A/N - To all you Gale fans out there, sorry, he is not a nice guy in this one. As always, I own nothing to Hunger Games. Thank you Suzanne Collins for such wonderful characters!


It's been a month since the Victory tour has ended and Peeta and I are just settling into our new routines. I hunt, he bakes, and then I go to his house most nights since I still live with Mother and Prim while his family chose to stay in town. Mother gave us her opinion about us being together and not being married, but she also sees how much happier I am when I'm with him, so she has kept quiet since. Prim on the other hand couldn't be happier for us. Peeta's mother gave me dirty looks, while his brothers and father practically congratulated him for finally getting me to fall in love with him. Even Greasy Sae was happy for us. Gale though, he just kind of grunted and said, "Figures."

We hadn't talked since I got home, but I got a message from him through his mother, Hazel, that he wanted to meet me Sunday morning at our old hunting spot. It was only Thursday when she gave it to me, so I had plenty of time to try and figure out what he would want now. I had bigger things on my mind though.

In two weeks, we would be finding out what the twist of the Quarter Quell was; something I'm not at all excited for. We would also be the mentors this year and Haymitch says we'll have the advantage being so young and the last set of winners. I figure I'll teach them as much as I can with regards to hunting, they'll need to eat and Peeta is debating teaching camouflage. You can't teach someone to be strong though and we both know that if someone from the Seam gets chosen, we have a lot to work on. Haymitch told us it's not our job to teach, but to make sure they stay alive. To us, teaching and learning is living. Haymitch was just glad his time of mentoring was finally over and he could focus on what he knew best: drinking.


Saturday morning came around and when I roll over, Peeta is wide awake, watching me, again. I smile and he leans in for a kiss. It starts out being very soft, but when I grab his hair to bring him closer to me, he groans and I hear him say "Damn" against my lips. I love when we have morning sex. He is already hard and even though we had fun last night and I am a little sore, I am also completely ready for more.

I push him onto his back and he gladly rolls over, pulling me on top of him. My hair falls over my shoulders; he never lets it in stay in the braid I come to bed with. I can feel how hot he is through the thin boxers he's wearing and he no doubt can feel how wet I already am for him, given that I am only wearing his pajama shirt. I rub myself over him and he groans, jerking involuntarily towards me. I bend down and give him a deep kiss while his hands try to work my top off. I lift my arms and he slides it off and then I stand up above him while he wiggles out of his shorts.

Standing above him, I look over his body and take a deep breath. He is so gorgeous. Blond hair that is getting a little long and curling, lips perfectly full and pink, arms strong and rippled with muscles, a nice tight tummy with a trail of darker blond hair leading to that part of him that makes my mouth water. Even his good leg, long and muscular, while the thigh of his other one has stayed the same. He tries not to wear his prosthetic to bed, it ended up annoying him. Then I looked back up into his eyes, those beautiful blue eyes that made me want to climb into his arms every time I saw him.

He runs his hands up my legs, pulling himself up in the process. Almost teasingly soft, he places a kiss on my throbbing center. I drop back down into his lap and slid him into me, not wasting any time. I more or less bounce on his lap, finding a rhythm quickly and holding onto his shoulders for support. Peeta has his hands on my waist, going with the same pace, but I could tell this position wouldn't last long. Even when I start out on top, he always manages to get his way and now he was flipping me over and thrusting into me with heated passion. I would probably have bruises on my hip bones from this and last night.

I put my hands into his hair and pull it gently, moving his head so that I could kiss his neck. I knew where his sensitive spot is and when I begin to lick and nibble just below his earlobe, he moans and starts going faster. He turns his head and starts kissing me hard, his tongue darting in and finding mine. I wrap my legs around his waist and when he starts to slow down but push harder, I know he is almost there. I move my hips just right so that his member can hit a certain spot within me and feel my fire being lit. I hold my breath and feel him explode inside of me, just as I come too, letting the air out of my mouth like a balloon. He collapses on top of me, his weight welcome as I run my fingers over his back as his breathing returns to normal.

He gives me a peck on the cheek and says, "Well, good morning."

I laugh and return, "Good morning to you."

Peeta rolls himself off of me and sits up on the edge of the bed. Grabbing the railing on his wall and pulling himself up, his butt so firm and perfectly round I can't resist reaching over and pinching it. His blond head whips around and he says, "Hey now! Be a good girl and help me into the shower."

I pout, but do as he says. When I swing my legs over the bed, I feel how sore I am between them and wince. He notices this and frowns, "Sorry. Little too eager last night?"

I just look at him and smile, "That's what I get for letting you make chocolate and pomegranate muffins, huh?"

