Okay, guys, end of the road! Please note that the rating has changed for a reason. And sorry for the wait, but this was my first time writing a slash sex scene and it was harder than I thought. Please let me know what you think and if you have any tips for improvement I'd love to hear them!



Patience is a virtue, or so they say. Craig was not a patient man and 'they' could go fuck themselves with an iron stick for all he cared. Patience meant waiting. Patience meant waiting silently, alone in Tweek's room, where the only things to do were alternately groan in misery at his hangover and think.

One was a great distraction from the other, but both were a pain in his ass.

Damn Tweek for leaving him like this, worrying himself sick – well, sicker – over the fact that their future was hanging by a thread. Of course, he'd known they were on dangerous ground the second Thomas came into the picture. He'd expected tears, anger, fighting; he'd expected a cathartic exorcism of their past demons through a good, old-fashioned screaming match. What he wasn't expecting was Tweek's chipper mood and the almost peaceful air surrounding him as he announced he'd made a decision about their relationship. Most would take that as a good sign, but Craig wasn't about to fall for it.

Tweek was a wild card. Craig loved that about him; it meant he was spontaneous and untamed, able to get swept up in some random impulse like building a fort. That was one of Craig's favorite memories with the blonde, one he never could have shared with anyone else because only Tweek possessed that artless, sincere charm. But it was also one of the things Craig hated. Everyone knew he liked stability and routine, but Tweek defied any sort of pattern of behavior; he was unpredictable and his reactions could never be anticipated. So Craig wouldn't put it past the blonde to gently care for him after a night of binge-drinking and then break up with him with a sympathetic smile and a kiss to his cheek before shooing him out the door. Or maybe he'd pretend like the whole thing never happened and they'd never speak of it again. Or perhaps his serene behavior from earlier was just the calm before the storm and they'd fight it out like he thought.

Maybe Tweek was punishing him by making him wait! Tweek had to know that this would drive him crazy and he wanted Craig to suffer! But what for? So he could put him out of his misery by dumping him viciously? So he could make forgiving Craig that much more of a relief?

Each theory was as ridiculous and unlikely as the next, but nothing could be ruled out where Tweek was concerned.

"Fuck you." Craig groaned, not sure if that was directed at his overactive brain, his roiling stomach or Tweek.

As Craig curled even tighter into the fetal position, he admitted to himself that the reason for this stalling period was probably exactly what Tweek had said: Craig felt like shit and neither of them wanted to have the 'us' talk when he was a miserable bastard.

He was luckier than most; his body was built like a brick shit-house. He rarely got sick. He had a high tolerance for pain, heat and cold. Medications and caffeine had little effect on him. He was a serious heavy-weight when it came to alcohol. He had a cast-iron stomach, which was a blessing and a curse. It was a blessing because he didn't throw up after drinking. It was a curse because he couldn't throw up after drinking. Instead, he was left wanting to fucking die for hours on end while his stomach bloated up like a water-logged corpse and his intestines tied themselves in unworkable knots. His head pounded unmercifully, his hands shook and his limbs were useless for anything but lying completely still. He slept fitfully, but couldn't get out of bed for at least twelve hours. This time it would probably be much longer, considering how much he had to drink last night.

His eyelids blinked heavily and his body relaxed its rigid bearing as he started to fall asleep. He sighed at the welcome sensation. At least when he was unconscious, he wouldn't have to worry about what his crazy, wonderful, unpredictable boyfriend had in store for him.


Tweek entered his apartment early Sunday morning, arms loaded with grocery bags. He started putting away the various items, but paused when he heard the shower running. He knew Kenny was at work, so figured Craig finally felt well enough to venture out of his bedroom. Part of him was glad it had taken Craig a full day to recover. He'd needed the time to get his head on straight.

This weekend had been rough on him. He'd been completely wrecked after hearing Thomas recount his and Craig's sex life at Bebe's party. He'd known about them, of course, but knowing about their affair in distant, undefined terms and having the details painstakingly laid out for him were two very different things. He'd been well on his way to forgiving Craig and making a new start with him. But what he was forgiving wasn't just a neat little file folder in his head labeled 'Cheating' anymore, filled with only snippets of gossip and his own unconfirmed suspicions. Suddenly, that file had exploded with hard facts and first-hand testimony. All of his pain from a year ago had flared to life again, once it had something real, tangible and present to latch itself onto.

