Finally coming in from patrol, Roy slips through the window of their small apartment. Chuckling to himself, he realized that they should probably invest in a bigger place. The chipped paint and overly-scuffed floor was reason enough. Kicking off his boots he attempted to silently exit the shared bedroom – once in the hall he opened the door to his daughter's room, looking in he smiles; the almost four year old was spread out across the almost too small bed. Watching her for a few more minutes, Lian seemed to toss and turn aimlessly; walking into the room he kissed her forehead gently before returning to his own bedroom. Changing out of the skin tight suit he put on his usual pajama pants and crawled into bed with Jade – gently pulling her towards him he smiles as he watches her mold into the embrace.

Wrapping his arm more tightly around her waist he closed his eyes; thoughts of getting a bigger apartment still swimming around in his head – perhaps on the nicer side of town, with a second bathroom and a master suite. A view of the city would be nice too, and would give Lian and Jade something to look at – his thoughts froze, hearing shuffling in the hallway he sits up and gently stirs Jade seemingly irritated she moaned and sat up, glaring at Roy all the while that was until a little voice mumbled from the other side of the door, "Mommy." She sounded like she was on the verge of tears, "Daddy. Are you guys awake?" The door creaked open and there stood the little girl Roy had been watching sleep no more than five minutes ago. Her voice was so faint, strained by the sobs that she was clearly holding back, "I-I had a nightmare." She sniffled slightly and shuffled further into the room, her teddy bear clutched in her hand, "can I sleep in here with you guys tonight?" Not waiting for a reply the young girl gripped the sheets of her parent's bed tightly and pulled herself up onto the mattress. Jade who was now fully awake opened her arms and wrapped her daughter in a tight hug, Roy meanwhile reached over onto the nightstand and grabbed a tissue and gently wiped his daughter's tears away.

Another ten minutes of comforting words and kisses and the three of them ended up tangled up together, comfortably asleep and together.