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Chapter 16:


Darien stood gobsmacked looking at his princess 'No, she's not my princess anymore, there's something different about her'he thought.

'Thank you for coming, if you pick a senshi and follow her, she will show you to your room, laking a senshi please ask the computer and it will guide you' said Usagi

'Please make your selves at home while we finish preparing for the party and the rest of our guests' said Usagi

'Chibi-usa I believe that the asteroid senshi are here, can you please guide them in?' asked Usagi

Chibi-usa in her princess dress ran off happily towards the entry hall, where you could hear many happy squeals.

'If you excuse me I have other guests to greet who have just arrived' said Usagi turning to leave the room towards the transportation device.


New people entered the room guided by chibi-usa, they recognised the asteroid senshi from when they fought the dark moon circus.

'For those of you who don't know, these girls will become my guardians in the future, Ves Ves, Pala Pala, Jun Jun and Imogen' said Chibiusa


Usagi stood waiting in her princess form at the device waiting for her last lot of guests as those from Kinmoku wouldn't be arriving until the day after the party.

She was some what nervous, she hadn't seen these two in years.

The portal opened and the two figures standing there were smiling happily at her, one was stood in senshi attire, her high heels were gold, her skirt was gold bordered with red, her broach was a golden sun, her bow was red and back bow was gold, her eyes were warm and friendly hazel with flecks of gold. Her hair was red and was in a long braid that hung over her shoulder. She held a staff in her hand that was a large golden sun shaped like that of a star, its staff leading off it was gold and had a very intricate pattern that looked celtic.

Her male companion had messy blonde hair, kind and expressive blue eyes the colour of the earths ocean from space. He was smiling, clearly happy to see her, he was wearing golden suit, he had a pocket watch sat where his tie should be, it was in the shape of a sun star. His boots were black, and his cape was silver, he had no need for a mask he didn't need to hide himself from this woman.

Usagi ran up and forgetting she was a lady in a very long dress jumped and embraced them both happly.

They walked happily side by side until they reach the room where the others were waiting, Usagi stepped forward and introduced them.

'Please welcome Sailor Sun, also known as Princess Salaria, also known as Sarlie, stood beside her is her brother, as we know him Sunlight Knight, also known as Prince Sol, also known as Travis. They are visting us from the Sun Kingdom Solaria, please make them welcome' said Usagi.

Seiya and Endymion stood glaring at the prince as if sensing a threat from him.

The prince just glared back, he turned as if ignoring them to address their princess.

Bringing her hand to his lips, he kisses it lightly continuing to hold her soft hand, he looks up into her eyes, seeing the jealousy coming off the two glaring he smirks 'It is nice to see you again Princess' he said his voice sounding like a soft lovers caress, it sent shivers up her spine to hear his voice again.

Not knowing how to answer him she blushes, and smiles back at him. Enjoying the feel of his warm hand in hers, it was as if all those around them had disappeared and they were in their own little world.

Sarlie looks on smiling, glad that they would be back together like this, she notices Seiya watching her and blushes.

Seiya not interested in Usagi no more, walks over to the Sun Princess and greets her, taking her hand they get a blast from the past in memories.

'It is nice to see you again Princess' said Seiya

'It is nice to see you again too Prince' said Sarlie

Seiya turns and walks over to Mina, 'It is nice to have a memory of you cousin' he said.

Mina now having her memory back 'Seiya, your the long lost prince of the moon!' said Mina

'As the moon is a matriarchal society you were sent on a peace keeping mission with Kinmoku, there you fell in love with Sarlie who was also there for peace keeping, you stayed to help Kinmoku fight, and Sarlie returned to the sun to help protect Usagi' explained Mina

Endymion was feeling very jealous of the prince stood over next to Usagi, he was still holding HIS princesses hand. His hands were clenched in the form of a fist and were shaking in anger, his jaw was clenching and unclenching. To keep himself from snapping he stormed out of the room knocking over Usagi in the process. He didn't care what the concequences were anymore, and disappeared back to earth to sulk.


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