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Chapter 1. Summers Fragrance

On Kinmoko

In the palace the princess didn't sleep soundly as she hadn't for many nights, ever since the battle with Galaxia, they had now returned home from Earth nothing felt right.

It was Yaten's turn to guard the princess while she slept, he sat in the chair beside her bed dozing.

Her dream was as clear as the white moon's light on Earth, and what she saw made her jolt awake screaming.

With this brought Seiya and Taiki to her room and Yaten saying 'What did I do'?

Taiki asked 'Are you okay Princess?'

'Yes thank you, no need to worry Taiki. But I believe we will be paying a little visit to someone shortly Seiya will be very happy to see in a couple of days'. Said Kakyuu

Seiya gasped and had a humungous grin on his face.

Taiki and Yaten both said together 'Could it possibly be a certain white moon princess?'

All Princess Kakyuu did was stick out her tongue and said 'All will be revealed in good time'.

Seiya, Yaten and Taiki looked at each other and grinned.

After they had left the room Kakyuu stared off into space wondering what prompted that dream, 'I wonder why the star's want us to protect her so badly, it's not like the stars and planets are all that close. It must mean that she's an important part of our future as well'.

While Seiya, Yaten, Taiki and Kakyuu were packing happily for their trip things weren't going so well in the future.