Slayer vs Killer

By: DMGirl4Ever

Yugi, brought up in a society of zombies, werewolves, and vampires, was trained to kill vampires on the Human Government's hit list. He wasn't as easy of prey as he seemed to a skillful vampire named Yami. Yugi was sent to track him down and Yami wants him to live for eternity like he can.

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Chapter 1

Awake minutes before the invasion, Yugi grabbed his weapons and ran up the stairs to the roof, jumping from rooftop, to rooftop, escaping the invasion on one of his many homes.

Yugi, only 16, had grown up in a world full of vampires, zombies, and any other creature that horror movies fantasize off of. He had no idea who his parents were, but he knew they must be human because he himself was human, and that made him vulnerable. There weren't that many other humans he knew, besides the ones in the APFH. Most of his friends were "vegetarian" vampires that were kept under constant watch, while a few others were werewolves, and two were a breed of humanoid aliens.

The APFH was a group called "Assissination Program for Humans" and trained humans they saw willing enough to fight and assassinate rouge vampires, werewolves, and aliens. There was no reason for them to assassinate zombies, because the zombies could not be considered rouge or docile. They were killed by whoever, wherever, however they could, while the rest was handled by the APFH trained assassins.

Yugi was the youngest, the smallest, and one of the best. He gained the title of Slayer in only a few short months after he started training. Each month, he was given a name and description of his next target, and he had to "slay" them within that month or, as he was told, that thing better have killed/turned him. Coming back to the APFH without your target dead was never an option.

His house had just been overrun by zombies, but in this world, the only thing you held close was a bag of provisions to keep yourself healthy, the clothes on your back, and the weapons that kept your ass alive. Yugi used to only carry a gun and a few wooden stakes for protection, but now had two guns, a rifle and bow and arrows on his back, and a few chains with silver spikes covering the end. The APFH had turned him into a walking arsenal, and he liked it. There wasn't anything that could stand in his way, and it was good to know that he could protect himself from vampires, werewolves, and aliens. All he could do about the zombies was kill a few if that's all that approached him, and run if a hoard was after him.

"Yugi? You there?" Yugi heard one of the other Slayer's, Phoenix, say through the earpiece in Yugi's ear.

Phoenix was not a born human, but had all the emotions and body of one. She was a half demon, half angel, and was indeed a phoenix (bird of fire) and could control fire. Phoenix was from the planet Artesia, and came to Earth (or what was left of it) to get away from her father, and ended up staying here. The APFH had originally had her on their list of things that needed to be killed, but after a full year of observation and no Slayer being able to kill her, the APFH decided that they would train her to be a Slayer. She reached Slayer status in a matter of days, because she had already been trained to be an assassin. She was the best among the APFH, and was designated as Yugi's partner and protector until Yugi turned 18.

"I'm here Phoenix." Yugi said, stopping on one of the rooftops about a mile away from where the hoard had been. "My assigned place was just swarmed by zombies. I made it out minutes before it happened though."

"Excellent. What is your position?" Phoenix said and Yugi could here gunfire coming from her end of the connection.

"I'm near the Safe House on Dimo Drive." Yugi said. "I'm Northeast of it. Phoenix, what is going on there? I hear gunfire." There were a few more shots and then the other end of the line was quiet. "Phoenix? Do you copy?"

"I copy. Sorry, a few demons wanted to have a few words with me, but words were the last thing on their minds." Phoenix said. "I'm close to your position. I suggest you take cover real quick."

Yugi laid down on the ground with his face down. He felt a rush of heat on his back and then he stood up. Phoenix was there, her wings retracting into her back. Her way of getting anywhere was flying, which made the demons spot her easier which wasn't good if it was anyone else but her. Yugi loved to watch her fight, and without the battle gear, she was very attractive, and before he met her, Yugi thought he was gay. Once he saw her, he knew that he was indeed bi, and if it wasn't the fact that her previous boyfriend's were either dead or wishing they were dead, he would be dating her (even in the situation they were in).

"We should be safe here for now until I find my target." Yugi said, scanning the area around them to see if the target was anywhere near. "I was assigned a rogue demon who went by the name of Furelim. He killed a few beginning assassins and about thirty other humans."

"Oh you mean this guy!" Phoenix said, taking a demon power necklace out of her bag she carried. "He made the mistake of putting his hands on me. No demon ever does that unless I permit them." Phoenix tossed Yugi the necklace.

Yugi fingered the necklace and saw the carvings on the pendant at the end, that contained Furelim's powers. Yugi had to make sure the necklace wasn't dropped or broken, or he would have to hunt Furelim all over again.

'Or in this case Phoenix would.' Yugi thought and then cursed the day that she had been assigned to him. Not only was he attracted to her, but she had started accidently killing his targets along with her own. 'At least she didn't take the credit for killing them. For her it actually is an accident.'

"We should really get back to-" Yugi said and saw that Phoenix wasn't there anymore. 'Probably off going to find demons like her.'

Yugi started to leave when he felt a presence behind him. It was a cold presence and Yugi tightened his grips on the chains he had, swinging them around, but hitting nothing.

"You are a slow one, aren't you little one?" Yugi looked up and had to remember his feet were still on the ground and there wasn't a mirror above him.

There above him, was a man (or what used to be) that looked almost exactly like Yugi, except the thing had crimson eyes and blond bangs that shot up where as Yugi did not. The thing was pale looking, and was adorned with fake silver chains and a black shirt and pants. It was obvious to Yugi that this was not a person, and his head told him to run, but his feet wouldn't listen.

"What are you? Answer, or I will rip out your throat before you can even blink." Yugi said, trying to seem fierce but he was actually really scared of the thing.

"Can't you tell? Or will I have to take a bite out of you before you realize it?" The thing said and floated down, landing inches from Yugi's face.

"Give me your name vampire." Yugi said, glaring the vampire in the eye.

"I went by many names, but my name is Yami." The vampire, Yami, said. "I can sense your heart beating faster. I bet you taste amazing. Should I find out?"

"Lay one finger on me and it will not end well for you." Yugi said and realized his hands wouldn't move. None of him would move except his eyes, mouth, and his rapidly beating heart. There was something about Yami that perplexed him, and even though Yugi knew it was wrong, he felt a little bit of attraction to the vampire.

Yami smiled, revealing his fangs. "I can control your body Slayer." Yami said. "I am like no other vampire you have ever encountered before. I am like your Slayer partner Phoenix." Yugi wondered how the vampire knew her name. "Many have tried to kill me, none have succeeded.

Please, let us not cross paths again or I will make sure your title of Slayer will be ripped from you along with your life."

With that, Yami ran off, his vampire speed incredible, matching almost to that of a demon's. As soon as Yami had left, Yugi could move his body again. Taking off back to the APFH Headquarters, he could only think of one thing.

'Why did that vampire not kill me when he had the chance?'

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