"Yeah, we'll go with that." He answers with a wink. I walk over to him and put my arm around his waist, his arm going over my shoulder and help him into the bathroom. I like that he lets me help with this part of his routine. At first he was weird about it, but when I explained to him that I felt it was my fault that he had it, he let it go. Of course he argued that if I hadn't done the tourniquet on him, he would have died.

"So, baking anything special today?" I ask him as I get the shower on and he climbs in, getting my toothbrush ready. I hear him under the water and wait for his answer.

"Ummm, not really, unless you want something special. I could make a savory quiche; we haven't had that in awhile." I hear the water splash again and rinse my mouth before I get into the shower behind him. His body is quite perfect and I am lucky to have such a wonderful man be in love with me.

I start to lather up my hands with soap and wash his back for him until its mine turn to wash my hair. "No, quiche sounds good. Could you make those croissants too? The ones with the spices?"

"Of course, love. I think it'll be hot enough to make some sun tea too." Peeta knows this is one of my favorite drinks and that I love when it gets hot enough to make it.

We finish washing each other and get out, drying each other's back when needed. I walk out into the bedroom, as I have moved a lot of my new wardrobe into one of his closets. When I hear him come out into the bedroom, I watch as he puts on his prosthetic. It takes him all of two minutes now. He catches me watching him, but I don't care. He smiles and gets up to come get some clothes.

"What are you going to do today?" He asks me, reaching just past my head for a shirt. As I'm pulling on a pair of shorts and tank top, I answer,

"Prim wants to go over all the sketches Cinna has sent of my new talent." I say the last word with a roll of my eyes and sarcasm. "She thinks if I actually tried I'd be good at it. But I don't care enough about it to even want to try."

Peeta nods his head and sits down on the bed to pull some socks and boots on. "I know, I mean, look what happened when I tried to get you to paint that one time."

I laugh, thinking about a few weeks ago when he had me try to paint a picture of a flower. Just a flower and I had no natural ability for it. How he can paint the most beautiful paintings, I'll never know, but I won't ever take it for granted. I will never take Peeta for granted again either.

"I told you what I'm doing tomorrow, right?" I ask him.

"Yeah, you've told me about five times already. Meeting up with Gale. Are you feeling weird about it or something, because it doesn't bother me as much as I thought it would?" He admits, getting up and heading towards the door. I follow him downstairs and into the kitchen.

"You mean, it would have bothered you?" I ask, getting two glasses out and filling them with apple juice. He takes out all of the ingredients for pancakes. I take out a bowl of strawberries and start to cut them in half.

"Yeah, it would have before. But I'm okay with it now because you chose me." This is something he has never mentioned before. "I guess since I always saw you with him, knew that you hunted with him, I figured you'd always choose him. But you didn't."

He turns to me, a smile on his handsome face. I think that he knew Gale meant little more than being a brother to me long before he would ever admit it. He knows that we were best friends, but since the Games, Peeta has now effectively taken over that role and so much more. I'm secretly glad that we were reaped; otherwise I would have never known the love and devotion I know now.

"So, you didn't answer, do you feel weird about seeing him?" He asks while he pours the mixture into the frying pan.

I shrug my shoulders, "Kind of. I mean, he hasn't talked to me since we got back and all he said then was, 'it figures.'"

"What figures? Us?" He doesn't turn around, keeps making breakfast.

"Yeah. I didn't think he'd be happy about it but at least be, I don't know, not so, I don't know…." Peeta turns around at my hesitation. "Not be so angry about it. I mean, I know I faked it at first and he thought when I came back that I somehow would be all his…"

"All his? Wait, oh, the kiss. He thought you two would end up together, right?" He nods to himself and returns to making a stack of pancakes. "I thought after the whipping you'd choose him then too."

"But I didn't. I just…after that first night when you came to my room and held me…I knew then." I watched Peeta's back and knew he was smiling, I don't know how, but I knew.

He turns to me again. "You knew that I still loved you?" His eyes are such a warm shade of blue.

"Well, yeah, hoped was more like it. But anyway, something does feel weird about him wanting to see me now. I don't know if it's because you and I practically live together or that fact that he hasn't wanted to talk to me. I just don't know why I feel odd about it." I answer, setting the table and getting syrup out. "Something in my gut, I guess."

"Well, your gut has gotten you very far, so if you feel that weird about it, then don't go." He says matter-of-factly. He sets the plate of pancakes down and we each take a couple and dig in.

After swallowing a mouthful of pancake, I tell him, "I'll go see what he wants and only stay for a couple of minutes. We're meeting early, so you and I will have the whole rest of the day together."

Peeta nods, his mouth full as well. He grabs a strawberry and pops it in his mouth. "Sounds like a plan."

We finish our breakfast and I clean the dishes before I leave to go spend time with Prim. I give him a deep kiss on the lips before I leave and he closes the door after me, shaking his head and smiling.