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The Ouran Hostess

Chapter One

Kagome listened to the light tapping that her shoes made as she walked the tiled hallways of Ouran Academy's high school building. The halls had already emptied for the day, and the only students that remained in the building were the ones involved with their club activities. She had lost track of how many clubs she'd tried, but Kagome hadn't been able to find a single group where she felt like she belonged.

The students were nice enough but many of them tended to be fickle and flighty. They had never experienced the hardships of the world and seemed almost disconnected from the plight of the average man. But she couldn't really blame or begrudge them. They had grown up in lives of luxury where they'd had every opportunity in the world offered to them.

Though maybe it wasn't the clubs or the people in them that left Kagome bored out of her mind; maybe it was her. After traveling through time and battling demons for more than a year, her definition of "interesting" had changed considerably. And after the deep, almost familial bonds that she'd formed in the past, the acquaintanceships offered at present seemed a little shallow and lackluster. Then again, her apathy for her current school might be some form of silent protest at having to leave her previous school.

It had been a little more than two months since Sesshoumaru had approached her in the modern era. When the jewel had been completed after Naraku's defeat Kagome had been sent back to her time permanently. Within the week, Sesshoumaru had appeared on her doorstep. After many questions and only a few short answers, the ancient demon—who didn't look a day over twenty-seven—had informed her that he wished to name her as the heir to the modern empire he had built over the last couple of centuries.

He had cited his reasons as something to do with honor and duty and a promise to his half-brother, but Kagome had eventually gotten him to admit that deep down he was simply tired of dealing with humans. Sesshoumaru was perfectly content to train his brother's priestess, hand over the metaphorical reins, and retire to a remote location where he could enjoy his privacy once more.

Kagome had been hesitant, but when she saw her mother's face light up she knew that her fate was sealed. Her mother had been ecstatic at the chance for her daughter to have such a bright future. And finally, Kagome had reasoned with herself that if she agreed to become Sesshoumaru's heir she would be able to easily support her family for the rest of their lives. It was less than one week later that Kagome was taken from her modest life at her family's shrine and thrust into the lap of luxury.

Rolling her eyes and stopping by one of the hall's large windows, Kagome looked out at the detailed buildings that filled the grounds of Ouran Academy. Sesshoumaru had insisted—demanded, really—that she attend the esteemed school. She knew that this was where everybody who was anybody sent their children. Almost all of the students were set to inherit or take high positions within their family companies, businesses, and organizations. But Kagome couldn't see what the big deal was. A high school education was a high school education. Sesshoumaru would be the one teaching her what she needed to know about his company. She suspected that sending her here was more for appearances and prestige than anything else.

At least she had gotten past being dumped in Sesshoumaru's city home. She'd needed to move closer to her new school, but it turned out that her new guardian didn't live any closer to Ouran than her family did. The dog demon didn't even live within Tokyo city limits; he'd made the excuse of his more animalistic side needing open spaces, but Kagome had translated that into being mildly claustrophobic. So she had been placed within the "small" home that he kept in the city. It turned out that "small" was a very relative term. The manor was easily twice the size of her family home, but compared to Sesshoumaru's main estate she could see why he called it small.

Kagome sighed before she began to walk once more. For all that the elite school had to offer, she couldn't shake her boredom or loneliness. Her home wasn't much better. It was fitted with every comfort available, but living alone was steadily driving her crazy. 'Maybe I shouldn't have told Sesshoumaru that I didn't want any servants or cooks,' she thought as she approached a set of stairs. 'I don't want to be waited on, but at least then there would be someone to talk to.'

Distracted by her thoughts, Kagome completely missed the small spill of water that had puddled at the top of the steps. The black slip-on shoes that were part of the Ouran girl's uniform lost what little traction they offered when Kagome's foot came down in the puddle. With a surprised gasp, Kagome's hand shot out to grab the staircase railing only to have her fingers barely graze the polished wood as her feet slipped out from under her. A short scream was all that she got out before her body hit the steps and knocked the air from her lungs.

The Host Club had closed for the day and the members were tidying up Music Room Three as they discussed what their next big theme would be. It had been a successful day even though they hadn't done anything special; not every day was able to be a production.

"Gladiators!" The twins shouted in unison. They honestly couldn't care less about what theme they next used, but Tamaki was entirely too easy to rile up.

