I walk into the gym excited training is starting up again! When I got there nothing was set up and I couldn't find Dimitri so I went to into the closet to see if maybe he was running behind schedule. Luckily he was in there but something seemed off, he looked kind of sad and like he was thinking about something really hard. Me, being Rose Hathaway just had to make some kind of remark.

"Don't strain yourself too hard comrade" I said with a smile. He jumped like I had caught him off guard. When I mentioned comrade his guardian mask faltered a little and I saw pain? Why would he feel pained? But before I could look any closer the mask was back.

"Rose we need to talk...or well I need to tell you something" he said. Uh-oh that couldn't be good he never calls me rose.

"Sure what about?"

"Rose I'm leaving. I'm going to guard Tasha and help her out." My mind shut down after he said he was leaving and I felt like I couldn't breathe.

"Leaving? But why we had it all worked out and we were going to be together. Why are you doing this? Why are you throwing us away?"

"It's for the best roza" he said with a pleading look, but at the mention of my Russian nickname I cracked.

"DON'T YOU DARE CALL ME THAT BELIKOV NOT IF YOU'RE LEAVING! You have no right anymore" I shouted but the last part was a mere whisper. As I was talking he had started to walk towards me his hand reached out, but I slapped it away.

"Don't you touch me. Have a nice life without me" I said with as much venom in my voice as I could muster. His mask slipped and I saw pain but why I should he be hurt he's leaving me. I turned and stormed out trying my hardest not to cry. I ran out the doors and around the corner not paying attention to what was around me and accidentally bumped someone. I was expecting to fall but two warm hands steadied me.

"Rose are you ok?" he asked. I looked up and saw Christian. By then the traitorous tears had escaped and were flowing freely down my cheeks. He took one look at my face and got a pissed off look on his face.

"No" was all I could say but it came out more as a whimper. Immediately his arms went around me trying to comfort me. We stood there for a minute until I heard the gym doors open up. I took off running without a glance behind me, not wanting to see him. I faintly heard Christian running behind me, but I just kept running until I found a deserted bench with no one around. Finally I stopped and heard Christian panting behind me.

"rose what's going on?" he asked confused

I couldn't answer because I couldn't form the words I just sat there and cried. I felt arms wrap around me, I laid my head on his shoulder and just cried. When I was finally was done crying for the moment I looked up at Christian.

"Sorry for that"

"don't worry about it your like my sister and you needed to get that out, just don't do it again" he joked with a small grin. I tried to smile but my lips just wouldn't work right.

"Rose seriously what's wrong?" he asked sincerely.

"I knew I needed to tell him and Lissa eventually so I just let it all out. I told him everything from when Lissa and I got back all the way up to a few minutes ago in the gym.

"I'm going to kill him for that!" he said

"No just leave it he made his decision I'm just going to have to try and move on" I said and I meant it I just didn't know if I could.

"Well you always have me, and Lissa, and all of your other friends." He said

"Yea I just don't know if I should tell Lissa. Not with everything else she's been having to deal with and when I do she's going to hate me for not telling her sooner then she's going to end up feeling guilty and I don't want to lay this all on her like that."

"She'll be fine yes she'll be hurt at first but she'll get over it, she's tough and can handle it."

"Hey Christian?"



"No problem…..but seriously don't tell anyone about this. I don't want it to ruin my rep."

"Ha don't worry I'll keep it just between us" I said still not smiling but a little closer to one.

"Thanks" he said giving me another hug. About that time I heard a gasp. We both turn to look and see Lissa standing there looking pissed and shocked.