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Finally back home, Ali rushed up to her room. She sat on her bed, still breathing heavily from running so far and long. She was still quite scared and adrenaline was coursing through her body.

What was that... that man doing in the mansion? Why on Earth did he have scissors for hands? He could have killed her!

Ali burried her face in her hands. It would be fine with her if she never left her house again. Her room for that matter. She couldn't remember a time in her life when she had been so frightened.

She tried to shut what had happened out of her mind, but she couldn't stop seeing the image of thoes scissors. It wasn't only scary, it was rather grotesque, to her. Why would anyone have scissors for hands? A crazed maniac, that's who.

She wondered if she should tell anyone. Tess? Her parents? No, not Tess. She would want to see it for herself, and well, Ali wouldn't be going up there again. She didn't really think telling her parents was a good idea either. After all, she would probably be grounded for life if they ever found out.

Should she tell the police? They could search the mansion, find the man, arrest him, and lock him up. But that didn't seem right. He hadn't actually done anything, had he? all he had really done was scare her and get her blood flowing. That was no crime.

Finally she decided she would keep the secret of the mansion to herself, at least for now. She would probably eventually tell Tess, anyway.

Ali was still shaken up when her mother called her down to dinner. She ventured downstairs and took her place next to her father, Allen, who had only just gotten home from work. He was a tall man with dark brown hair. He had many laugh lines from smiling.

"How was work, dear", Theresa asked her husband.

He swallowed his chosen piece of mear before answering, "Same as usual. I think Jim's going to hire a few more people to help out with construction." Allen worked mainly on construction sites, making sure the main gas lines were secure.

Theresa nodded and went on eating her dinner. Ali pushed her English peas around on her plate, npt in the mood to eat at the moment. She piled her meat up beside her peas to make it look as if she had eaten something and asked to be excused.

When she was released from the table, she went back to her room. She looked out her still open window. She spotted the mansion easily. It seemed to loom over the town even more in the dark.

The more she looked at the huge house on the hill, the more she wondered about the strange man. She wanted to know how long he had been up there. She wanted to know if he was alone. And soon she realized something. She realized she wanted to go back.

She didn't understand why. She didn't really know why she wanted to. Especially after she had been so afraid. Who would want to go back to that place? But the more she questioned it and the more she tried to talk herself out of it, the more she found herself wanting to go.

It was the same invisible force that had been repelling her, only now it was pulling her in.

But what if she got hurt? What if she was fatally injured? Well, that would just have to be something she would have to risk.

That night she fell asleep thinking of the mansion and it's inhabitant.

Ali awoke the next morning to the sound of knocking. She went downs stairs, still clad in the clothes she had slept in, to answer the door.

"What are you still doing in your pajamas! It's ten thirty", Tess yelled as soon as the door was open.

Ali rubbed her eyes and mumbled, "Well, I didn't know we had anything to do today."

"We don't, but still...", Tess answered.

Ali managed a laugh and plopped down in the armchair closest to her. Tess sat on the sofa across from her. "How long have you been up", Ali asked drowsily.

"Five." That was just like Tess. She was an early riser, but was late to every event she was invited to or planned to attend. That also included school, but it was summer at the time, so she didn't have to worry much until next year.

"Uh huh. Well, I'm going back to bed", Ali staggered out of her chair and made toward the stairs, knowing Tess wouldn't let her escape that easily.

"Oh no your not. Come on." Tess grabbed Ali's arm and pulled her up the stairs. Once she had put on a tee shirt and jeans, she joined Tess back in her room.

"So, I heard there are going to be a bunch of campers at the lake this weekend. We should go. I bet there'll be some cute guys there", Tess said with a smile. "We could find you a summer boyfriend. Not to mention one for yours truly."

"No", Ali said tossing a pillow at her friend. In her opinion, Tess was absolutely boy crazy. If there was a new boy in town, Tess would be the first to know. "You can go, I'm staying here."

"You're going to turn into a hermit. Do you know that?"

"All well, I guess. Besides, I need to finish my book." Ali picked up her forgotten novel which had fallen onto the floor. The cover was bent so she straightened it back out.

"Haven't you already read that?"

"No, I haven't. And I have other things planned anyway."

"Like what?"

Ali bit her lip. She was actually planning to go back to the mansion this weekend, just one day away. Could she tell Tess? It didn't feel right not telling her. They had always told each other everything. What would Tess say anyway? She probably wouldn't even believe her.

"Just stuff."

"Just stuff, huh? Oh, I see. Stuff", Tess said crossing her arms. "Like..."

"Well, I think we are going to see my great aunt in the nursing home this weekend. It's her birthday", Ali lied. She silently hoped Tess couldn't see the truth behind the lies. But she would be visiting someone. Maybe not her great aunt whose birthday was eight months from now, but definetly a someone. A petentually dangerous someone.

Tess seemed satisfied, though. "Oh, well we have all summer. Don't we? And besides, I still may go. Who knows?"

Ali let out a breath she didn't realize she had been holding. Thank goodness Tess didn't know her great aunt.

After Tess had left Ali's house, it was nearly three. Ali went to the kitchen and took an apple from the fruit bowl on the counter. Her mother was working that day, so she had to fend for herself. She poured a glass of lemonaide and sat down.

After the apple was gone, and the glass drained ali did her best to finish what was left of her novel. It didn't work, though. She kept thinking of the next day. She was really going back up there. She wished she could somehow prepare herself if worse came to worst, but she wasn't really sure how. How could you defend yourself with built in weapons?

She planned to leave out early that morning, while both her parents were still working. That night after dinner, before crawling under her covers, Ali took a piece of paper and a pencil. She was going to write a note, just in case she didn't come back.

The note read:

Mom & Dad, I've gone to the mansion on the hill. If I don't come back, look for me there. -Ali

Once she had finished writing the note, she carefully hid it in her sock drawer. She didn't really think she wouldn't come back. But better safe than sorry, right? After all, she didn't know anything about this man, but she planned to.