The Ricochet

Chapter Eleven

New York was rebuilt once more. The wreckage was finally gone and repaired after the Chitaurian attack. The streets were fully usable again, the cars resuming their regular traffic capacity. Sidewalks were corrected, the crowds of people flowing through the city's veins The buildings were mended, their former gleam of grandeur returning to the mile high windows. Everything was back to normal. Sunshine fell upon the famous city and everything was all right again.

The girl waited the tables, smiling and chatting with the customers as she served their drinks. She smiled as the wind tossled her short russet hair, making small talk with the patrons. Her apron was tied around her waist to protect her black skirt from potential spills, the white blouse spotless and her black framed glasses in place. A fellow waitress approached her, tapping her shoulder. She turned and the blonde, Beth, smiled brightly and Bridgette cheered, hugging her tightly. Looking around the girl, she waved to Steve Rogers who blushed under the attention.

He had asked the shy waitress to lunch, after multiple lunches of the meek girl waiting on him, trying to pluck up the nerve to ask him out herself. With Bridgette acting as his support, he took the first step and asked the girl. Of course she agreed and even dared to ask if they could go dancing and the Captain smiled, agreeing though he warned that he hadn't a clue how to dance. Checking her watch, she jumped when she saw what the time was, untying her apron quickly and Beth laughed at her uncoordinated reaction. Bridgette dashed to the back room, undoing the buttons as she moved. In a flash she was dashing out the café' door dressed in her straight legged jeans, dark blue razor back tank top and tough denim jacket in her hand, messenger bag tossed across her body.

She was late for her own date at Stark Tower.

Her figure dashed through the crowd, pulling the jacket on as she ran. The wind forced her hair back and she grinned to herself. Just happy. The sound of her own heels clopping against the concrete was lost in the noise of traffic as she made toward her destination. Horns blared at her as she dared to cut the safe-crossing light a little too close and she simply used her agility to slide across the yellow hood of the taxi, with a roll of her eyes for good measure. Evading the moving people was half the fun and before she knew it, she made it.

She punched in her code and the door slid open, Jarvis issuing her a greeting which she returned. Passing past a couple of the lower training rooms, she stole a peek in an occupied training room to see Agents Romanov and Barton sparring. Clint spotted her and gave a short wave, allowing Natasha the split second chance to take him down, pinning him to the floor. The redhead looked up at her and gave a short nod, smirking. The two girls had become an odd sort of friends. Ricochet had saved her from the Hulk while the Black Widow had saved her by acting as a translator for Mrs. Vabaudon, which led the Avengers to the hidden Hydra location. They were even. No more life debts to be cleared. Now they could be friends and teammates.

Next, she took the stairs to the next level of the tower, taking the steps two at a time. A large wall window was on her left, allowing her to peek into the lab. Bruce was leaning over the tabletop, focused on the microscope he was working on. Bridgette smiled to herself and took the opportunity to slip into the lab, unnoticed. She tiptoed across the tile so to approach him from behind. He stood up a little straighter, adjusting the glasses on his nose as her arms slipped around his shoulders, her form lightly touching his back. He flinched and tried to turn around quickly, alarmed. Laughing, she allowed him to turn, arms looped around his neck. Brown eyes met blue and he relaxed, hands finding her waist comfortably. She gave her famous grin and he smiled in return, commenting on how she was late. Tempted to give a snarky answer like she usually would, she opted to pull him closer so their lips would meet instead.

Of course he was worried about being with Bridgette. It was only natural for him to think that way, after so many years of being overly aware of emotional and physical triggers to the other guy. After the Hydra incident, it became obvious that to be without her was a much greater danger. She was something Bruce and the Hulk both agreed on. He would dare to test uncharted waters with her by his side. For instance, she was leading him by the hand for their first public date. Tony and Steve were on speed dial just in case but Bridgette reassured him that everything would be all right. It was just a movie and a walk if he was feeling particularly adventurous. And if it didn't work out, they could always leave early and come back to the tower.

He smiled again as he grabbed his brown jacket, feeling her slender hand slip into his own. His fingers filled the spaces between hers and he loved how they seemed to fit together. Bruce Banner, the scientist who created the incredible Hulk. Quiet, intelligent and introverted, a man who goes out of his way to avoid stress. Bridgette Smith, the girl subject to a super soldier serum and a history so heavy it should have crushed her. Bold, brave, outspoken and daring, a woman who faced her troubles head on, never backing down. An electron and a proton, polar opposites with their negative and positive charges.

"Humans...They were not the cowering wretches we were promised...They stand. They are unruly, and therefore cannot be ruled...To challenge them is to court death..."

Instead of rebounding against each other in a never ending ricochet, they were attracted. A solid element together. Bruce looked down at her as chatted about her day, able to supply the conversation well enough and he enjoyed listening to her. Smile unseen by her, he lowered himself to her level so to quiet her with a kiss.

End of Issue #2

REVIEW! So, there you have it! A conclusion! For now, that wraps up Bridgette's big stories. When the next Avenger movie comes out, maybe I'll write her a story again like how I did for The Girl Who Can't Be Moved, if you readers would be interested, that is.

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A series of short pieces, one shots and moments between our favorite modest scientist and sassy soldier.

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(Sequel to The Ricochet)

Faux Pas

A "faux pas" is a socially improper act or remark. For example, stopping a semi-truck and Hulking out in the middle of New York traffic. A faux pas. Now, due to super-sized blunders, Banner and Smith are sent off the radar to recover and train at Charles Xavier's Institute for Gifted Youngsters. Historically? Not awesome.

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