. She sat back in her seat, blowing a strand of hair out of her face.

'Today's starting to look up.'

The skateboard zoomed up the sidewalk, it's rider whooping loudly. Dante Ontero rode happily along, dodging around pedestrians with ease, his red and black checkered shirt billowing behind him. Underneath that, he wore a black graphic tee with the word "slacker" in bold white lettering and dark purple pants which from the looks of it, had been worn for a few days.

He cut in between a young couple and headed for the school, the man shouting after him. Dante paid no mind as he approached Daventry High, spotting Wyatt sitting alone at the far table they normally occupied.

"Wyatt my man!" Dante called, heading toward the courtyard. He grinded to a stop next to Wyatt who flinched as Dante kicked his board up into his hand.

"Hey Dante, what's up?" Wyatt asked, flipping though some papers. Dante slapped his board onto the table, making Wyatt flinch a second time and unstrapped his helmet from his head, shaking his hair a little to get it out of his face.

"Whatcha got there?" Dante asked, swiping one of the papers from Wyatt and looking at it sideways.

"They're notes for today's history test," Wyatt explained, plucking the paper from Dante's hands. Dante looked confused.

"Test? We don't have a test," Dante scoffed, waving to Lyle who was heading to join them.

"If you're talking about a test in history, you have one." Lyle said, taking a seat in a nearby chair. Dante on the other hand, sat on the table and pulled a sandwich from his pocket. Lyle scrunched up his nose in disgust as Dante took a bite.

"How long have you had that?" He asked, watching Dante chew. Dante shook his head.

"Not really sure; we had baloney sandwiches... Friday?" Wyatt looked a little pale, turning his head out of sight of Dante eating.

"Thursday; and it was turkey," he said, gagging a little. Dante stopped chewing and looked down at the sandwich. He smelled it, looking thoughtful for a moment.

"Only four days old," Dante said, taking another bite.

"Dude, that's foul..." Lyle said, sighing.

"So are we still on for a Neverfail meeting tonight?" Wyatt said, changing the subject. Dante nodded enthusiastically, bits of lettuce and bread falling everywhere. Wyatt slid his history notes away from the spray of food.

"I'm in; football practice gets out an hour early today!" Lyle said happily, high-fiving Dante.

"Awesome! Today's going to be sweet!" Wyatt said, tucking his notes into his backpack. The three boys heading inside to their lockers, knocking shoulders and laughing.

Lucy strolled up the hall of Daventry High, her hazel eyes focused on her locker and the girl standing beside it. A smile formed on her face. The blonde turned and smiled back at her, brushing her perfect curls out of her face. Something about the motion reminded Lucy she hadn't brushed her hair.

"What's up Juliet?" she called, running her fingers through her short cropped and disheveled burgundy hair. Juliet watched her inquisitively, her blue eyes flashing.

"Slept in again?" Juliet asked, an amused look on her face. Lucy huffed a little, still clawing at her hair. Juliet walked around her friend, poking at her here and there.

"You know Luce, short hair is supposed to be low maintenance but you somehow managed to prove that wrong." Juliet pulled out a hairbrush from her purse. Lucy gave her a death glare.

"Don't even think about it..." She warned. Juliet's hands dropped to her hips.

"You really should try harder to keep up your appearance..." Juliet said, gesturing to her own clothes. A light blue and pink blouse with short ruffled sleeves and tan capris. She was even wearing blue and pink flats to match her shirt and a small bronze chain necklace.

Lucy rolled her eyes, unimpressed. Juliet sighed a little. Lucy frowned at the sound and looked down at her clothes; she had to admit that maybe her friend was right.

Lucy's green and black shirt had been worn for going on three days and though it wasn't laundry fresh, it had gone unstained so far. Her jeans were torn and frayed at the bottom, the once blue color faded almost to white though you couldn't tell through the maze of ink and sharpie doodles she had slowly drawn up both pant legs in Mr. Spenader's history class.

Not to mention the condition of her hair; her wavy reddish brown locks were normally shoulder length and streaked with blonde chunks but two months and no regular upkeep made it look like something her cat spit up.