It hurt. It fucking hurt, knowing that Craig would go fuck Thomas right after being with him. It hurt, knowing where and when and how often he'd had sex with Thomas. It hurt to imagine it, to see them together every time he closed his eyes. It hurt thinking of Craig kissing Thomas lovingly, in a way that had always made Tweek stay with him just one more day, even when he knew he shouldn't. It cut him to the quick to think of Craig whispering 'I love you' to Thomas in the dark as he moved inside of him. The logical part of him believed Craig when he denied ever saying that to Thomas; he wasn't one to throw those words around casually and up until recently, Tweek himself had only heard them a handful of times. But Tweek couldn't help torturing himself with what-if. What if he did say that to Thomas? Even worse, what if he meant it?

Tweek had thrown his whole being, the entirety of his soul, into loving Craig and it hadn't been enough. It was Craig's own demons, not any inadequacy on Tweek's part, which made that the case, but still…it was out there. He. Hadn't. Been. Enough.

It tore up his insides; the pain was literal and excruciating, as surely as if he'd swallowed a razor blade. How he'd found the strength through that stinging haze to not only explain the breathtaking truth of his love for Craig to Thomas, but also forgive him for being 'the other man' was a complete mystery even to him. Confronted with Thomas' weak, flimsy excuse for love had made it so obvious that what he shared with Craig was special.

But the rarity of their connection weighed against the horrible ache of the past was an ever-tipping scale, first favoring the strength of love and then tipping towards the burden of pain and back again. It wavered back and forth, never giving Tweek a clear outcome or an easy choice.

Hard as it was, though, Tweek had made his decision. After months of having his thoughts consumed by the issues of trusting and forgiving Craig, coming to any sort of resolution had brought him a sense of peace and contentment. The constant indecision and second-guessing had taken its toll; he felt like a heavy boulder had been sitting on his chest all this time, but now he could finally breathe again. Emerging from the fog of confusion and knowing what he wanted had him feeling a dizzying combination of freedom, power and relief. But more than that, it felt right.

The only thing left to do now was talk to Craig.

Tweek snorted as that thought coincided with the shower turning off.

"Speak of the devil and he shall appear." Tweek muttered to himself, balling up the now empty grocery bags and throwing them away. He went to work on fixing a new pot of coffee, all the while straining his ears to hear Craig's movements. There was the sound of bare, wet feet slapping against the cold tile floor, then the slight flapping of one of their oversized towels. Tweek bit back a groan, thinking of Craig – a naked Craig – running the towel over his damp, heated body. The rustling of heavy fabric came next, followed by the quiet hum of a zipper being done up. Tweek's heartbeat sped up, knowing he'd be coming out soon. The bathroom sink turning on was next, accompanied by a few splashing sounds and a gargle from Craig. Tweek's body gave a forceful jerk and his breathing became rapid and shallow. Jesus Christ, he wasn't ready for this!

The bathroom door opened.

"Ngh!" Tweek panicked, flinging coffee grounds all over the counter top when a twitch overcame him. He hurriedly scooped them over the side and into his cup-shaped hand, pouring them back into the coffee container.

Now there were footsteps padding quietly through the hall. Tweek held the edge of the counter in a white-knuckle grip and squeezed his eyes shut. His body froze up, the anticipation crippling him to a state of immobility. Each sound was amplified and his trembling grew worse as they drew nearer.

The creak of a loose floorboard. Ten feet away.

The quiet sweep of feet over carpet changing to the audible slap of soles on tile. Five feet away.

A tense throat clearing. Right outside the room.

A hand on the swinging door of the kitchen.

The hinges squeaking as the door swung open.



It took every ounce of will power to force his body to turn around. But he did and seeing Craig at the doorway to the kitchen, his mouth went dry. His pounding heartbeat and rapid breathing became less about nervousness and more about absolute, unadulterated need as a spike of lust ran through him. Craig's hair was still wet from his shower and the occasional droplet of water fell from it, streaking down his exposed chest. He wore only a faded pair of jeans, slung low and exposing the hard angles of his hipbones. Tweek met Craig's eyes, the quicksilver irises sending a shameless, lustful spasm trembling through his body. He forced himself to maintain the eye-contact and breathe steadily, though the need to heave in gulps and gasps of air with hyperventilating speed was almost unbearable. Those eyes, able to read him and calm him and see him in way no one else could, made him want to skip their talk and just beg Craig to fuck him. In his head, he was already doing just that as his eyes raked up and down Craig's sinful body.

