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Chapter 10


A red flag flutters in the breeze, it has a black greecian ring, a black shadow of a pheonix in flight and writing in a forgotten language.

A young man with blonde hair sat on his throne watching the view finder, watching the light display coming off the Moon.

'So the time has come' thought the Prince

'Your highness, we have heard word from the Moon, that Earth has broken the treaty' explained his guardian

'Thank you Phoenix, you may leave' says the prince.

Phoenix opened his great wings and flew from his perch out into the gardens.

The prince flicked his wrist and was shown another screen, one he was more than happy to watch.

'After I'm done watching I might go pay a visit' thought the prince happily.

'Sister!' called the Prince

A figure with long red hair comes dashing into the throne room through large oak doors.

'Yes, brother?' asks the Princess

'Prepare yourself, we are going to welcome our dearest to her throne' says the Prince

The Princess smiles 'About time brother, we have been waiting so long'

'Yes,we have, ever since the Earth interferred many eons ago, and Queen serenity and he banished us from beside our princess'. Exclaimed the Prince

The Princess sighed 'Brother, that is long in the past, we now have our chance, and we shall take it, I will be ready in an hour'.

'Ah, I am so happy today' says the princess

'As am I Sarlie, as am I' smiled the prince.

A/N: I've introduced our first OC's, what do you think of them? I don't describe the prince more as his face is shadowed, and the princess's face is also shadowed. I was unable to picture their eyes and features at this stage. But I have a feeling they will show in a couple more chatpers. On with the story.

Change of scene: Moon

The girls all stood staring at the shield above them, once it settled the light faded and you could no longer see the shield.

MY guardians hearing their names called one by one they all turned towards the sound and found it was coming from towards the castle.

Before they can move hey are all surrounded by a silver light and transported, they all land on the floors of the throne room heavily.

'Ouch, that hurt' exclaimed Mercury

'Couldn't they be alittle bit gentler?' asked Neptune

After standing up, dusting off and helping the others up, they finally all peer at new surroundings.

'Wow, our Princess sure has been busy' say's Venus

'I think you should changed that wording Venus, have a look' say's Saturn

All the senshi look towards where Pluto is pointing, 'Serenity' they scream together.

Putting her fingers to her lips, 'Shh, she's reasting' say's Uranus who was kneeled beside her.

Uranus lifts her off the ground, and something falls to the ground, it rolls a couple of times.

After Uranus puts down her sleeping princess she comes back into the throne room.

The object is still rolling across the marble floor, where Luna decides to put her paw out and touch it.

A blinding golden light comes out of Luna's crescent moon.

Once the light clears, 'Artemis, what are you looking at? If you don't close your mouth you are going to catch flies' exclaimed Luna

'There are no clies on the moon Luna, Artemis them touches the object too, a silver light emits from his crescent moon, 'Now do you see why I was so shocked Luna?' asks Artemis stepping out of the light in his human form.

Everyone is gobsmacked, the last time they had seen Artemis and Luna in human form... was...


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