This came out of nowhere. Honestly. I'm a little rusty, so I'm trying to see if I can still, well, y'know, write. XD I hope you enjoy this odd piece.

Warnings: Shota. Crude language. The usual. You a'ready knoww. Haha~

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It wasn't normal. The way that I looked at him.

I did not touch him. It was not bad.

I had done nothing wrong.

I would have stopped if he had allowed me. But he did not. He did not allow me.

When he played in that park, and I sat on that bench, all else dispersed from our surroundings. The other children were not there. The women, the men, and even the dogs did not exist. It was just me and him.

In that park.

In that same park in which he sat so dishearteningly on a wooden swing nearly every day. Away from the others. A recurrent look of profound, incurable sadness always overwhelming the immaculate expanse of what was his endearing face.

His face was soft. I hadn't felt it, yet I knew that it was.

His eyes were a blue that I knew could only exist in the imaginary confinements of cartoons and picture books. A yellow crescendo of saturated wheat adorned his head. His cheeks were scathed on either sides. Three marks each. Marks that only managed to make him lovelier.

Like a fox. A sad little fox with not a friend in the world.

His eyes would light up whenever another child presented the notion of approach. His golden brows would raise up in hopefulness. His entire expression would brighten. A large grin of playfulness would tug itself on his smooth, virgin lips. And just when he would be about to announce his name (of which I would be hopeful he would finally have the opportunity to say one day) the other child would walk right past him and look away.

As if the blond little boy were never even there in the first place.

His face would be marred with tears not a moment after. The previous hope in his eyes would bleed painfully from him. He would sob on that swing. My face would tighten. I could almost feel the same as him whenever I watched him cry.

Why nobody wanted to be near that boy? I did not know.

All I knew was that I did. So near, in fact, that it would probably scare him.

Perhaps even scare me.

There was a particular morning in which had brought me closer to him than I've ever been. The park had been nearly empty that day because it had been snowing profusely that entire morning. The snow is something that the swine of this particular city often under-appreciate, after all.

But that comes with no surprise. I was there that day because I wanted to see him. I knew that the little boy would be there. I wanted to finally talk to him for the first time after many months of merely watching him.

I wanted to share the same bubble of air as him. To smell him. Maybe even touch him if the circumstances served us right.

The snow fell peacefully on the earth. Covered the dirt, killed the worms underneath. It was seven in the morning and I knew that he would be there soon. I was certain that he lived not very far. He came alone every time. No mom, no dad. Just him in orange clad.

The tree beside me spilled mounds of ice unto the floor periodically. Each spill felt like an hour. I wanted him there. The scarf on my neck was becoming confining, so I took it off. I hardly felt the cold winter air snake inside.

I needed to see him then.

The sun lied hidden behind a stale sky. The sky, in fact, was a gray cloud in itself. Just when I thought that the weather had kept him away from me, I caught sight of his orange apparel from not very far.

I could feel an exasperation of air well up within my throat. I was excited. I wanted to feel him.

For the magic of a second, I imagined him next to me. His thighs touching against my own. His breath marking small, vaporous clouds of precious breath in the air. If I could then, I would breathe each one in. All in the pursuit of tasting him in any possible way.

I watched in silence as he made his way towards his favorite swing. His expression was void of any notion. I wondered if he had ever seen me. Ever watched me watching him. Ever noticed me noticing him.

A hot bloom of blood rushed towards the inner of my legs.

I wanted his name.

He swung solemnly. I wondered if he had any parents. If he did, I had never seen them. Unable to bear a second longer away from him, I stood to walk towards him. When I set foot inside the playground I knew that he had seen me.

Blue, magnificent eyes of no other kind shot directly towards my own. His honey brows rose, and his long, lovely lashes seemed to have done the same in fervent unison. I think I smiled at him. He grinned that same playful grin that I had witnessed many times before. He didn't seem one bit scared of me.

I was relieved.

"Hi!" he shouted, standing from his swing.

He was a foot away from me now. I towered over him. Something from deep within me felt empowered. I wanted to ravish him. I wanted to have him. There was no one there.

"Hello," I said. His height was beneath my waist. He was so small. Miniscule. I wanted to lift him up. "Why are you alone?"