Fuck me like you used to. Fuck me right here, right now. Fuck me like it's the first time. Hell, fuck me like it's the last time. Please, just fuck me now, before it all changes.

Tweek knew everything was about to change for them and even though the past few months had been leading inexorably to this point, now that it was here, it felt too fast, too soon. He wanted just one more time with Craig before closing this chapter, to feel his solid weight on top of him. He wanted that reminder of how good they were together, to feel his hips leave his conscious control and surge faster and harder toward Craig's with undeniable instinct. He wanted to hear the music of their bodies just one more time: the hushed whisper of fingertips over flesh, the clashing strike of their hips, the meeting and parting of moist, greedy lips, muttered pleas and strangled groans, bed springs and rustled sheets, oh, God and more, please and yes, yes, YES!

Tweek shook his head, trying to clear it from his dazed state and failing miserably. "Morning." he said, his voice rough and strained. "Feeling better?"

Craig shrugged. He entered the kitchen with a slow, casual pace but stopped when there was still half a room between them. "That depends on you, I guess. You said you decided something."

Tweek nodded absentmindedly, closing the remaining distance between them. "I have." he breathed, moving towards Craig as if in a trance, as though some unknown force was pulling him. He stopped in front of Craig and ran his fingers over the expanse of muscled flesh.

Craig shuddered at the feeling of Tweek's soft, cool hands on his flushed skin. He'd recognized the look in Tweek's eye when he'd come into the room and it had been a fucking struggle not to smirk, but triumphant smugness was definitely not what he was feeling right now. He felt shivery and hot all at once. He felt weak and stripped bare. He felt moments away from snapping and taking Tweek hard and fast against the nearest surface. He felt…

He felt Tweek's lips attack his. The pressure was bruising, the heat was overwhelming, the feeling was beyond bliss. Craig groaned, his eyes closing involuntarily as he fell into the kiss. One of his hands gripped Tweek's hip, crushing their lower halves together. Tweek let out a small cry against his lips, opening his mouth enough for Craig to steal inside. The taste of him, so familiar and warm, sent Craig into a frenzy. He pinned Tweek against the counter, settling himself between Tweek's spread legs. He ground against the blonde, alternating between hard and sharp thrusts and slow, strained circling. He detached from the blonde's mouth for half a second, long enough to tug Tweek's shirt over his head. It got stuck around his ears, but Tweek yanked it off and threw it across the room, finding Craig's lips a heartbeat later.

"Need you." Tweek whimpered against Craig's lips, one hand buried in the noirette's hair and the other gripping his ass as he rutted against him. "So bad. Fuck me. Need you. Please!"

Craig could hear the desperation, the borderline hysteria in Tweek's pleas, as though the world would end if they stopped. As though, if he didn't get it now, he never would again. As though this was the last time.

Craig's eyes snapped open at the thought. Is that what this was? Some last hurrah? He'd come out of the bathroom, expecting to talk and hear what Tweek had decided. But instead the blonde had pounced on him the second he came into the room. Tweek knew where their relationship was going, but Craig was in the dark and he didn't like it. He couldn't stand the thought of having Tweek like this, only to have it be the last time.

"Wait." Craig breathed hotly into Tweek's mouth. He groaned, his self-control pushed to the limit when Tweek chose that moment to roll his nipple between his thumb and forefinger while nibbling on his bottom lip. "Fuck, wait. Just wait a second!"

"No!" Tweek hissed, lowering his head to nip at Craig's collarbone. "Waited too long. Fuck me, Craig. Fill me, stretch me, make me yours, make me beg for it, make me scream, I'm begging you, baby, please! Fuck me like it's been too long! Fuck me like you'll never fuck me again!"

Craig's head tipped back as Tweek sucked on his neck, his expression one of dire agony. He was near tears, as the need to take Tweek right fucking now battled with the need to know they were going to be okay and that this wasn't a one-time thing.

"God-damn it, Tweek, just…fuck, just wait a minute!" Craig begged. With unparalleled, inhuman strength of will, Craig tore himself away from Tweek and stumbled back on shaky legs until he bumped into the table. Tweek let out a cry, something bereft and needy, as Craig separated them.

