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Chapter 4


Last time on Neo Crystal Tokyo: Usagi caught Darien in the act, Chibi-usa went back to the past with an unknown someone , the starlights are somehow in on this, and Setsuna got reassigned. Now on with the story.

Usagi was running as fast as she could through the streets, dodging people and cars as she went. Finally running out of breath she found herself in the park, she lies down on the grass huffing and puffing as she tried to regain some semblance of a hold on her emotions. She is looking up at the moon, it is full and bright, but the light it shone on her only made her feel more lonely.

Now calm she sits up, a rogue tear drops on her locket and it starts to emit a silver light. Standing up she lets the comforting power of the crystal envelope her, she is instantly transformed to Eternal Sailor moon. Closing her eyes she prays to go where she is needed.

Hotaru sat in her room and was having a premonition, the birght purple light faded as she fainted.

The other's found her like this, and ran over to her, Amara starts gently shaking her to wake her up.

Her eyes open 'We need to call a scout meeting, urgently'. She then promptly falls asleep.

Amara quietly closes the door, 'Do you sense anything wrong in the time lines Setsuna?'

'No, Amara I don't, it has been very quiet these last few days, but it has stopped me returning several times. I can tell by this that something is happening, it has never done this before' said Setsuna. ' What about you Michiru?' Asked Setsuna.

Michiru pulls out her mirror, it lights up and they all gather round to watch what it shows them. They are shown everything that happened apart from Usagi leaving.

'Hotaru was right, this is of severe importance. We must call a meeting urgently'.

The inners are all at Rei's temple, Rei and Mina are sat on the deck, while Lita stands braced against the strut of the deck and Amy sits on the floor in front of them. Luna is on Amy's lap and Artemis is on Mina's, Darien is yet to make a show.

'Hey Luna, why did you call the meeting?' Asked Lita

Before she could answer Darien came running up to them, slightly out of breath from the distance from his flat to the shrine.

'What's up you guy's, and where's Usagi' Asks Darien

'That's what we'd like to know' Say's Amara threateningly.

The tension between the inners and the outers was so thick you could cut it with a knife.

'Well obviously she's not here' says Rei snarkely.

Amara almost goes and slaps her but Michiru stops her.

To everyone's shock both Amy and Michiru get up and slap Rei, 'How can you not be worried about the Princess' Say's Michiru, Amy adds 'its our duty not just as guardians but as friends'. Both look at each other and blush, not really sure of how they managed to know what to say or do.

'Well, clearly you guy's aren't interested in helping us to locate your so called friend' Says Amara as she turns to leave.

The outers find after following Usagi's energy trail they find themselves at the park where Usagi left us.

Michiru is looking at her mirror very determinedly 'You look so hot when you concentrate' Says Amara, 'You're not making this easy by destracting me Amara!' Argues Michiru. Amara just pokes her tounge out and leaves Michiru to it.

Come on Princess, give us a hint thought Michiru. Just as if her prayer was answered a sparkle appeared in her mirror.

Michiru jumps up and down and squeals happily 'What the heck is up with you, your acting much like the princess' Says Setsuna.

She tilts her head to the left, and puts a finger to her cheek looking inquisitive 'There's a problem with that?' She asks.

Hotaru smiles, and the others just look at her like she's gone crazy.

Michiru holds up her transformation stick and she transforms 'Well, you coming?' she asks

The others waste no time joining her and forming a circle 'Where are we going?' Asks Hotaru.

'You'll see' Say's Michiru

Neptune Crystal Power
Pluto Crystal Power
Saturn Crystal Power
Uranus Crystal Power

Sailor Teleport !

With a swish of their powers enveloping them in a multicoloured shield bubble they left the Earth's surface behind.

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