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Recalling the layout of the foyer area, Sam pin pointed where he had seen the old fashioned day bed. Very little of the candlelight manage to reach this far, but it was still enough for Sam and he unerringly carried Dean to the day bed, carefully setting his brother down. For his part, Dean was out cold. Sam arranged Dean on the couch as best he could before leaving him to gather more candles from the dining room. He was already heading back when he heard his brother's cry of fear.

Sam raced out of the dining room to where Dean sat, bolt upright, eyes wide and visibly trembling from head to foot.
"Dean! It's ok. I'm here…I'm here."
The terror openly displayed on Dean's face and the way he reached out to Sam almost broke Sam's heart. He sat down next to his brother and gently wrapped his arms around Dean as best he could without causing Dean pain.
"Shhhh. It's ok….You're safe. I got you."
When Dean spoke it was in a quiet, subdued voice, so unlike his usual cocky kick ass tone. Sam found himself having to blink hard to drive away the threatening tears. Dean sounded so young and so vulnerable in that moment.
"I wanna' go home."

Dean sat on a large carver chair that Sam had dragged out of the dining room. He was wearing Sam's jacket, it's long sleeves hanging way past his hands, he watched his brother doubtfully. Sam finally sat back on his knees and admired his own handy work.
"Well…It's kinda McGyver, but what d'you think?"
Dean considered the conversion carried out on the day bed, his expression serious. Sam had taken the thing apart, leaving only the actual seat itself along with two legs which were still attached at one end. Another raid on the dining room had lead to a makeshift harness fashioned from lengths of tapestry, each end of the "harness" was tied securely around a leg. More torn lengths of tapestry were twisted together to form a rough "rope" which was meant to help hold Dean
onto the strange one man stretcher. Dean pronounced his opinion.
"I think I'm going to feel a complete dick!"
Sam laughed out loud, as much from relief as at the comment. For the first time, Dean had sounded more like himself.
"Well. I'm sorry about that, but it's the best you're going to get right now."
"Really…That's fine by me. Get me on it and I'll cope with the dick factor."

Sam walked out of the plantation house, the tapestry harness around his middle and hauling Dean, laid as best he could be on the old sofa seat behind him. The first signs of dawn were starting to show in the sky and the early dawn chorus had already begun. Everything around the two brother's smelled of wet pine and damp moss. As Sam pulled Dean along the forest floor, he tried hard to avoid the worst of any bumps and indents. Dean bit his lip and concentrated on not making any sound which would alert Sam to the discomfort he suffered with every jolt. At last the Impala came into view in the grey early morning light.
"The car! We've made it Dean!"

As Sam fussed around getting Dean laid down and settled on the back seat of his baby, Dean made a mental note to subject his brother to a long lecture on the issue of priorities. Priority one being don't scratch my car by intentionally driving her through giant bushes ever again. He knew Sam would be expecting Dean to give him hell about it, and he figured the least he could do to thank Sam was to prove him right!

Dean closed his eyes, doing his best to ignore the sound of yet more twigs and branches dragging along his paintwork as Sam cautiously reversed the car back onto the road. Sam held his breath, waiting for some comment from the back. When non came he glanced anxiously at Dean through the driver's mirror. Dean opened one eye and looked sleepily back at him.
"Where're we headin'?"
Sam returned to watching the road.
"There's a place up ahead. I'm going to book us in somewhere. I need to have a proper look at you, get that shoulder wound cleaned up and…the other."
Dean nodded.
"What's the name of the place?"
Sam looked up at the driver's mirror again.
"What? Oh…er…Ruby Falls."
He had to fight the urge to laugh at the expression on Dean's face. Dean, however, said nothing; he simply stared at the back of his younger brother's head once Sam looked away.



They hung around for three days before Sam felt Dean was fit enough to travel. Whist they both took the opportunity to rest, they told each other of their experiences from the time when Dean was first taken, although Dean was often hesitant. He was also unusually quiet much of the time. Any gentle enquiries by Sam were met with a dismissive it's nothing or I'm just tired, leaving Sam both frustrated and concerned. The long car journey simply served to emphasise how pre-occupied Dean was, and they were both relieved to be finally pulling up at Bobby's.

It was a couple of night's later; Sam had excused himself and gone to bed, leaving Bobby and Dean sat sharing half a bottle of whiskey and watching the fire. Dean was the one to finally break the comfortable silence.
"So, Bobby. I've been thinkin'….."
Bobby raised his glass to Dean,
"Well. I reckon that explains the relative peace an' quiet around here then."
"I'm serious Bobby!"

Bobby looked at Dean thoughtfully.
"Ok…Wanna tell me what you've been thinkin' about so hard?"
Dean shifted uncomfortably, averting his face away from Bobby's steady gaze.
"About….you know….that sonovabitch Necromancer guy."
Bobby nodded,
"And….what if he was right Bobby?"

Bobby had another swallow of his whiskey before putting his glass down. He'd been waiting for Dean to bring this up.
"Right about what son?"
Dean gave Bobby a swift glare of exasperation.
"About me…You know!"
Bobby knew right enough, but he wanted to hear Dean say it.
"Know what?"
Dean locked eyes with the man he regarded as a second father.
"He said I was an undead."
"I know. You told me."
"Well? C'mon Bobby, stop pissin' about. What if he was right? What if I am some kinda freaky ass undead monster?"

Bobby didn't flinch and his expression didn't alter as he calmly looked back at the distressed young Hunter.
"Dean…that idjit got it wrong about you. An' you're an idjit if you believe any of the bullshit he spouted. Course, you did get one thing right."
Dean frowned,
"Did I?"
"Yeah, well. You gotta admit. You are kinda freaky assed!"
Both men chuckled and Dean winked at Bobby.
"Sure am Bobby. I sure am."

Turning away Dean gazed deep into the flames, the smile dissolving from his lips as the question now haunting him continued to weave in and out of his thoughts.
But…what if?



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