"Wha-what the hell?" Tweek yelled, his confusion, frustration and lust mixing together to create anger.

"I can't…" Craig started, only to shake his head in an attempt to think straight. "I can't do this. Not if this is what I think it is."

"Craig, I'm ready to fucking explode here! Now's not the time for riddles!" Tweek burst out, his tone some oddly erotic combination of begging and demanding.

"Is this goodbye sex?" Craig blurted out. "'Cause I can't do that. I can't have you now, knowing I won't have you later. So if you're going to break up with me, just fucking do it already!"

"W-what?" Tweek shouted in frustration, as though that were the most absurd thing he'd ever heard. "I can't fucking believe…after I just fucking…WHAT?"

"Just tell me. Just get it over with, Tweek. Put me out of my misery. Are you breaking up with me?" Craig asked dejectedly.

"Are you freaking serious? After all that?" Tweek asked, gesturing to the counter he'd been pinned against not a minute ago.

But Craig knew Tweek jumping his bones was no indication that they were okay. He'd said it before and he'd say it again: Tweek was wholly unpredictable and he couldn't assume anything where the blonde was concerned. Just because Tweek had a hard-on for him and wanted to fuck him, didn't mean they weren't breaking up. So Craig remained silent and continued to look at him, his eyes half-hopeful and half-defeated.

Tweek deflated at the look and sighed, resigning himself to talking rather than screwing Craig's brains out. He took Craig's hand and led the noirette into the living room. He sat down on the couch, patting the seat next to him so Craig would do the same. After Craig sank down into the cushions, Tweek turned to him.

"If you want to talk, if you want to know where my head's at, then fine. But I have some things I need to get out and I need you to not interrupt me, okay?" Tweek started.

Craig let out a shaky exhale and swallowed hard. This was it. This was the end of it. It was the end of this chapter of their relationship, if not the end of their relationship entirely. It felt like he was laid bare on a table, a swinging axe being lowered closer and closer to his body. There was a heavy sense of change in the room and Craig knew that nothing would be the same at the end of this conversation. He could only hope there would be more chapters after this, more of his and Tweek's story to be written, instead of a bitter and unsatisfying finale.

"Okay." Craig nodded firmly, engulfing Tweek's hand with his and linking their fingers together.

Tweek smiled wanly at the contact and squeezed Craig's hand. The frustration of his unfulfilled lust began to melt away, replaced by the peace and contentment that came from knowing he was making the right decision.

"I know most of what you did the last time we were together." Tweek said. "I know you cheated on me and I need you to know how that felt. Seeing Thomas the other night…it defied description. Nothing in my life prepared me for what to feel when I heard him talking about being with you. How are you supposed to feel when you're faced with the narrative of the worst period of your life? Even worse, the person who told it is the person who helped you hurt me so intentionally and so effortlessly, like my stupidity and blind trust was something you laughed over together."

"Tweek, I never –" Craig choked out.

"Craig, please." Tweek said desperately, needing to get this out. Craig fell silent and brought both of his hands to hold one of Tweek's. "It was worse than painful, like being in space without a helmet and feeling your blood boil and your lungs collapse and your skin freeze and feeling your heart explode from the pressure of it all. It brought everything back, Craig. It brought back how worthless I felt. It brought back the sadness and confusion, the anger and hopelessness. I've relived every cruel moment, two years worth of memories condensed into a single day of reflection. But I'm glad for it, I really am, because now I know what I want. And this decision isn't just about our relationship, it's about the type of person I want to be. It all comes down to this: I'm not doing this anymore."

Craig paled, looking stricken. He stayed silent, not out of deference to Tweek's request, but because his voice had been shocked away.

Tweek continued, oblivious to Craig's inner turmoil. "I'm not doing this anymore. I'm not going to be that guy anymore. I'm not going to be the guy that says he forgives you and then punishes you for the past every time there's a reminder of it. I can't do it. I won't do it. So, I'm done. I'm done with this holding pattern we've been in. I'm done blaming you for the past and you need to be done apologizing for it. I'm done pretending that I'm not intensely, fantastically in love with you. I'm done holding myself back from you because I'm afraid of history repeating itself. I'm just…I'm done."

