Everyone's Game

Chapter 1:

The sound of the anthem played throughout the arena that night meaning no deaths took place today. That brought a smile to Clove who was walking through the dark forest alone. The knife throwing girl now knew that Katniss was still alive somewhere, and Clove wondered exactly that somewhere was.

Clove only saw Katniss once since the games began and that was when she almost casually threw a knife in the back of the pitiful district 9 boy. Clove laughed when the boy spluttered his blood all over Katniss's face whom were both fighting over a pack at the Cornucopia only seconds before Clove killed him. That district 9 boy was her first kill in the games and she planned to add a lot more names to that list with Katniss the girl on fire leading the way.

The other careers were all back at camp sleeping and Clove was suppose to keep watch until her shift was over and then Glimmer would take her place. But once again the knife girl had ventured out of the perimeters of their camp in hopes of running into Katniss. With each passing night no luck was granted to Clove and she still couldn't find any sign of the girl.

Clove tried to keep her solo adventures a secret because if anyone especially Cato finds out it would end badly for her. Clove knew first hand how ruthless Cato could be having grown up with him in district 2 she knew that he had a very dark half even darker than hers. Cato also had let it be known that it was going to be him that who took out the girl on fire. So Clove didn't want Cato to known then he would think that she was going behind his back, which she sort of was.

The knife thrower walked around the woods keeping close the campsite making sure she did not travel to far. Last time she went out to far and came back a few minutes late Glimmer almost alarmed Cato of her disappearance. Clove couldn't have that happen again, and Glimmer seem to eager these days trying to find ways to get Clove on Cato's bad side. Clove wondered what Glimmer's hidden agenda was and why it involved having Clove in trouble with Cato.

Her time was up and she made her way back to camp before Glimmer woke up. Just in time the blonde-headed girl was stirring from her sleep, Clove notice how close Glimmer laid by Cato. Glimmer opened her bright blues and narrowed them at Clove who was beginning to get ready for sleep.

Clove was getting pissed at having Glimmer bearing her eyes at her back. "Can I help you with something?" asked Clove. Glimmer walked over to her and whispered in her ear, "Have you found your girlfriend yet?" Clove whipped her head around facing Glimmer who was smiling at her in a teasing way.

Clove pulled a knife out of her vest aiming it between the middle of Glimmer's forehead. Her tight grip on the blade turned her hand white. "I don't know what the hell you are talking about bitch." Glimmer rolled her eyes unfazed from the fact that Clove was aiming a knife at her head. "Yeah right you're not as discreet with the whole "I am in love with Katniss" routine as you may think". Glimmer began walking around her like a predator cornering their prey.

"How many nights has the thought of Katniss writhing beneath you kept you up huh?" Glimmer was enjoying taunting Clove and watching the girl begin to emotionally fall apart before her eyes. Clove's face turned red with rage. "You don't know a damn thing about me so just shut the fuck up before I make you!" yelled Clove who began stepping closer to Glimmer with her knife in hand.

"And how will you shut me up by drowning your tongue down my throat like you imagine you would to do to Katniss?" Glimmer busted out laughing and that's when Clove had enough and tackled the other girl to the ground. The thought of having her tongue down Glimmer's throat repulsed her. Clove used her free hand to punch Glimmer in the face breaking her nose as blood oozed out. Glimmer wasn't a physical match against Clove and so over powering her was useless. Clove began beating Glimmer's head against the ground hard and the girl was starting to lose consciousness fast. But before Clove could do anymore damage she felt strong hands lift her off Glimmer.

Cato and Marvel held Clove pinned down who was screaming with rage trying to get back to finishing off Glimmer. "Clove!" yelled Cato his deep strong voice echoed throughout the area. Cato looked down at her red-faced and breathing hard and he kept his strong grip on her pinning her down. Marvel back away fast not wanting to get in between the district 2 partners.

Clove still struggled against Cato but he only tightened his grip further on her. She finally stopped struggling against him and her let her up eyeing her dangerously. Cato threw up his hands and ran them through his hair frustrated with his teammates. He finally let out a sign and relaxed. "You know what I don't even give a fuck about why you were beating the shit out of Glimmer or what is going between you two." Cato said. With that said the boy went back to his sleeping bag to get his lost rest. There more important things to worry about then trying to resolve a squabble between two girls. Marvel attended to Glimmer's wounds and volunteered to take the girl's shift watch so his partner could recover.

Clove's hands were bloody from beating Glimmer and they throbbed painfully and the girl realized that she dropped her knife somewhere but she wasn't gonna try and find it now. "Clove go take a walk to the lake and clean yourself up and don't come back until you are you're self again." called Cato.

Clove laughed to herself at the irony this was herself the cold hearted, ruthless career killer that she trained her own life to become. There was really no going back to the small amount of innocence she once had before she was old enough to even know what the hunger games was.

The knife girl finally made her way to the lake that was not to far from the campsite but it was far enough where she didn't have to worry about being spied on by Marvel. Clove hated him just as much as she did Glimmer.

