They were very rarely separated from one another, and certainly never for an entire day. Pinky had been gone for three. Brain didn't know what to do about it, didn't know what to do with himself. Three days and now they were on to the third night. But this night, Brain was determined to locate his sidekick and bring him home. They had a world to take over! These scientists couldn't possibly need Pinky for more than an hour, at most.

The megalomaniac refused to believe that the irritation he felt had long since become worry. There was nothing to worry about. Nothing at all. Pinky was just fine! He had to be just fine. Brain was trembling as he unlocked the cage, using nothing more intricate than his crooked tail, and he scrambled across the counter in the direction they'd taken his friend. He wasn't even in behavioral testing any longer, but experimental. It was where they grew human ears on their backs or blinded them on purpose or- or any number of things that Brain didn't want to consider.

He ran through the doors that separated the area and gave a small shudder as he did each time he needed to venture into this half of the lab. Even the air felt different here, heavier and far more depressing. But he climbed onto a counter and looked around, seeking the familiar being, ears perked and alert for the familiar tic. Even if Pinky was snoring as he sometimes did, the mouse would be easy to discover.

But there were no tics, no familiar blue eyes in any of the cages he peeked into as he made his way along the creatures that were awake and alert looked back at him with eyes that made the megalomaniac shiver no matter what the emotion in them. The worst of them was hope, but he couldn't release any of them. A mass breakout would result in the lab closing and Brain just couldn't allow that to happen. Scientific discoveries were happening here and he couldn't halt that. Yet. He comforted himself with the reminder that he would be ruling the world and things would be different.

For now, though, he needed to move on and locate his companion. He would never take over if Pinky wasn't around to assist him. He shivered, not wanting to think about that. Of course Pinky would be around. This was temporary placement, just until he found him and dragged his friend back to their cage.

So the megalomaniac kept going until he finally heard the little snored narfs of his best friend. Eyes wide, Brain sprinted towards the noise and pressed himself against, to his surprise, glass. He peered in at Pinky, ears falling as he took in the sight of him. His belly was shaved, the black stitches clear against that pink skin.

Brain was wary of going inside the chamber, though every inch of him wanted to go in, needed to make sure that his sidekick was alright. But he seemed to be sleeping comfortably and there was a steady pulse sounding from a nearby machine. The fact that the scientists were actually monitoring his vitals made him shiver, but he climbed up to the top of Pinky's glass cage and went straight to a clipboard that rested on the top.

Unable to read most of the scribbles due to the atrociousness of the handwriting, Brain was scowling as he studied page after page of notes. What was most important, of course, was his friend's well-being. And it seemed that he was fine. Came through the surgery fine, though what they'd done to him was still largely a mystery. Brain was sure that once he was returned, for his return was imminent according to this page. Well, either imminent or iudeuiy. And iudeuiy wasn't a word in any English dictionary.

Alright. Alright, then. Pinky would be fine and back in the cage the following day. Brain nodded to himself, making a mental list of things to gather in the night to make sure Pinky was comfortable. Those stitches would still be sore and his very active cagemate would need to keep still, which meant lots of distractions would be required. He'd need crayons and music and little books for Brain to read to him.

Brain sighed, rubbing his brow. World domination would have to be halted for another few days while he recuperated from whatever this was, and then Brain would need to do an x-ray to make sure nothing had been implanted within him that would be detrimental to future plans. Why, if he'd gotten a tracking device put in his body, it would have to come out. Or Brain would have to find a way to disrupt the frequency it was on entirely.

Or take it over. That way, Brain would always know where Pinky was when he was gone at the store a worryingly long time. Hm. A tracking device would actually come in handy.

But there were other possibilities, of course, each one more worrying than the last. Brain just hoped it wasn't something he would have to remove. Putting his friend through more harrowing surgery and anesthesia wasn't a pleasant prospect. Sighing quietly, he rested his palm on the glass and gazed down at his sleeping friend, watching his foot kick a bit as he dreamed.

It was only for a moment, however. He had things to gather. So The Brain got to his feet and climbed back down, heading back to his half of the cage with his head bowed so he wouldn't have to see any of the other lab experiments.

So, StarShineDC and I blame Tom Ruegger's blog for this idea xD He posted an article about how scientists have discovered how to create baby mice using the DNA of two male mice. And he poked fun at Pinky and the Brain, of course. So, as you can now feel safe to assume, this fic will contain mpreg by the hands of science. Both of us don't usually go this route with fics, but we couldn't get the idea out of our heads and hey, it is by science lol. There is logic behind it! But, just as a warning, since mpreg does have the tendency to squick people out.

For those of you who don't mind it, however, we hope you enjoy it!