"No," Tamaki said firmly as he glared at the duo. "Our next theme shall be Arabian Nights and that's final. Your king has spoken." Turning his nose up in a huff, he walked to where Kyouya sat to work out the details.

Haruhi rolled her eyes as she picked up her school bag and walked towards the clubroom door. She opened the door a fraction before calling out to their excitable club president, "I'm leaving Tamaki-senpai." When the blonde's wide eyes snapped up to look at her, Haruhi knew that she'd made a mistake. It was too late to quietly slip away now though.

"You can't leave yet, Haruhi," Tamaki cried as he rushed to keep the girl from exiting the room. "We have to discuss costumes and snacks and decorations—"

Cutting off the older boy before he could continue to rattle off what was surely a long list, Haruhi said, "I'm sure that you can do all of that without me, senpai. Besides, I have a paper that I need to get started on for—" But Haruhi stopped short and felt her back stiffen when a feminine scream echoed through the halls.

Shocked chocolate eyes met violet before both ran through door to find out what had happened. They both registered the other footfalls behind them, but none stopped until they got to the end of the hall and looked around for any sign of the one who had screamed. It was Hunny that called out first, "Down there!"

The club members followed his pointed finger down to the bottom of the staircase where they saw the prone form of a yellow-clad young woman. Haruhi was the first to spring into action as she carefully ran down the steps to kneel beside the still girl. Holding her hand in front of the girls face, Haruhi relaxed a little with the knowledge that the unconscious student was breathing evenly. "Kyouya-senpai," she said looking back towards the upper landing. "You know more about first-aid than I do, could you make sure that she's okay?"

Kyouya's dark grey eyes scanned over the young woman before he descended the stairs at an even pace and was quickly followed by the other hosts. Haruhi moved as the bespectacled young man knelt down and gently pushed the unconscious girl onto her back. Quickly checking her head for any cuts or obvious bruises, Kyouya checked her breathing once again before moving onto other areas that would be easily injured in a fall. Long fingers gently pressed their way down both sides of the girl's ribcage before moving on to bend and prod wrists and ankles. "Nothing seems to be broken or seriously injured," he concluded aloud as he pushed his glasses farther up the bridge of his nose. "She likely hit her head during her fall and was knocked unconscious. I doubt that it's anything serious, but if she doesn't wake up within the next twenty minutes or so she will likely need medical attention."

Tamaki, considerably more sober, nodded his head. "Then let's take her back to the club room and let her rest there," he stated quietly. "Like you said, Kyouya, if she isn't awake soon then we'll call a doctor."

Without another word said, Mori stepped forward and gently scooped up the petite girl while being careful with her head before the group anxiously made their way back to Music Room Three.

As soon as the darkness began to lift from Kagome's mind she instantly wished that it would have stayed a little longer. A sharp pain raced through her head when she tried to open her eyes causing her to groan softly. Slowly cracking open one eye, Kagome flinched at the throb in her head before she opened the other eye and blinked to clear her vision.

Her fingers smoothed over soft velvet as she realized that she was resting on a plush couch with an equally soft pillow underneath her head. Lifting a slightly shaky hand, Kagome touched the cool cloth that rested on her forehead and began to take more stock of her surroundings. The room had high ceilings and was warmly decorated in shades of soft pinks and golds. Gradually, tones that had been hushed began to grow in volume and let Kagome know that she wasn't alone.

"Please, Haruhi," one voice whined. "You would look so cute as an Arabian Princess!"

"No, senpai," a voice replied in a flat but clearly exasperated tone.

"We're with you, boss," two voices intoned together. "We show skin all the time. I think it's time Haruhi joined in," one of the voice continued and Kagome could practically see the cheeky grin that accompanied the statement.

"Oh shut-up, Hikaru," the tired voice bit out.

"Hikaru!" The first voice cried out in something akin to horror. "How dare you suggest my little girl "show some skin" in such an indecent way?"

Kagome slowly pushed herself into a sitting position and took a deep breath when a small dizzy spell made the room tilt. She was vaguely aware of the bickering behind her but flinched again as a small voice called out, "She's awake!"

Before she was entirely sure of what was going on, Kagome felt the couch dip to her left and looked up to see a young man with blonde hair and honest, violet eyes capture one of her hands with both of his. "Princess," he began in a soft voice, "how are you feeling?"

'Princess?' Kagome thought. Blinking a few more times to clear her thoughts, she answered, "My head hurts a little."