Tweek finished, feeling an exhilarated whoosh escape his lungs and an unrestrained, liberated laugh bubble out of him. Craig looked stunned and speechless. Tweek swung his leg over Craig's thighs to straddle him. Cupping the noirette's face in his hands, he lifted his love's head until Craig's silver eyes were locked with his own brown ones. Tweek smiled down on him beautifully.

"I love you." Tweek stated softly. "I love you. I trust you. I forgive you. I want to be with you, more than anything."

Everything was still and silent for a moment. Craig's lungs felt like they were being compressed; he exhaled every breath left in him, but still, oxygen escaped him in small, heaving bursts. He blinked rapidly and his eyes roamed without focus. His head fell to Tweek's chest while the rest of him was gasping and trembling, breathless and overwhelmed. Tears gathered at the corners of his eyes, slipping down his face. He felt the blonde's fingers running through his hair and the other hand moving up and down his back comfortingly. A choked cry escaped Craig. He tried to keep himself together, but the tighter he tried to hold his control, the more he realized that he had no control over this at all. Soon, he was sobbing against his boyfriend's chest, both arms wound tightly around his waist.

Just like Tweek had, Craig relived the past two years, only he didn't have the luxury of a day. Everything was experienced and expelled in this one moment, through wet, salty tears and raw, aching sobs. His cruelty, selfishness, coldness, and apathy had caused him lose Tweek once. For months after Tweek left, he'd punished himself for it: berating himself daily for his stupidity, loathing himself to the point of sickness, surrendering to the lonely feelings of being unworthy and undeserving. Added to that was the staggering power of his empathetic pain, feeling everything he'd put Tweek through as though he'd gone through it himself. He wasn't so afraid of losing Tweek again that he wasn't going to try to get him back, but he'd been terrified after he and Tweek started dating again. That fear was like a slick, evil voice whispering in his head: hissing that something so wonderful couldn't possibly last, that he didn't deserve to be so happy, that he couldn't help but screw it up again. He was terrified that one misstep – the Thomas clusterfuck being a huge misstep – and he'd be right back in that desolate, dark place.

And if Tweek was anyone else, he knew he probably would be. But Tweek was Tweek: more compassionate and sure and resolved than anyone he knew. It was a tragic twist of fate that most people would see his forgiveness as weakness of character, but it took incomparable amounts of strength to be the bigger person and just let it all go. Tweek had let go of the pain, the anger, the blame and the sadness so that they could move forward together. And in this moment, bawling against Tweek's chest, Craig was doing the same. He'd carried it around for so long, it had become a part of him and stuck to his insides like tar. But Tweek's forgiveness washed away the pain. His trust erased the fear. His strength fed Craig's strength, making him stronger than his doubts. Tweek's love chased away the feelings of worthlessness.

"I love you." Craig sobbed against Tweek, his voice catching and throat convulsing reflexively. "Oh God, I love you so much. Please don't leave. I need you. Don't ever leave. I love you so much. I'm so sorry."

"Shh." Tweek hushed him, misty-eyed and choked up himself. "No more apologizing, remember? I forgive you. It's done. It's all in the past."

"You're everything. You're more." Craig rasped, not even sure what that meant but somehow knowing it was true.

"Only when I'm with you." Tweek whispered. "You're so much a part of me, I'm not myself without you. I love you so, so much. Please don't cry. Don't be sad."

"I'm not sad." Craig said, sniffling. And he wasn't, despite the fact that he was crying like a ten year-old girl. He was just so relieved. Tweek loved him. Tweek trusted him. Everything he'd been working towards for months, everything he'd been desperate to have for more than a year, was finally here and real. He'd been given a chance and now it had been fulfilled.

Craig wiped his eyes on the back of his hand and took a deep, shaky breath. When he finally felt more in control, he looked up at Tweek, seeing his wet brown eyes and trembling smile. Craig leaned forward, meeting the blonde's lips with languid passion. He'd meant for the kiss to convey everything he was feeling: gratitude, love, relief, and joy. He'd meant to kiss the love of his life slowly, deeply, expressively.

But both seemed to become sensitized and electrified with the brief meeting of their lips, their need for each other sparking to life once again. Tweek became aware of Craig's bare, damp chest pressed hotly against his. Craig became aware of Tweek's hips shifting into his, feeling the friction and heat created between their hungry, impatient bodies.

