Couples Counselling

Chapter 3

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A/N: It's Itachi and Kisame time on the hickory dickory clock. I don't know why I said that, but it's true! It's time for an Itachi and Kisame fic. Sexual references, you've been warned. I still need some Tobi and Zetsu ideas, I think I have one but I want to know what you guys come up with. I don't know if this will have a happy ending or not but I think it will. Happy Itachi and Kisame fic. Hm, I wonder what would happen if I didn't say Itachi's name first. Kisame and Itachi fic. *Itachi comes in the room and goes Mangekyou Sharigan on my ass*. So, THAT'S what happens! Ok, enjoy the piece.

I immediately froze when satin and satin's puppet entered my room. Or at least they're satin and satin's puppet to me, most people call them Itachi and Kisame. They sat in front of me Itachi seemed to be elsewhere and Kisame was defiantly pissed. I snapped myself out of my terrified trance and started the session.

"So, um, what seams to be the problem?"

"ITACHI WON'T TALK TO ME!" Itachi came back to the real world when he heard Kisame say his name but remained silent.

"Well Itachi? Why aren't you talking to Kisame?"



"Uchihas don't talk." UGH!

"You just did."

"…" GRRRRRRRR! ITACHI WILL NEVER GIVE IN TO ME OR KISAME! Suddenly, noises could be heard coming from both above my room and below. It sounded creaking and moaning. Below was Hidan's sacrificial chamber and above was the artists' room. For some reason Hidan's sacrificial chamber had a bed in it but no one really knew why. He always proclaimed it was because sometimes after rituals he's so tired he can't make it back to his room. I guess there are other reasons as well. I remembered the broom corner and got an idea.

"Hey can one of you guys get that broom in the corner for me?" I pointed behind them to show them where it was but they didn't even bother turning to look. Instead, Itachi eyes started swirling.

"OK, OK! I'LL GET IT!" I threw my hands up in a defensive way. I got up and got the broom. I banged it on the roof of my bedroom.

"KEEP IT DOWN UP THERE!" I stopped banging on the roof and banged on the floor.

"SHUT UP!" Everything grew silent. I sighed and sat back down, making sure to keep the broom near me just encase. Now what was I doing? Oh yeah, counselling them. UH!

"Itachi please try to have a conversation with Kisame. Right here, right now! I'll be watching the whole time so that nothing too inappropriate comes up or so the neither of you attack each other."

"I must find foolish little brother and take his eyes. I want his eyes."

"Itachi, please! I want to talk with you not about Sasuke or the sharingan but about anything else!"

"No foolish little brother?"

"NO!" Please don't push it Kisame. I don't want to have to scrap you off the walls for the next 10 years of my life!

"Alright, what do you want to talk about Kisame?" Wait, he's actually talking? YES! Now I won't have to listen to them for 15 hours straight!


"Hey! You guys seem to be doing fine now, so go back to Hell, I MEAN your room. Yes, your room. Bye." I was pushing them out of my room the whole time I was talking so I would be free. Then I remembered I have to do more people! WILL THIS NIGHTMARE EVER END!

A/N: YAY! It's finally done! I got stuck half way through this so the ending is a bit crappy but hey I did my best! Tobi and Zetsu next but I'm stuck for ideas so either I'll take quite a while to post it. Give me your ideas people I'm stuck! Hope you enjoyed this story, I'll try to make the next one better.