No sooner had the words left her mouth than a small tray with a glass of water and two aspirin was placed on the coffee table in front of her. "That's to be expected," a smooth voice answered.

Kagome looked up and locked eyes with the tall boy standing on the other side of the table. Dark hair fell across his forehead and bits of light reflected off of his glasses. "Thank you," she responded as she took the aspirin with hopes of soothing her headache.

"It's no problem," the boy with the glasses answered with a smile. But Kagome drew back slightly as she studied the boy. He was handsome and his smile was charming, but she could see that it was fake. She was sure that it was well practiced and was able to fool most people, but it didn't reach his eyes. While polite, his eyes were standoffish and guarded as he seemed to simply observe with a calculated gaze. It made a shiver run down her spine.

The couch dipped again to her right and Kagome turned her attention to a young man with short brown hair and deep chocolate eyes. "Don't pay any attention to them," he smiled easily. Kagome found herself smiling back at the sincere display. "We heard you scream earlier and it looked like you fell down the stairs. Are you alright?"

Kagome gently touched the sorest part of her scalp and winced slightly but didn't feel anything but a small bump. "I think so," she answered. "I think I just hit my head, but it doesn't feel that bad."

"That's good," the petite boy nodded. "I'm Haruhi Fujioka," he introduced.

As her thoughts continued to clear, Kagome remembered the light argument that she'd heard as she woke up. 'Haruhi?' She thought. 'Didn't one of the others call Haruhi his Little Girl?' Shaking aside the thought for the moment, Kagome responded, "My name is Kagome Higurashi. It's nice to meet you."

"You're in our class, right?" Two voices spoke in perfect harmony as two identical faces appeared over Haruhi's shoulders. Kagome had to blink a few more times to make sure that she wasn't seeing double.

Studying the pair closely, Kagome realized that she did recognize them from class along with Haruhi. Nodding slowly so as not to aggravate her headache, she said, "Yeah, Class 1-A."

"Why haven't we ever seen you before?" A small blonde boy asked curiously as he hugged a pink plush rabbit to his chest.

Before Kagome could answer, the boy who had brought the water and aspirin opened a black folder and began to speak. "That's because Miss Higurashi only recently transferred into Ouran. Mid-term, am I correct?" He questioned her despite obviously already knowing the answer. At her small nod he continued. "You attended a much less exclusive high school in another part of Tokyo before coming here. Granddaughter of the resident priest of the Higurashi Shrine. I know that you aren't attending on a scholarship, so I'm curious as to how you were admitted?" The expectant gaze he settled on her made Kagome a little nervous.

"Kyouya-senpai!" Haruhi reprimanded. "You're being rude."

"Yes, Kyouya," the tall blonde boy to her left agreed. "Kagome has been through enough today without you interrogating her."

Kyouya snapped his folder shut as he turned to say something to the blonde only to be cut off by Kagome. "I'm sorry," she said as she looked at all of the handsome young men around her. "But who are all of you?"

The blonde beside her instantly turned towards her with a brilliant smile in place as he took her hand once more and leaned in close. "My dear lady," he spoke in low, smooth tones. "I am Tamaki Suoh, King of the Ouran Host Club and servant to your every whim."

Once the statement sank in, a choked laugh escaped Kagome's throat before her free hand flew to cover her mouth. She had a small flashback to a flirtatious monk with eyes a shade darker violet than the ones staring at her now.

Behind her she could hear the twins laugh loudly as Tamaki's face fell. "Looks like this is one girl who won't fall for your charms, boss," the slightly deeper voice of Hikaru crowed.

As a small argument and some good-natured ribbing began, Kagome watched the group with a slightly awed expression. Where had this group of teens been hiding during her two months at Ouran? She watched them tease and bicker and laugh, and she could only think one thing. 'They're like their own little family.'

"The Ouran Host Club?" Kagome questioned slowly, breaking through the arguing voices.

Seven sets of eyes turned to settle on her again as Tamaki beamed brightly at her once again. "That's right, princess," he said cheerfully. "The Ouran Host Club, where our sole promise is to please all who enter our doors," he finished with a flourished bow.

Kagome was silent for a while as she noticed a few of the club's members rolling their eyes at Tamaki's theatrics. "A…host club," she ventured tentatively. Tamaki straightened once more nodding proudly, but he stopped dead at Kagome's next words. "Can I join your club?"

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