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Just a little idea that popped into my head. I admit, I read Ex-Mas by Kate Brian right before I wrote this, so it is heavily based off of that book, but I definitely added my own Faith changes here and there. It's most definitely AU, and Massie-centric. Oh, and instead of living in Westchester, they live in New York, New York! It makes figuring out the driving so much easier (because Westchester's not an actual city, but a county).

This story is disclaimed; the characters (with the exception of Matthew Block and Connor Harrington) belong to Lisi Harrington, and Ex-Mas belongs to Kate Brian.

Read, and I hope you enjoy!

Dedicated to the Tesserific and the Tesstastic Tess (thosebluegreeneyes) because I've missed her and she's an amazing friend/writer!


A Thousand Emotions and No Way to Express Them

Chapter One: "When the Chemicals React"


Massie Block wanted to shoot herself. Actually, she wanted to shoot the dirty blonde soccer player who was scornfully looking at her, when he was supposed to be looking at the road. But of course, Derrick Harrington was being his stupid, arrogant, cocky, smartass self and enjoying pissing Massie off. One hand nonchalantly on the steering wheel and one hand one his lap; one eye on the road and one eye glaring the perfected "I'm-so-much-better-than-you" scowl toward her, he was practically reeking in condescension.

"I honestly don't understand what the fuck you were thinking. Honestly, did you ever think about what would happen after you put the idea that Santa Claus was in fucking danger in his head?"

"Oh, yea, because you know, I should have known that telling my eight year-old brother that global warming was melting the ice caps would have led to him running away to the North fucking pole, because you know, I'm a fucking fortune teller with psychic abilities. I'm so sorry I don't have your ability to see into the beyond, Derrick," Massie spat sarcastically, hot anger rushing through her body. "And besides, it's not like we don't know where they're going. You have a print-out of the train tickets and Google printout of where they're heading to: on the New York Amtrak toward Ottawa in Ontario fucking Canada."

"I swear, Massie you're a fucking self-centered bitch," Derrick spat out bitterly. "Honestly, you endanger your little brother – and mine too – all because your brother ruined your little road trip with Alicia and Dylan. Way too fucking go. Now, we don't know where the hell they are, and we have exactly forty-eight hours to find them before our parents come back from their vacations. Good fucking job, little Miss Everything-Revolves-Around-Me!"

Massie narrowed her amber eyes angrily. Of course, everything was her fault. Because you know, Matthew Block was a little angel and Massie Block was a fucking juvenile delinquent. And of course, Derrick Harrington was absolute perfection, and Massie was the spawn of the devil. "Excuse me, who was the one who was supposed to be watching our brothers? I dropped him off in your supposed 'capable' hands and of course, you go off to watch a stupid soccer game and they run away. FYI Derrick, babysitting means watching the kids, not sitting on them while you watch another stupid Beckham score," she snapped.

"Says the girl who probably spends hours on the phone while she's supposed to be watching them," Derrick retorted lividly. "I've let them run around the house without checking on them plenty of times before, and they've never tried to run away to the fucking North Pole before. In fact, this is the first time, either of them have ever done anything remotely rebellious. Why? Because Matt got hit by 'Whirlwind Massie.'"

"Oh, so it's all my fucking fault. As usual. You know, Derrick, do you honestly think Beckham is going to care that you watch his games every fucking day? No. So stop trying to blame me, when it's just as much your fault."

"Really? Care to explain, Miss High-And-Mighty?" Derrick said in a falsely sweet voice.

"Maybe because you were sitting on your ass idolizing some British guy who's never going to notice you, when you could've been watching them. Maybe then you could've stopped them. But nooooooooo, you were watching, trying to feel as though Beckham would've appreciated when he obviously does not."

"You know what, Massie?"

"What?" Massie said, imitating his earlier honey-sweet voice.

"Shut. The. Fuck. Up," Derrick threatened lowly, his eyes darkening, his mouth twisting into a rare scowl.

"I will once you will."

And they drove in stony silence the rest of the way.


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