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Chapter 5


After Chibi-usa had sat up, she couldn't see any familiar objects. But she could smell her mothers perfume, after pushing the figure off her she is able to see that this child looks so much like her mother.

She must be from the future, mummy only has me at the moment thought Chibi-usa

Standing up they decide to explore, the first thing that they come across is a courtyard with a statue of eternal sailor moon. The garden is very beautiful, but none of the plants look or smell like they do at home.

Tummies start grumbling and they follow smells from cooking to the kitchen, the cook not able to deny children gives them a small pastry, which is very spicy and savoury. Chibi-usa has never tasted anything like it and scoffs it down quickly enjoying every morcel.

While Chibi-usa and Chibi-chibi are eating the cook has alerted the guards of the unknown children who appeared from no where.

Seiya runs like the wind hoping since the star seed energy was familiar that is was Usagi, he is very shocked when he finally gets to the kitchen this is not what I hoped for thought Seiya.

Approaching the children from behind, he startles Chibi-usa who jumps up, so startled by this her transformation took hold.

Seiya stood there amazed, who could this child be... she's so familiar yet I know I've never met her before.

'Can you two explain who you are and where you came from?' Asks Seiya

The children can see he's sincere and trustworthy.

'We're here to save mummy, and as far as I beleive you can help us' says Chibi-usa

How can I possbily help them, and who is their mother? thought Seiya 'Why don't you start from the beginning and try to explain how I can help you' Seiya says.

'Well it sorta goes like this' starts Chibi-usa before she can proceed the kitchen doors are thrown open and two guards are standing there.

'You are required in the Throne room immediately' orders the guard.

'On my way' says Seiya.

The children having nothing else to do follow Seiya to the throne room.



The girls are walking home from Rei's shrine, talking about what occured.

'You guy's, I feel so guilty' complains Lita.

'Yeah I know' adds Ami.

'I think we should do something' says Mina

'But what' asks Lita and Amy together.

'I think it's best if we transform and try to find where Usagi ran off to' directs Mina

The girls transform quickly, and start running.

'Mercury can you use your computer to track Usagi?' asks Mina

Pressing her earring her visor comes over her eyes, and holding her computer in her hands she opens up the map.

'I can see her energy trail quite clearly' says Mercury

They run as fast as they can; 'Well guys this is the end of the trail' says Mercury

'This doesn't help us at all' Mina says frustrated.

Lita looks up and smiles ' I think I know where she went' says Lita

The other two look at her and say 'Where?', Lita simply points up, following the direction of her finger they come to stare at the full moon.

Catching on to Lita's train of thought they all gather in a circle.

Jupiter Crystal Power
Venus Crystal Power
Mercury Crystal Power

Sailor Teleport!

With a burst of energy they leave the Earth behind.


Meanwhile, Darien and Rei met up and are currently going to the movies for a date. Unaware that they have been seen, and yet they are the none the wiser that their scheme is known by all.

It's been so quiet and peaceful lately without Usagi around thought Rei

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