Clove washed her bloody hands off in the lake until they were gleaming clean and not covered in Glimmer's blood. She then refilled her empty water bottle and dropped some purification in the water and waited awhile before she began drinking it. The girl decided to sit along the lake's shore and try to enjoy the calming silence of the night. But it was cold tonight and Clove's breath shot out of her mouth and nose as she exhaled the oxygen. The girl drew her hooded jacket closer around her body thinking of a warm bed and well warm anyting.

Clove was tossing a spare knife in her hands when she saw a shadow across the lake move in the trees. Clove didn't move and watched closely for any signs of the moving shadow. The knife girl was thinking of many things it could be like a muttation, or a tribute, or even Katniss!

Clove could not believe her eyes as she watched said girl dropped down from the trees making her way to the lake. Clove knew Katniss had not spotted her yet and Clove knew it was her only chance alone to face off with the girl one on one. Katniss was to busy getting water from the lake to fill her bottle to notice Clove slipping through the shadows undetected towards her.

Clove moved like a panther she silently mader her way to Katniss's side of the lake. When Katniss had gotten enough water in her bottle she made to get up but a cold and sharp object was laid across her throat. Katniss didn't move for fear she may get her throat slit and trying to turn to see who her would be assailant was proved difficult, as the person had grabbed her braid in a tight grip keeping her head in place.

But even so Katniss already knew who it was. "You're hurting my head Clove." Katniss said to the girl. Looked at the back of Katniss head in disbelief and let her braid go. "How did you know it was me?" asked Clove. Katniss stood up and face the other girl blushing. "I kind of over heard you guys a little while ago and I saw you walking this way...so I followed you." Clove's eyes widened at Katniss. "So you mean you were eavesdropping then." Clove accused . "It's not really eavesdropping when you guys talk loud enough that anyone not even a mile away could hear." shrugged Katniss.

Clove looked at the trees then back at Katniss. "This whole time since the games started you've been in the trees?" Clove asked her . Katniss nodded her head yes and smiled a little at Clove. Clove eyed her suspiciously not liking nor trusting the other girl's smile. It didn't cross her mind that Katniss would travel through the trees. So instead of looking down she should have been searching up for Katniss. All this damn time she's been in the trees like a freaking monkey, Clove thought she was slightly amused at Katniss's choice of survival tactics. But Clove knew that not many of the tributes this year was as adept in tree climbing like Katniss would be except for that little twelve year old girl from district 11. But being in the trees was a whole lot safer than being on the ground.

Katniss crossed her arms looking at Clove. "Well so now you've finally found me what are going to do?" Katniss asked. Clove realized that Katniss knew a lot more than she let on. "You knew I've been looking for you the whole time then?" Clove asked the girl. "Yeah I have since I've been stalking you since the bloodbath." Katniss admitted. "And I know that you haven't been trying to find just so you could hurt me right?" added Katniss as she took small steps closer to Clove.

Clove sneered at the girl. "No I'm saving you all for Cato he will be happy once he's got his hands on you." Katniss came even closer to Clove who stood her ground not backing away, she held a knife in her right hand that she kept hidden with the sleeve of her jacket. "Do you really want Cato to have all of me?" Clove's breath hitched at Katniss's words. "I am curious as to how many nights the thought of me has kept you awake?" asked Katniss who then reach out to softly stroke Clove's unique pony tail.

Clove leaped back from Katniss. "Don't touch me and as for my sleepless nights that's none of your damn business." threaten Clove. Katniss let out a sign she was getting no where with Clove.

"It's okay to feel what you feel for me Clove and to embrace those emotions." Katniss tried to make the girl see that her feelings were being returned. "Fuck off fire girl the only emotion I have for you is a sadistic one in which I relish in happiness of torturing you sometime soon." Clove said darkly. At that moment Katniss didn't doubt Clove's cold words directed at her.

"I knew this was a bed idea." Katniss said softly, she let her eyes trail the ground refusing to meet Clove in the eyes. Clove knew that she had hurt the other girl's feelings and felt a little uneasy as she struggled to apologize to Katniss. After a few minutes of silence Katniss decided it would best to just leave and forget this ever happened.

The girl on fire turned to leave but she stopped when she felt Clove's soft grip on her arm. "Wait please...I'm sorry about what I said I'm just so confused and-" Clove didn't finish her sentence as Katniss pulled her in close to her warm body. Brown eyes met light gray eyes and Katniss whispered to Clove softly, "Just kiss me already Clove." Clove allowed herself to reach out with her hands and grasp the sides of Katniss's face bringing the other girl closer to her. Their breathes intermingled with one another until the distance between closed. Clove brushed her lips lightly against Katniss's and the other girl shivered at the touch of their lips on one another. It's what they have been wanting to do since they first saw each other. And Clove finally relaxed letting her hidden feelings for Katniss out and free.

