"The idea is you put your iPod on shuffle, and write a short ficlet inspired by each song that comes on (for ten songs.) The catch is you're only allowed to write for as long as the song lasts - typically three or four minutes."

Harry Potter: Live For Today by The Grass Roots. (Neville/Luna)

Neville Longbottom always admired his girlfriend Luna Lovegood. Even though all the terrible things that happened during the war, she never let it bother her. She was always living in the moment. Other people may have thought she was insane, but they didn't realize that by acting the way she did she was able to preserve her sanity and feeling that things would be okay. Other people were busy trying to change things and plan out their future. Neville knew he should be doing that as well, but all he wanted to do was live in the moment and love Luna.