In an instant, the gentle care of their soft kiss revved up into something needy and irrepressible. Tweek's lips left Craig's for a split second, just long enough to slant them over the other's mouth and deepen the kiss. Craig's slick, velvety tongue invaded his mouth and Tweek whimpered, twisting and tangling his own against it. Tweek plunged one hand into the thick of Craig's hair while the other worked up and down his chest, trying to feel and savor every inch of skin. Craig gripped Tweek's hips roughly and the blonde moaned at the sensation of the strong, calloused hands holding him securely as the noirette began grinding them down onto his own hips. Tweek wanted to cry, it was so good.

"More, now, faster, please!" Tweek mumbled, going for Craig's zipper.

Craig chuckled darkly against Tweek's neck, nipping at the skin savagely and then soothing the wounds with his tongue. He'd never get tired of Tweek's delirious, rambling pleas during sex; he wasn't even sure Tweek was aware he did it, but it never failed to light a fire in his blood. It was a heady, potent aphrodisiac to know Tweek was so achingly desperate for him, almost as much as he was for Tweek.

Without a word and without moving Tweek from his lap, Craig stood from the couch with his hands gripping Tweek's ass firmly. The blonde didn't stop sucking on Craig's pulse point at the movement, only coiled his legs tighter around Craig's waist. Craig stumbled and tripped through the living room, but he couldn't be blamed for a lack of coordination when a hot blonde was wrapped around him, kissing his neck, running a thumb over his nipple and – oh, hell yeah! – sticking a hand down his pants.

Finally making it to the bedroom, he dumped Tweek onto the bed unceremoniously. He straightened for a moment, staring down at the luscious, turned-on blonde, before crawling up Tweek's body and finding his lips again.

His eyes flew open in shock when Tweek flipped them over, pinning Craig to the bed. Tweek grinned wickedly, something that had an embarrassingly needy moan escaping the noirette. Tweek, clearly done with the light and teasing foreplay, practically ripped Craig's jeans and boxers down the length of his legs and flung them onto the floor. Craig's breathing hitched at the look on Tweek's face: dark with some hungry and uncontrollable wildness.

"Christ, I'm gonna fucking eat you alive." Tweek purred, staring at his cock and licking his lips.

Craig let out an obscene, loud groan, which cut off with a gasp as Tweek gripped his cock at the base. Slowly, agonizingly, Tweek moved his soft hand up and down Craig's rock-hard shaft. Craig watched with breathless anticipation as Tweek's sweet, amazingly talented mouth approached the head of his cock. He felt the warm breath ghost across the sensitive skin and his body jerked as a trail of pre-cum seeped out of him. Tweek's lips parted just above the head and Craig bucked his hips upward, desperate for the contact.

But Tweek, the fucking tease, bypassed the head altogether and traced down his shaft with wet, open-mouthed kisses. When he reached the base, his tongue traced the throbbing vein back up to the tip.

"Fuck, Tweek, please!" Craig panted, the sheet balled up tightly in his fists. Finally, mercifully, he felt Tweek's hot mouth engulf him. "AHH! Holy shit!"

Tweek grinned around the tip of Craig's dick before bobbing lower. He took an inch, before moving back up. Then two inches and back to the head. Three, four, five, cheeks hollowed out, and then back to the tip. Six, then changing direction again with his tongue trailing along the underside of his cock. Seven and just a bit further, then his nose buried in the coarse curls at the base. He returned to the tip, swirling his tongue over the ridges of the head and the leaking slit in the middle. Craig was nothing but a writhing mess beneath him, at one moment cursing him viciously for his teasing and the next, begging him not to stop.

Tweek continued with his exquisite torture, while one hand undid the button and zipper on his pants. He shimmied out of his jeans and boxers, kicking them off the end of the bed and gripping his own aching cock. He groaned at the feeling and Craig yelled hoarsely at the vibrations it sent through him. He pumped his cock a few more times before releasing his hold and brought his hand to grip the base of Craig's dick. He lined two of his fingers up along Craig's shaft and went down on him over and over again, coating his fingers with saliva in the process. Reaching between his own legs, Tweek circled his hole a few times before thrusting a finger inside.

"Jesus Christ, Tweek." Craig rasped, eyeing Tweek's display with feverish, ravenous eyes. "God-damn…you're so fucking hot. You should see yourself right now…f-fucking gorgeous, baby."

