"Dean. I'm sorry. OK? You're right. I shouldn't have pushed it."

Dean turned his gaze to Sam. "Doesn't change the fact that you were right. Next time I zone out, we might-"

But then Dean fell silent and stared at Sam blankly for a few seconds before his body went rigid and suddenly he started to convulse again.


Sam was so shocked that didn't even realize when the nurses and Dean's doctor run into the room and pushed him aside, trying to help his brother. The seizure didn't last long, due to the meds they were giving Dean or whatever else they did; but afterwards, his brother was out of it again.

That was when it hit Sam.

Dean always had one of those seizures when he was too stressed or upset. He didn't know about Dean's first one, but every time that he'd witnessed one of Dean's seizures, it was after when Dean had got too upset.

Maybe that was the key, maybe if he could keep Dean from getting upset, his brother's seizures would stop happening.

Well, OK, that wasn't exactly an easy task, especially since Sam was sometimes too pushy and Dean was too stubborn and too hard on himself. But he could try. Right?

He kept reviewing every time that Dean had a seizure and went through different ways in his mind to keep Dean from getting too upset.

"Sam?" Dean's voice brought him back to the hospital room and he realized that he'd been lost in his thought for a while.

"Hey, You're gonna be fine. Just calm down, OK?" he said hastily.

Dean narrowed his eyes. "Actually, I'm pretty sure you look worse than I do at this moment. You alright?" Surprisingly, Dean didn't feel as groggy as he always did when waking up after having a seizure and decided to connect it to the drugs in his system.

"Yeah, I'm fine. I... Well, I think I know how to stop your seizures." Sam relied.

Dean's head was hurting, and not understanding what Sam's was saying was intensifying the pain. "What are you talki- Oh... The scan results back?"



Sam jumped a little when the second voice answered from the door.

"Sorry, didn't mean to startle you." the doctor smiled.

"Ah, it's OK. So, tell us, doc. What's the problem?"

"Well, how are you feeling Mr. Adams?" the doctor asked as he started to check Dean's pupils using his penlight.

Dean winced only slightly. "Call me Dean, and I'm fine."

"I assume you have a headache, but that's to be expected." The doctor nodded. "As I said earlier, your test results are back."

"And it's not good, is it?" Dean narrowed his eyes; the doctor was avoiding the answer and it never was a good sign.

"To be honest we couldn't find anything; there isn't any significant problem in your scans. But too may blows to the head can cause several different reactions. Brain is a mysterious organ."

"If there's nothing wrong, why do you look like I'm gonna die in a week or so? And yes, I know the look on the doctors' face when they have to deliver that kind of news."

"I didn't say there's nothing wrong; well, you're not gonna die for sure, we can control it. But the fact that your scans don't show anything is worrisome; there shouldn't be any seizure without a good reason."

'Huh, so he's just worried because he can't understand what's going on.' Sam thought. 'Well, that's not bad; I know what's going on. At least I think I do.'

"So basically you're saying that I shouldn't have seizures but I do?" Dean questioned.

"I'm saying that... Well, yes, that's what I'm saying." The older man shrugged. "Your seizures can be manageable, though. We'll run some more tests but I'm positive that with anti-epileptic drugs you can have it under control."

"You mean I have epilepsy?" Dean actually looked a little terrified. "I... Um, my life isn't exactly... Um, stress-less."

"Look Mr. Ad-... Umm, Dean, I'm not gonna lie to you here; we don't know exactly what's going on and in my experience that's not good. I'd suggest you to have a new set of tests in a better-equipped hospital but you still can control your seizures. Of course, it's only advised that you try to lower the level of stress in your life, but the medication we give you can pretty much control the problem."

"What are the chances that there's something wrong and you haven't seen it yet?" Sam asked.

"Well, the chances are pretty high. That's why I'm worried. Head traumas can be rather tricky and blows to the head can always lead to a head trauma."

When neither Dean nor Sam said anything for a few seconds, the doctor decided to leave them to evaluate their risks and decide on precautions. "If you don't have any questions, I'll leave you alone for now."

Dean didn't say anything else and Sam thanked the doctor for his help.

Dean sighed, "When can I leave?"

"Soon, I guess." Sam answered. "Look, Dean. I told you that I know what's causing your seizures. I'm not saying the doctor is wrong, but well, I've noticed that you only have them when you're upset."

"Excuse me?" Dean looked genuinely confused.

"Every single time that I watched you have a seizure has been after a heated argument or when you feel upset about something that you think you've done wrong. I mean, you probably have received some hard blows to the head in Purgatory and your last experience must've been hard, physically and mentally. Maybe it's your brain's way to demand you slow down. Maybe the doctors can't see anything wrong in your tests, because there's nothing major wrong."