This is crazy I should be calling for Cato or trying to capture the girl instead I'm out here kissing her! Clove began to panic and pull away but Katniss held her firmly by her knife covered vest not wanting to let her go. Cloved felt Katniss trace her soft tongue over her bottom lip but was hesitant to open her mouth fully for the girl. Clove yelped when Katniss gave a sharp bite to her lip and the girl on fire delved into Clove's warm mouth. Their tongues did not fight against one another but moved together as one. Clove moaned at the strong sensation of having her tongue glide together with Katniss's.

Katniss had wrapped her arms around Clove's neck she brushed her body against Clove's needing more contact from her. Clove quickly wrapped her own arms around Katniss's curvacious waist until there was no more space left to fill between them.

The two girls didn't pull away from each other until they finally needed to breathe. Clove decided that she now desperately wanted the district 12 girl all of her. Clove pulled Katniss against her again and with a surge of confidence she began to untie the girl's belt around her cargo pants. Katniss pulled away from Clove with a look of panic in her gray eyes. "We can't Clove we could be on TV write now." Katniss warned. The thought of stripping naked and making love with Clove was something she did not want to be broadcast all over the nation of Panem to see.

Clove could careless about what other people see or think but it meant a lot to Katniss so she didn't push the girl any further with the issue. The artificial sun was beginning to rise over the arena and Katniss and Clove knew it was past time for them to part ways. Clove could hear Marvel calling her name but she didn't respond to his calls. Katniss gathered her backpack and turned to face Clove again before she left. "I really did enjoy this." said Katniss blushing shyly. Clove reached out to give her a final kiss good-bye. "So did I." Clove said truly meaning it.

"And don't worry about trying to find me again, I'm never to far behind so I will find you." Katniss said as she climb a tree and was soon out of sight. Clove missed her already. The district 2 girl picked up her water bottle and began her walk back to Cato and the others.

Everyone was up when she got back. Glimmer kept shooting Clove death glares but the girl was now supporting bruised nose and a black eye. Clove smirked at Glimmer then she met Cato's gaze he found nothing funny at all. Clove noticed that all their gear was packed up and she realized she must have been gone far longer then she thought.

Cato stood up and walked over to her placing his heavy hand on her shoulder. "Is everything alright now we all good?" asked Cato. Clove just nodded her head yes briefly meeting his eyes. "Good because we need everyone at one hundred percent well almost everyone." Cato looked at Glimmer's bruised face and shook his head. "It's time to go tribute hunting!"

Marvel was more than ready to get a few of his polished spears dirty, and Cato has been itching to kill just as bad as anyone else. "I'm ready to see what you are gonna do to that district 12 bitch." said Marvel laughing. Clove clinched her hands into fist as her heard what Marvel called Katniss. But she didn't dare let the emotion show on her face in case Cato noticed but he didn't he was to busy examining his sword to care about anything else right now. But Glimmer was another story she knew Clove's secret about her and Katniss. As of right now Glimmer held all power over Clove and she knew it.

"Lets go." Cato barked at the others. Marvel gathered his and Glimmer's belongings. Clove carried only her backpack and her water bottle in her hand. The careers were heading east of the area where most of the tributes have taken refuge. Cato told the others to expect endless shots of the cannon tonight because no one was to be spared from their powerful might and another bloodbath was coming soon. Marvel couldn't wait he tried to keep up with Cato expressing to the boy his excitement and the many different ways to make the tribute's death a more enjoyable event for the Capitol.

Clove rolled her eyes at Marvel who thought that by the way you killed someone in a special unique fashion would guarantee extra sponsors. It was a silly notion if you asked her no cares how anyone is killed so long as it's good and bloody enough. Marvel's ever growing arrogance was one thing that made Clove despise him.

Clove thought of Katniss and wondered where she was now. Somewhere swinging through the trees and beating her chest like a wild ape I bet. Clove smiled a little at the thought of imagining Katniss doing just that. She looked behind her and further into the forest hoping to catch a glimpse of the girl o fire but she couldn't see anything thanks to the bright rays of the sun. Clove turned back around and nearly crashed into Glimmer who all of a sudden stopped dead in her tracks.

"What were you looking at Clove or...for?" Glimmered demanded. Clove walked around the girl. "I was just seeing which tree would be best to hang you to death in they all look so promising." Glimmer cursed at the knife girl and stepped dangerously close in her face not breaking her eye contact with Clove. "You know I know whats going on between you and that district 12 bitch so don't play coy with me little girl." threaten Glimmer. "You are going to do what I say from now on unless you want Cato to know about you and her." Clove knew she was in deep shit with Glimmer, and blackmailing was a dirty thing to play even in the hunger games themselves.

Glimmer didn't wait for Clove's reply and she just smiled and ran to catch up with Cato and Marvel. Clove held back from the group stunned. Cato notice her falling behind and told her to keep up. Glimmer's last words echoed in her head. "I'm going to ruined you and her."