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. From The Back Of Beyond .


Everything hurt.

His whole body hurt like a mother and he couldn't even remember what the hell had happened to him.

Or he thought that he couldn't remember; because a second later, despite the white hot pain that he was feeling, he was on his feet, ready to fight whatever creature that was hiding behind the bush, under the mud or above the tree.

He looked around; sharp eyes checking every single corner.

But no, there wasn't anything. Not even a single red glitter which was the sign of a monster behind the bush.

For the thousandth or the millionth time he thanked whatever gods who was in charge, for those red eyes. If the monster's eyes weren't so shining his situation would've been way worse.

Something was different, though.

It was dark and he sure was in the middle of a creepy forest. But it wasn't as creepy as it used to be. It was different.

Somehow it felt more earthly; less like the underworld.

"The hell?" His eyes widened as the realization hit him. "I'll be damned."

And regardless of the excruciating pain, he started to laugh. He laughed so hard that it brought him to his knees and then the laughter turned to uncontrollable sobbing.

He had made it.

He was back on the earth.

He was free and he could see Sam.

And that was the last thing Dean Winchester thought before the darkness took him under.



... TBC ...



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