Tweek moaned, Craig's words making his cock twitch and grow even harder. Leaning back slightly and spreading his legs, Tweek added a second finger into his tight hole.

Craig's head fell back with a groan at the sight, but he lifted off the pillow again only a second later so he could keep watching. Tweek rocked back and forth, fucking himself onto his hand relentlessly. Groans and cries erupted from his mouth, which was still sucking Craig's cock. The vibrations from those sexy, sweet noises pulsated through his bones and hit the base of his spine, making him buck his hips upward into Tweek's hot, wet mouth. Tweek was equally enraptured, watching Craig lose himself to the sensations with feral abandon. Between the sight Craig was making, his own fingers driving in and out, and his painfully erect dick, Tweek couldn't take anymore. Releasing Craig from his mouth with a slight pop, Tweek crawled up Craig's body.

"Need you." was all Tweek said. That was all he had to say. With a growl, Craig flipped them over until Tweek was on his back. Tweek was stretched enough from his own fingers and Craig was lubed enough from Tweek's blowjob that he wasted no time. Lining his cock up with Tweek's puckered hole, Craig pushed inside of him slowly.

"Ngh!" Tweek whined, squirming his hips to get more of Craig inside him. Craig had other ideas, though. He fingers dug into Tweek's hips, pinning him to the bed and immobilizing Tweek's staccato pushes against him. He wanted this to last. He wanted Tweek to be an incoherent, shivering wreck before giving him the furious, merciless fucking he was begging for.

He drove forward slowly, drawing out the pleasure for both of them. He slid home inch by inch, angling himself so that the length of his dick dragged against Tweek's prostate. Once buried to the hilt inside the love of his life, Craig stared down at Tweek. The blonde met his heated gaze and the whole world seemed to stop. This was Tweek beneath him and surrounding him. He'd been so terrified that it would never be like this between them again and yet, here they were. The lay there together, panting, until Craig slid back out all the way to the head. Tweek's gasps and pleas rang in his ears like an angelic chorus.

Over and over, he pushed forward at the searing, torturous pace. Slow, tightly-reigned thrusts into Tweek's body that left them both shaking: Tweek with devastating need and Craig with rigid, almost painful control. Craig's ass clenched and unclenched as he drove home with languorous, piercing thrusts. Tweek's hands dug into his ass cheeks, trying to force him to speed up, but Craig maintained the same tempo.

Soon, their bodies were slicked with sweat and gliding along one another. Drops beaded on Craig's forehead and Tweek's hair was damp with it, but still, Craig didn't relent. He leaned forward, kissing Tweek hungrily and was met with the same passion from the blonde. Attaching his lips to Tweek's neck, Craig licked at the salty-sweet skin and bit at the tender flesh. Tweek was nearly sobbing at this point, beyond begging, beyond words altogether.

A euphoric ache spread through Craig, seeing him like this. He needed Tweek to be his. He needed to know it and be absolutely convinced of it. He needed Tweek to say it.


"Do you want me?" Craig murmured, panting above Tweek.

"Yes!" Tweek cried out, wriggling his hips to get them free of Craig's iron hold. Craig sped up minutely.

Thrust. Thrust. Thrust.

"Do you need me?"

"God, yes!"


"Do you love me?" Craig demanded, driving harder and harder into the willing, writhing boy beneath him.

"Oh, God." Tweek sobbed, thrashing his head from side to side. "Yes! Fuck, yes!"

"Say it." Craig growled.

"I love you!" Tweek exclaimed.

"Swear it!"

"I swear it! I love you!"

"SCREAM IT!" Craig barked huskily, finally releasing Tweek's hips.

"I LOVE YOU!" Tweek screamed frantically. Planting his feet flat on the mattress, Tweek lifted his hips high and fucked himself onto Craig's cock with frenzied, uncontrollable speed. Craig moaned, both from Tweek's hips driving into his and the desperate declaration.

"I love you." Craig rasped, gripping Tweek's cock and pumping it quickly.

"Oh, God, Craig!" Tweek yelled. "More, more, more! Please! Fuck me! Harder!"

"Tweek!" Craig shouted, pounding into him like a jackhammer until the bed was shaking and squeaking under the strain.