"I know you're not looking right now but if you ever want a guy to find you..." Lucy had turned away to fiddle with her combo lock, giving up on her hair. She was sick of Juliet trying to make her over so she could get a man.

"Come on Juliet, I know I'm not the fanciest girl at Daventry High but I like the way I look," Lucy stated plainly, her focus on the stubborn lock before her. Juliet's eyes narrowed and she leaped at Lucy. She pinned Lucy against the locker and forced the brush through Lucy's snarled copper hair.

"Hey! Let me go!" Lucy struggled against Juliet's iron grip. Even though Lucy was stronger, Juliet was determined to untangle the bird's nest on Lucy's head.

"I really don't understand why you keep trying for a girl like Clean Cut Maggie," Lyle told Dante after he struck out again. Dante shrugged, still grinning despite being shot down.

"Maybe it's a lack of common sense and self control..." Wyatt muttered. Dante frowned momentarily then turned back to Lyle.

"I think you should go for a girl like... like..." Lyle struggled to find someone who might possibly be able to date Dante. His eyes scanned the crowds, stopping on a pair of girls.

"Like that one," he said smiling smugly. Dante and Wyatt looked where Lyle pointed.

"Uhh... which one? The auburn haired one pinned to the lockers or the blonde wielding the hair brush?" Wyatt asked sarcastically. Dante watched them, sending a quick glare at Wyatt.

"Hey, I know that girl..." Wyatt said, ignoring Dante.

"Uh, which one?" Lyle asked, leaning against the lockers behind him.

"That blonde, it's Julia... Juliet Wells. She's the only student who matched my math grade," he said proudly. Dante and Lyle exchanged looks then returned their attention to the wrestling girls. There was a crowd starting to form around them and it was getting harder to see.

Dante looked back and forth between the two girls then at Lyle.

"So which one again?" he asked. Lyle looked momentarily surprised then smiled his charming smile.

"The short one, with glasses and brown hair," he told Dante, glancing at the clock.

"Oh geez, we've got to get going, class is going to start soon. I'll see you guys at lunch!" Lyle called down the hall. Wyatt waved then turned to Dante, who seemed to be lost in thought.

"Come on dude, we got to get to science; Mr. Patrick's going to kill you if you're late again." Dante nodded, his eyes still on the brunette, wondering why Lyle pointed to her. He'd seen her around but she never really caught his eye.

"Just give me... one second... there!" Satisfied, Juliet released her friend and pulled out a compact.

"Give it a look," she encouraged, wiggling the mirror. Lucy fixed her glasses then grabbed the compact, opening it and taking a peek. Her hair was finally laying flat, and even though the highlights were growing out, they accentuated her face well.

"Nice brush, I still need a haircut though," she said, impressed. Juliet was about to say something when the two minute warning bell went off. Lucy crammed the compact back in Juliet's hand and waved her away from the locker.

"You know you could always ask Dave the janitor to open that thing..." Lucy shook her head, taking a few steps back and raised her leg, giving the locker a swift kick.

The locker clanged open, door rattling on it's hinges. Lucy quickly grabbed her school supplies and shut the door.

"Oh vile," Juliet muttered. Lucy glanced at her inquisitively.

"That Dante kid's staring at you." Lucy looked around, spying him by his friends. There eyes locked and a weird feeling washed over her. Dante's eye's widened and they both looked away. Juliet eyed Lucy curiously.

"Come on, we got to get to science," Juliet said, pulling Lucy along to class. Lucy was lost in thought and let her friend drag her along, passing Wyatt in the classroom without a second glance.

'That was really strange... probably nothing... I didn't really eat anything today so maybe that's it,' she decided, taking her seat in the corner by the window. Juliet sat in front of her, hands clasped in wait of the teacher's instructions. Lucy absentmindedly scanned the room, a thought coming to her mind.

'Wait... isn't...' The door burst open and Dante came in just as the bell rang, a wide grin on his face. Lucy's heart dropped into her stomach.

'...Dante's in this class...'

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