Rab, she's not yours to have

Rab Silsbee strolled down the Boston streets whistling 'Yankee doodle' to himself. Years ago, he would have never felt this happy, if it wasn't for Johnny Tremain. Johnny was his best friend and co- worker at his uncle's newspaper shop. 'You okay, Rab' Johnny asked looking sideways at him. 'Johnny'? He asked 'Yea Rab'? Johnny Replied 'Do you fancy Cilla. I mean more than a friend'? He asked looking at Johnny who turned red with embarrassment 'yeaaaaa I guess so? I mean she's a great friend and we kissed, but yea I like her more than a friend. Do you'? Johnny asked looking at him rubbing the back of his neck with his right hand. Rab shrugged 'Guess so. She's really really really pretty, and nice. Yea I like her' Rab said thinking to himself. Johnny looked to the ground his ears scarlet then Johnny ran. 'Wait! What did I do'? Rab yelled running after Johnny. AS they reached the Lyte's household Johnny stomped up the stairs with no word to Cilla who gobsmacked. Cilla looked at Rab with her mouth open 'what's his problem'? Cilla asked walking toward him. 'Uhhh umm uhhh…' he stampeded thinking of a lie. ''! Rab blurted. 'What'? Cilla questioned. Rab took a deep breathe 'I told Johnny that I liked you more than a friend' Rab said his eyelids shut tightly. Cilla looked wide eyed 'uh, well um does he'? She asked. Rab nodded.' I'll go talk to him 'She said putting her hand on Rab's shoulder as she walked up the long stairs to Johnny's and Rab's room witch they shared. After a few minutes when Rab sat on the couch staring at the fire that burned Cilla and Johnny came down stairs. Johnny sat in a chair by the couch as Cilla sat down by Rab looking unfocused. "so Rab how was your day'? Cilla asked trying her hardest to break the tension. 'Good. How about you Cilla'? Rab asked still not looking at Cilla.' Fine' Cilla said smiling. The end of that discussion. Later that night when supper was served and eaten in silence, Rab and Pricilla went to care for the horses in the barn. In the barn, Rab and Cilla were quiet, "Cilla"? Rab asked. "Yes"? Cilla asked turning toward him. Her brown dark hair was in a ponytail long and beautiful. Maybe it was the day or how he felt but. He kissed her. Passionately, NOT a peck on the lips but like a French kiss, a make-out kiss. Rab opened his eyes a little, hers were closed, and he closed them before he let her go. She smiled 'I love you' He whispered as if not trying to awake the air. Johnny who just happened to walk through the door found the couple in each other's arms "RAB WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING"? Johnny yelled.