She giggled again and teetered towards the coffee table, Roy's head snapped to the sound of the giggling and without a second thought slid from his place on the bar and scooped his daughter up into his arms; her obvious squeals of delight at the feeling of being held in her father's arms seemed to override any sort of irritation she may have had for not reaching her goal – the arrows that were splayed across the table. Returning to his breakfast Roy began to bounce Lian up and down on his knee, attempting to eat a piece of toast while still his squirming daughter in place – hearing the sound of footsteps Lian's struggling became more persistent and with her squeaky grunts came the garbled sounds of her botched attempts at the word "mommy".

Sighing Roy placed her onto the floor once more, afraid that if she would struggle any more that she'd hurt herself; and before he could see otherwise, Lian had managed to crawl over to her mother and in her own way, demand that she get picked up. The obvious sounds of glee at being held by her mother made both parents smile; walking over to Roy Jade grinned and kissed his cheek, "Enjoying your morning Red?"

At Jade's words Roy leaned up and connected his lips to hers, her smile seemingly contagious spread to his lips, "Oh yes. It's obvious she's our daughter – if she moved any more I'd be afraid for her safety in this apartment." Lian only giggled more at the sight of the two of them – giving her approval of having her parents together again. Taking a seat next to Roy she hears her delight Jade smiles at her and hugs her more tightly. Looking around said apartment he grinned sheepishly, "Perhaps our next step is to childproof this place."

Lian seemed to giggle in agreement – hands reaching for the arrows on the coffee table once more, "You think?" Holding her daughter close she attempts to divert her attention from the sharp objects carelessly left on the table, "I'd really prefer our daughter to be able to see."

He put his hands up, "Hey… Come on now Chesh." Jade smiled at the nickname, "We both know that we'd never let that happen." Tickling at Lian's sides Roy finally diverts her attention from the coffee table, sending her into another fit of giggles. "We'll put her down for a nap and figure it all out okay?"

For one of the first times since she found Roy again Jade smiled a genuine smile, Roy was finally ready to be a father; ready to put his past behind him and be not only Red Arrow but Roy Harper – her husband and Lian's father and after the two of them managed to get Lian to eat her breakfast and put her down for a nap, they began childproofing.