Disclaimer: The world and characters of Tortall belong to Tamora Pierce, not to me.

Series: Bitter, Twisted Lies
Event: Lighthearted Long Jump
Words: 215


"Come on, sweetheart," Marek says, pushing her shoulder gently. "All the other couples are doing it."

"Oh, because we're such a traditional couple. It's so undignified- they look like commoners!"

"Eiralys," he says, holding out a piece of cheese and grinning at the face she makes, "they look like peasants because they are. Just try it."

She rolls her eyes but opens her mouth as he daintily places the cheese on her tongue. A bit of silence passes as she chews.

Marek crows and does a victory dance, much to the pub's amusement, when Eiralys finally lets her smile show.

"All right, it's not so bad," she admits.

After a few hours of talking and feeding each other local delicacies, Eiralys starts to fidget. Marek, recognizing the symptom, opens his mouth- but it's too late.

Marek blinks through the layer of icing crusting on his face.

Eiralys bursts into laughter.

He wipes a bit of cake off his nose and raises a sugary eyebrow at her, ignoring the gasps and giggles of the rest of the Dancing Dove. "Get bored?"

"Indeed," she says, her good humor restored, "But I'm better now." She swipes a long finger down his face and samples the cake. "Needs more vanilla."

He buries his face in his hands. "Oh, Eiralys."