They weren't a simple thing. They didn't much like one another – he respected her, but she never respected him; she was a human and he thought himself a god – but they, somehow, in some crazy way, loved each other.

It wasn't an easy thing. They had to sneak around – he would cast spells and she would lie – but it was worth it.

It wasn't a moral thing. He was evil, she knew that. But it didn't matter.

Nothing mattered, except the little things. The things that the mind could try all it wanted to deny, but the heart could never ignore.

His voice as he spoke of his travels in the in-betweens of the universe, silky and rough all at once.

The flash of her hair as she rounded the corner, like a fire on a faraway hilltop.

Her steely expression as she strode towards him, as if she never harbored any secret doubts.

His quiet determination to ignore the shadows that crept closer at night, because he could at least pretend that they would push the darkness away, together.

The heat of her skin against the cool of his.

The way that she didn't have to be strong for him; the way he made her weak.

The way he wasn't weak to her; the way she made him strong.

Their lips meeting, and sparks flying.

How their hands fit perfectly, entwined finger for finger.

No, it wasn't simple. It wasn't moral, and it wasn't easy. But that never meant that it wasn't right.