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After more bargaining with the coach, the hamsters found themselves placed in the world of high schoolers, an unsuitable position for them.

Wednesday, 9:00 A.M.


Hamsters and science did not mix.

"Vhat…Vhat am I supposed to voo?" Bijou stuttered, the slicing knife poised above the frog's stomach. Hamtaro, who had nearly upchucked their measly breakfast of cashews found in the mattress store staff room, had nominated Bijou, being his science partner, to do the deed.

"You're supposed to cut it!" Boss cried cheerfully, diving the knife head on into its abdomen. The purplish guts spilled out over the tray. There was a clatter of a knife as Bijou fainted, skillfully and gracefully into Hamtaro's awaiting arms. Unfortunately, the queasy boy saw the innards as well and collapsed unconscious to the floor.

"Are they always like this?" Mrs. Grummage grumbled to the only boy in the new lot who she liked. Dexter sighed. "I'm afraid so. Especially that one." He pointed at Howdy, who was currently flirting with Pashmina.

10:00 A.M.


Maxwell had taught the whole class.

Sandy cheered him on the whole time.

11:00 A.M.


"This is all a bunch of coloring shapes!" Stan shouted to no one in particular. He was sent to the principal.

And finally, at 12:00 P.M., the hamsters were sent into the worst period of all. Lunch.

They had expected to all sit at a table together, but unfortunately, there was a dilemma. The hamsters had been good looking hamsters in their animal bodies, and they were just as good looking in human form.

Pashmina, being one who always tried to be a nice and caring person and who would not hurt someone's feelings, was rudely called over to the jock's table.

"Yes?" She asked nicely, waving away the fuming Dexter and Howdy.

"Why don't you sit here, new girl?" The high school boy gestured to his lap with a perverted smile.

"I'm…er…I…" She didn't want to sit on the boy.

"Thanks for inviting us!" Howdy cut in. "Where should I sit?" He plopped right down on the jock's lap, reserved for Pashmina. "Thanks for offerin' a place to sit!" He chuckled. Pashmina held back her laugh at the look of surprise to the boy's face. He pushed Howdy off, but Dexter had already ushered her away.

That was not the only thing. Hamtaro was a very nice boy as well and did what he was told, being the obedient child, but he didn't really want to join the 'cheerleading squad' as Maxwell had called it, at their table.

"Any other boy would LOVE to sit here with us. Why won't you?" The 'head cheerleader', again, that's what Maxwell called it, swooned.

"I'd, well, I'd like to sit with my friends?" He said this as if he was asking permission to go sit with his friends. He was such a timid boy.

" 'Amtaro, sit with me!" Bijou cut in, smiling brightly. The blond cheerleader behind her was not happy, and pushed Bijou out of the way. "Back off!"

"Hey! That's not nice!" Hamtaro cried, helping Bijou up. Bijou was not as small and weak as everyone thought she was, and casually kicked the girl with super human force, back into her seat. Hamtaro, oblivious that Bijou was capable of such force, allowed himself to be lead away.

"Thanks, Bijou, I didn't think I would be able to handle them."

"It's no problem, 'Amtaro. Vesides, I'll valways ve there for vou."

"Really?" He asked, a blush rising to his cheeks.

"Veally. I veally like y-" She started, gathering her courage to confess, but was interrupted. Boss had interjected into their conversation, casually striking up his own with Hamtaro. Bijou sighed, dejected.

1:00 P.M.


"I can't!" Spat squealed, his heart racing. He had climbed the rope with ease, Harmony by his side on the other rope, racing him. But he had a thing about heights, like she had said. He had won the race upward, but coming down was not so fast. He couldn't bring himself to do it.

"Spat, on the count of three, you'll jump down."

"I'm not going to, and you know it, phth!"

"If you start that again, I swear I will-" Harmony sighed. Why were they always stuck up in high places together? She could climb down, no sweat, but she wasn't going to leave him there, even after what he'd crudely said to her.

"Spat, just climb down or jump!"

"No!" He whimpered. Finally, Harmony had enough. She swung her rope, back and forth, back and forth, until it passed by him. Then she let go of hers, grabbing Spat by the waist and yanking him off the rope. They fell to the mats; Harmony landing in a seated position on top of Spat's back as he lie face down, still screaming into the mat.

"Now was that so bad?" She mumbled under her breath.

2:00 P.M.


"I don't understand a word these people are saying!" Stan shouted in English to no one in particular. He was sent to the Principal a second time.

Yes, the hamsters had survived the school day, but barely. And not to mention they had tons of homework to accomplish.

They had gathered in the public library to try and figure out what all this crazy junk was.

"I don't understand how the alphabet connects to math!" Boss cried, staring down at the simple a squared+ b squared= c squared.

"Okay, everyone, just pass in the homework to Dexter and I." Maxwell sighed. They, working together, had long figured out the answers on their homework and started copying their answers onto the other's papers. Cappy, Panda, and Penelope were struggling with their homework as well, and Dexter had to break away to explain what a hypotenuse was and how to insert commas in a sentence correctly.

"We're going to die in these human forms." Spat groaned.

"I HATE THIS!" Stan screamed to his homework. They were then kicked out of the library.


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