"What are you implying, Sam?"

"I think we just need to keep you from getting upset or too stressed."

Dean snorted.

"Yeah, I know it's not easy."

"I don't get upset, Sam." Dean insisted.

Sam rolled his eyes. "Sure, whatever you like to call it. Seriously, Dean, do you prefer to retire and sit around idly? You hardly lasted one week and you were back from Purgatory and needed a lot of sleep and rest then."

"Shut up." Dean growled, not wanting to think about the time when he was too tired to move.

"My point is that we can take care of it. If you don't get upset and take your anti-epileptic drugs, then you wouldn't have to change your lifestyle."

"Sam, seizing has never bothered me really. Well, at least I'm not worried about it, unless I have one during a hunt and OK, your suggestion might help me with my seizures. Mostly. But what about the zoning out episodes? What about me being so jumpy? The other day I almost knocked that waitress out."

"I can help." Sam suggested.


"Do you trust me, Dean?" Sam cut him off.

"Do you even need to ask it?" Dean rolled his eyes.

"Then let me help, OK? Look, I'm not gonna ask you any more questions that you don't like to answer and I'll try my best to keep you from zoning out."

"You can't do that on a hunt. You don't even know what triggers those episodes. Hell, I don't know all of them. There are probably too many of them."

"We've been doing this for a month and it happened just once."

"Doesn't mean it can't happen again and next time I might not be fast enough." Dean looked away. Guilt was written all over his face.

"You might not be fast enough? Dean, recently I think there isn't anything for me to do in our hunts just because you're too fast and too sharp. The only perk of spending some time in Purgatory, I guess?"

"And when I told you it was boring you looked at me like I've lost my mind."

"Well, excuse me for finding it unbelievable that when I'm working my ass off to adjust myself to your pace you come out and say it's too slow and too boring."

Dean growled something under his breath that Sam didn't catch, but the amusement on Dean's face wasn't hard to see.

"You have two options." Sam suggested. "Either we retire from hunting and find something else to do, something that won't worsen your situation; or we both keep hunting, together. I'm not going anywhere and I so am not gonna let you walk away."

"Like you can stop me."

"Dean, please." He knew he couldn't stop his brother if he really wanted to take off. "Let's give it another shot. Man, don't you think I need backup while hunting?"

"A backup is supposed to have your back, Sam, not to have siestas during the hunt."

"Dean, for God's sake. It was a one time accident. And it hasn't been even one month since you've been back. You're hurting physically and mentally and-" Sam held his hand up to stop Dean from interrupting him. "And if you think I haven't noticed, then you're terribly wrong. I can see you wince and I can see you jump or zone out and except this last incident, they have never occurred during the hunts. I'm telling you, I will go and do every possible stupid thing that I can, if you walk away."

"Fine. But seriously, you've no right to complain the next time I try to strangle you. And it might not be after one of those stupid episodes."

"You won't. You'll miss me. You told me yourself, you waited too long to see me again."

"Well, I might get tired, as well. I tend to get bored or annoyed easily, these days." Dean smirked. "And you're too big for the trunk of Impala, now."

"Eww." Sam remembered the time when they were kids and Dean had locked him in the trunk of Impala to get rid of his whini-... Whatever. Sam shook his head. Stupid Jerk.

"Yeah." Dean chuckled.

"Impala's trunk isn't the only place that I've experienced."

"Not my fault you've always been a shrew."

"Shut up. So, do we have a deal?"

"You do realize that there shouldn't be any force behind a deal, right?" Dean yawned.

"So we have a deal."

"Next time I wake up, I want the nurse here instead of you." The older brother growled." She's cute, unlike you, and she doesn't make me feel like I'm talking to a wall."

"I'm sure that doesn't have anything to do with the number you've been trying to give her."

Dean cracked one eye half open and smirked. "Give me some credit, Bro. I haven't lost my touch. We're past that phase."

"Of course, you are. What was I thinking?"

"You weren't."

"Aww, God. What did I do? I could've gotten rid of you." Sam groaned.

"Don't say I didn't warn you."

"I might strangle you, too. Will you hold it against me if I do?"

"Nah, go ahead and try. See who wins."

Sam pouted and leaned back, his arms crossed over his chest.

Dean stifled his laugh but couldn't hide his smirk before drifting off.

Sam sighed in relief but shook his head and murmured a 'jerk' under his breath before closing his eyes and dozing off in the chair beside Dean's bed.

He'd prayed and given almost his all just to experience this moment again.

It was the most precious thing in the world. For both of them.



-The End-



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