He looked to the side once. His grin faltered for just a second, but was immediately replaced with a smile when he turned back to face me again. His eyes were even brighter than before. They sparkled with the strength of a thousand virgin oceans. His lashes were abundant and thick. I wanted to lick him.

"My foster mommah is at work. She doesn't know that I'm here," he turned behind him as if making sure said woman was not there. I tried not to smile, but I think I did again. "I like the park! Don't you?"

His voice told me that he was very young. Eight at most, I thought. The eight didn't bother me at all. He was beautiful. I wanted him. I never wanted anybody.

"I do. But only when..." I paused, fearing my own words. I didn't want to frighten him. I took a breath and ignored his question. "What's your name?"

His eyes beamed. He smiled vigorously at me.

"Naruto! Naruto Uzumaki! And you? And you?"

A veil of blood betrayed me, and I was sure that my face had changed color just a tad. I don't believe he noticed. I thanked the falsities of above.


He asked me if I would be his friend. I complied. He danced and jumped around me. Heavens knew I wanted to rip his clothes off and pump him dry. Lick his face. Taste his backside. All of that.

"Would you like to go on the swings, Naruto?"

My gaze never left his. I was mesmerized. He was mesmerized. We had fallen in love.

I pushed him on the swing and listened to his childish screams. His laughter. I would cherish the moments in which my hand would touch the igniting expanse of his small back. Perhaps half an hour had passed.

Not long after he told me that he had to leave. That he was afraid that his foster mother had been back. My face tightened. It could have been anger. It could have been anything. All I knew was that I wanted him there with me. Not with the hag.

I watched as he left. When he said goodbye to me I didn't say anything. When he asked me if I was still his friend with a vexed look of concern and anxiety, I nodded. He chuckled, and then he skipped away.

The warmth of his sweater lingered on my fingertips. I could feel it on my palms. I could feel the snow falling against me. I decided to leave.

I could hardly forget his eyes, his height. I think of Naruto profusely.

A fleet of scenarios come to life in my mind at night.

If I had lifted him, taken him, brought him home with me that day.. If I had touched him and tasted him the very same way that I always wanted to in the safety confinements of my room.. He would ride me all night. Lay down in any way, shape, or form that I would order him to. His blue eyes would narrow as I tore him in two. His brows would furrow because he would undeniably want me more and more.

He would moan, scream, grind his hips against me.

We were in love, after all.

Sunday hit, and I returned to the park. It was still snowing. As every snowing morning, there was no one there. I failed to see Naruto the day before yesterday because I knew that I wouldn't be able to control myself. I would have fucked him senseless behind one of the trees mercilessly.

The hours were spent away on the bench, waiting for him. I knew he'd always be there by the hour of seven. I could not wait.

As I watched the expansive horizon of the park, I took notice of a small, orange clad figure approaching the abandoned playground. I knew that it was him.

I think he had seen me, because he began to sprint towards me. A large, delicious smile decorated his childish face.

"Sasuke! Sasuke!" His voice was a hymn in the empty park. Screaming my name. I felt myself hardening. I could hardly control it. I hardly wanted to.

I needed him on me. Swallowing me.


He stood before me as I sat. We were almost at eye level. His eyes never ceased to take my breath away. He was in between my legs, tempting me. My fingers trembled on the bench.

My mind suddenly came alive with all of the dreams he's ever made me had.

"Let's play on the swings! Let's play on the swings!" he shouts, blue eyes marking me deep. He bounced before me, infinitely excited for reasons that were completely preternatural to me. I could hardly contain myself.

My hands shivered in excitement. I wanted to place them on his waist, pull him in, kiss him.

I leaned in towards him, and he was hardly fazed. His scent drove – drives - me insane.

"Is your mother home?"



"Well, just the slugs mommah keeps in the little tub in the bathroom..."

What an odd woman. I smiled softly at him. Women fell on their knees whenever I did that to them. Then they would proceed to do.. other things.

"Take me home with you, Naruto."

He smiles big. I know that he will comply.

It wasn't normal. The way that I looked at him.

I had not touched him. It was not bad.

I had done nothing wrong.

I would have stopped if he had allowed me. But he did not.

He did not allow me.



I'm not planning on making this very long. 3-5 chapters. I don't even know if I'll even finish it, in the first place. O: I have so many others! Unless you guys really want me to..? Let me know. (: Till next time. xx