Chibi-usa ran through the corridors of the palace, she was so scared, she knew something was wrong in the past.

She tugged her time key out of her shirt and prayed for Luna P and herself somewhere safe. At the gates of time Pluto heard her plea and opened the gates and sent her back in time.

Along this corridor there were two travelling a light pink and a bright pink light, two people heading for safety.

Sailor Pluto felt the two in the portal and was worried, for the first time in millennia, Setsuna felt the bonds to the Gate slip, and knew she was needed elsewhere.

Chibi-usa landed on the grass with a thump and Luna P hit her on the head, before coming to a rest beside her.

Suddenly Luna P started beeping and the portal re-opened, something small and warm who smelt like cherry blossoms landed right on top of her.

It took them a while to untangle the limbs.

Chibi-usa came too and all she could smell was her mother's perfume '…Mummy…' she said

Wait a minute thought chibi-usa 'my mum is in the future, then who is this.' She rubbed her eyes to clear her vision.

'I really don't think we are in Tokyo anymore' thought Chibi-usa


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