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Chapter One

Fifteen year old Steve Rogers walked slowly into the big and somewhat daunting building of Avengers' best (And only) high school, Stark High.

He entered a hallway and glanced around a bit nervously and saw the usual thing you'd see at any high school. Teenagers talking, texting, some actually studying- well, only the 'nerds'- and rummaging through their lockers. The only part of this that bothered Steve on this warm and breezy fall day, was the lack of loners. It looked like everyone had a friend. This was like his old school, but he had actually had friends there. The point was, that he'd have nobody to hang out with.

He just decided to find his locker amongst the sea of teens. He brushed past them with a few 'Excuse me's and reached locker 46. He opened it and was faced with books. Well, that and a few pictures of bikini-clad models.

"So, new kid, what are you doing in *my* locker?" Steve turned to face a dark-haired teen with an amused look on his face.

"Oh, I thought it was mine," Steve muttered and looked at the piece of paper that he'd scrawled the number on and realized that his locker was 45.

"Whatever. Don't worry about it, I guess it's all good." Said kid grabbed a few books and began to head off.

"I'm Steve." Steve added as he started to walk away.

"I'm Tony," he said and chuckled. "Ah, you're such a noob here, it's funny really." He walked off without another word.

Steve stood there in confusion. "How am I a noob?" He wondered aloud and grabbed his books that he would need for English, and left, still wondering about Tony's words. "I thought that was only said on the Internet anyways."


Steve picked at the worn knee of his jeans as the English teacher droned on about something he already knew about. He knew that he could be a bit of a nerd when it came to spelling, grammar, and that sort of thing, but it sure made everything easier when English was your first class and you were running solely on chocolate milk and Pop-Tarts. You didn't have to catch the teacher's every word to understand what was going on.

He glanced around at the other students in the AP English classroom and saw two kids that looked stereotypically nerdy, plus some kids who looked pretty much like him, and, much to his surprise, the guy he met earlier, Tony.

He noticed Tony was sitting by himself and thought maybe he met someone with no friends who'd be friends with him, that sure would be nice, especially on the first day of school.

Steve was snapped out of his thoughts by the teacher calling his name to answer some question about sentence structure or something like that.


Tony glanced at the clock, annoyed. English class always took forever and oh, how it bored him. He'd much rather be at home building circuit boards for fun or something, instead of learning how to construct a sentence and blah blah blah.

He felt someone watching him and turned his head to notice the kid that was snooping in his locker earlier. Steve or something. Anyways, Steve-or-something had been staring at him. Tony raised an eyebrow and he must've realized what he was doing, because he turned away and looked embarrassed. Tony rolled his eyes. Yeah, that guy definitely was new and obviously didn't know how this school worked. Oh well, he'd be sure to have someone explain it to him or something.

"Stark, are you paying attention?" He heard his stern teacher, Ms. Maria Hill, remark. Tony realized that he'd unwittingly been lost in thought. He snapped out of it and grinned before replying with some wisecrack remark about said (young and good looking) teacher, to which she simply pursed her lips and went back to talking.

That Steve kid had rolled his eyes at Tony's joke. Tony frowned and thought indignantly to himself on how everyone laughed at his jokes, not because he was Tony *Stark*, but simply because they were funny. Or at least, funny to everyone but Steve. Tony didn't like that. Steve was different than everyone else.

The bell ringing broke Tony's train of thought, and he gathered up his things before exiting to the hallway and his girlfriend, Pepper.

"Hey," The strawberry blonde said happily as Tony slid through the crowd to her.

"I'm not a horse," He remarked dryly.

Pepper rolled her eyes. "What's got you in such an annoyed mood?" She inquired, a bit curious.

"Nothing Pepper, just some weird new kid who's watching me like the paparazzi watch Lindsey Lohan." He caught Steve's gaze and saw him give a small wave. Tony laughed and ignored him.

"Oh, the kid in the American flag shirt? Be nice Tony, I heard his parents died," Pepper said quietly.

"Somehow I think that was some lie that he thought up to make me sorry for him," Tony replied.

"Yeah, not everything is about you." Pepper rolled her eyes and hit his arm playfully.

"You're right, just everything in this school." He pointed out. Pepper just kissed him good bye and went to her next class.

"Ah, well, he's got a girlfriend. Maybe he doesn't have any other friends," Steve thought hopefully as he walked up to him.

"Oh, Steve isn't it?" Tony said as he approached him.

"Yeah. You're Tony, right?" Steve replied, looking a bit nervous, but hey, his uncle always told him that to make friends, you have to make the first move. Or was that bo- er, girlfriends? Oh well, either way.

"Nah, I'm Bruce Wayne." At the weird look on Steve's face, he continued. "Do you not watch TV? Batman? Superhero? Ah, whatever. Sarcasm, it's less fun when you have to explain it. Of course I'm Tony, I'm also leaving." This kid bothered him a little bit, he couldn't really put his finger on it.

"Hey, uh, Tony, do you wanna hang out at lunch?" Steve asked. He suddenly felt every pair of eyes in the hallway fixed on him. "Mind your own business." The brave part of him wanted to say, but the shy part just kept itself asserted and he said nothing.

"What?" Tony looked so amused that Steve was getting a bit frustrated. Couldn't he see that Steve was nervous and trying to make normal conversation? That wasn't very polite.

"Uh, I just thought, you know, since it didn't look like you have any friends either-" Steve, much to his annoyance, was interrupted by a loud burst of laughter coming from Tony. He flushed and wanted to walk away, but the words that came out next were not at all what he meant to say.

"It's not funny." The entire hallway stared at him like he was pretending to be a Norse god, with two heads. (Were there any Norse gods with two heads?) Except they also were looking at him like a black hole was going to eat him up and if they stayed too long they'd be swallowed up too but they couldn't bring themselves to run from the 'terror' about to ensue.

"No friends. That is funny. You're definitely talking about yourself, because I have so many friends I couldn't count them all, and I'm a genius. I'm not anything like you think. Do you even know who I am?" He said sarcastically.

"I guess not." Steve said.

"Uh, hello, Tony Stark here. Son of the billionaire owner of this town and everything in it." Steve looked truly surprised by this news and Tony would've felt sorry for humiliating him like this, but he was, well, Tony. Plus he brought it upon himself anyways.

"Oh. I didn't know that." Steve scratched his neck. The whole hallway snickered and they began to go their separate ways, thankful that no Tony-wrath had been unleashed.

"Well, now you do, and the way this school works is that you stay away from me, I stay away from you, and we're all happy. Nice knowing you." Tony left with that.

Steve honestly wished he could've made a better first impression on this... interesting school. No friends and he probably just ensured that no one in this school would ever like him. Making enemies with the most popular kid in school. Yeah, he was off to a great start...