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Chapter 15:

The Moon

Upon landing there was no one to be seen.

'Other visitors have arrived and are waiting in the reception room, follow me and I'll take you there' instructed Uranus

Uranus opened the door, everyone looked shocked that he would show his face here.

'You're on your own now boys' said Uranus

Rei was giving Jason daggers, Amy was giving the cold shoulder to Zach, Lita looked ready to kill Nick, and Mina decided to break the ice 'Hello Ken, nice to see you again' with a look of pure malice.

The boys jointly gulped and tried to talk to their princesses, but they had none of it.

'What are you doing here Darien?' asked a squeeky voice.

All turned to see Chibi-usa, with a Chibi Chibi hiding behind her shyly, not quite sure how to act with these strangers.

'Oh, thank you kami, our daughter still lives, but there seems to be something different about her, and who is that other child' frowned Darien.

Chibi Chibi decided at that moment to pipe up and ask 'Where's mummy?' and Saturn answered after opening the door, 'She was right behind me Chibi Chibi, she'll be here shortly.

(Because of you by After School played in the back ground).

Click click click 'I hope I didn't keep you waiting too long' said Serenity entering the room.

To say she was beautiful was an understatement 'Darien, if you don't close your mouth, your going to catch flies' said Serenity humerously.

Chibi chibi ran over to her and threw herself into her mothers arms 'Mummy' she squeeled.

'Mummy?' Darien thought, his blood was starting to boil, this child wasn't his.

Uranus could see he was tensed up and crossed her arms sending a telepathic message 'Don't even think about it'

'Brother it is nice to see you again, hope you plan to stay longer this time' said Serenity smiling.

Jason laughed 'So long as you don't call me Jericho again, whatever possessed mother do call me that we will never know. He walked over and hugged his sister 'It is so good to see you again' said Jason

'Solaria, Kinmoku, and the asteroids have accepted coming to the coronation your highness' said Pluto as she walked in.

As she walked into the room she could sense the tension between the prince and her queen.

'It is good to see you again prince endymion' said Pluto

'It is also good to see you Setsuna' said Endymion.

Seiya was staring at Endymion, and he at Seiya, they were eyeing each other preparing for battle if need be.

'Can you two please behave yourselves, this is supposed to be a happy night, you can tear each other to shreds another time and I'm sure a few of us would gladly assist.' said Uranus.


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