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Jake was frustrated. His uncle had gotten him all those cool new toys but wouldn't let him play with them for a month. He was getting more and more annoyed as the days moved on and there was still three weeks to go.

"Hey Jake," Charlie said, "We're going to have dinner now."

"Okay Uncle Charlie," Jake said.

Inside the kitchen were all sorts of different platters. It was all of Jake's favorite foods.

"Uncle Charlie this is awesome," Jake said.

"I know kiddo,"

"Why are you making all my favorites," Jake asked.

"In part because I love you," Charlie said, "and in part to teach you a little something. For desert we are having a seven layer cake."

"I LOVE SEVEN LAYER CAKE," Jake exclaimed.

"But you have to wait until after dinner to eat it," Charlie said.

"Well that's okay," Jake replied, "I have something to look forward to"

"That's interesting," Charlie said, "Because it's the same thing with the toys I got you."

"How is it the same," Jake asked.

"The toys are something you have to look forward to... just like the cake. Lets say I let you eat the cake right away. Would it be special anymore?"

"A little," Jake said, "But not as special as if it were at the end."

"Well the toys are like the same thing. If you got to play with them all the time it would lose it's meaning after awhile wouldn't it?"

"Well I guess you're right. It would be fun but not really all that special," Jake said.

"Do you still like your old toys," Charlie asked.

"Of course," Jake said.

"You see Jake," Charlie , "Patience is a virtue."

"Okay okay," Jake said, "But one thing. I finished my fries. I finished hot dogs. I finished my soda. I want the cake."

Charlie laughed and cut him a slice.