This scene takes place in the middle of the beginning of Act 5, Scene 5, after Macbeth hears his wife cry and Seyton exists to see what is going on. This is Lady Macbeth's death scene.



Oh, how odious the day has

Been and how tiresome I am of these

Nightmares that plague me – Day in, Day out.

These long days drag bout these evil times.

Though night can no longer veil these evil deeds

That cannot be undone, there must still be a

Way to escape this wicked times.


My lady, it does not do well to talk in

Such a way.

One cannot, should not, speak of

Ways to reach the House of Hades. None

Should be in want of such dreams, for to dream

Of such things can only bring about dreadful,

Terrible things.


But is that not just the thing

That I'm hoping for, in the end? I shall approach

It with my head high because living in this world

Has become too much. My dearest husband is

Too absorbed in his quest for power. How I wish

There was no blood on our hand. How I wish we

Could go back to that night, undo the things

That have been done, turn back the hands of

Time and give this fate a second chance. But my

Lord will not see it as such. He may love me, as

He claims, but it is all for naught. His love for

Power, his pride, they overtake any thoughts of

The love he feels for me. It must be true.

My Lord knows not of these feelings that plague my

Thoughts, these conflicts of not holding his

Tender love in my hands. He cannot see that is

All I truly wish for. To see the man I love be lost

To greed come back to the way he used to be,

Before this evil afflicted my dearest.


I plead, my Lady, for thou to not

Think in this way. Tis not proper! My Lady, there

Must be a better way. Thou needest not wish to

Depart from such world. Thou shall last a little

Longer here, and not depart from those thou

Plan to leave behind.


Thou hast been faithful to the

Very end. Go forth into the night, and know

That thou hast done and thy could.

Go now, before anyone else finds us.



And now the time draws near,

Tis time to bid this cruel world farewell and

Begin the knocking on Hades door, and lie in

Wait of the answering opening in anticipation.

Takes knife

And so begins my descent to Hell's door, for no

Afterworld would accept my cruel deeds as

Good, so death is the only way. Goodbye world,

Goodbye dearest love, my husband, my heart.

Stabs herself, screams, and dies.