"Craig, please, I'm so close. I'm gonna –" Tweek cut off with a hoarse scream, his back arching off the bed. Craig continued jacking Tweek's cock, until cum shot over the blonde's stomach and chest in bursts. The sight of Tweek losing himself was more than Craig could take. Thrusting in hard, short thrusts, Craig came with a guttural cry. He held himself still over Tweek as he continued to cum in spurts, riding out his orgasm before collapsing on top of the exhausted blonde.

Gasps were the only sounds left in the room as both boys lay still, completely spent…for now.


Kenny unlocked his apartment door after a long shift at the only garage in town, intent on a beer and some mindless TV. He stepped into the apartment, heading straight for the fridge, but stopped in his tracks when a shout rang out across the house.

"Fuck, Tweek, do that again!" Craig groaned loudly.

Kenny raised an eyebrow, a lecherous grin taking over his face. A good roommate, or at least an uncomfortable roommate, would probably leave and give them some space. But he was Kenny McCormick. Grabbing a beer, he headed into the living room and sat on the recliner, which happened to face both his and Tweek's bedroom doors. Snapping the top of his beer and taking a noisy slurp of the liquid, he sat back and listened.

"Ah, Craig!"

"Fuck, baby, you're so fucking good."

Kenny smirked. "Hot. Totally hot."

Grabbing his phone, he dialed Damien.

"What's up, Kenny?" Damien answered.

"Feel like coming over and playing a drinking game?" Kenny asked.

"Sure, dude. Which one?"

"The best one." Kenny replied. He could practically hear Damien's face stretching into an evil grin. Damien knew exactly which game he was talking about.

"Me and Pip will be there in ten."



Craig and Tweek were exhausted. And hungry. They'd had sex on and off throughout the day, only breaking to use the bathroom or take short cat-naps. Climbing off the bed, they dressed unhurriedly in between giving each other lingering kisses. Finally, they opened Tweek's bedroom door only to be greeted with the sight of three very inebriated friends.

"So, wait." Pip slurred, his brow furrowed. "Which variation are we playing now?"

"Sex-phrase." Kenny declared, blinking unevenly. "We each pick a phrase. Like I pick Tweek to yelp, 'Oh, Jesus!' and Damien picks Craig to say 'Fuck, baby.' and you pick Tweek to say 'More, more, more.' Whichever one we hear first, the person who picked that phrase wins and the other two have to take a shot."

"Oh!" Pip chirped happily. "I like that better than the last one. Or was it the one before that? You know, the one where we all drink when one of them cums and then the last person to take their shot has to take another one."

"That was the first game." Damien smirked.

"What the fuck is going on here!" Craig barked. The three jumped, not realizing Craig and Tweek had come out.

"Dude!" Kenny greeted enthusiastically, stumbling to get up. He staggered over to Craig, slapping him on the back. Damien got up to join them and Tweek went to sit down by Pip. "You're a fucking stallion, you know that?"

"Seriously." Damien agreed. "That was some epic marathon fucking. Got us shitfaced in a hurry, that's for sure."

While Damien and Kenny were congratulating Craig on his stamina, Pip poured a shot for Tweek. Raising his own glass, the two toasted silently and downed their drinks. Pip raised an eyebrow, a mischievous smile on his face. Tweek smirked back and shared a fist bump with the blonde. Let Damien and Kenny think Craig was the sex machine. He and Pip knew the score.

Unfortunately for the blondes, Kenny caught the act and grinned. "Cheeky bastards. What the fuck are we praising this tool for? Tweek's the one that kept revving him up!"

Craig chuckled. "True story."

Craig moved to join his boyfriend and all five of them sat in a circle, switching to a different, not-Tweek/Craig-sex-based drinking game. Pulling Tweek onto his lap, Craig rested his chin against Tweek's shoulder. Tweek looked down on him and Craig couldn't help but smile at the love shining from his eyes. While their friends were distracted and laughing drunkenly at something, Craig kissed Tweek gently.

"Thank you." Craig whispered.

Tweek's brow furrowed in confusion. "For what?"

"For giving me a chance."

Tweek kissed him. "Thanks for making the most of it."

"You know this is forever, right?" Craig asked seriously, searching Tweek's eyes. Tweek smiled down on him.

"Yeah." Tweek sighed happily, leaning back against his boyfriend. "I know."

The End


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