"The idea is you put your iPod on shuffle, and write a short ficlet inspired by each song that comes on (for ten songs.) The catch is you're only allowed to write for as long as the song lasts - typically three or four minutes."

The Real Ghostbusters: Someday We'll Be Together by Diana Ross and The Supremes.

Janine Melnitz watched Dr. Egon Spengler as he worked on a ghost trap that had been malfunctioning. She loved him and watching him was one of her favorite pastimes. "Oh Egon, I wish you'd let me love you" she thought. She'd done so many things to try to get him to notice her. She'd tried to move on. Nothing she'd done was helping. She once even quit, thinking she couldn't take it anymore, but she found it harder to be away from him then it was to work close to him knowing she couldn't have him. At least working near him she got to spend some time with him. But in spite of it all, she believed deep in her heart, that one day they would be together.